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  1. He's perpetually on the "Totally gonna be a DE1" lists year to year, but constantly disappoints. He's currently seeing about 50% of the snaps (and doing badly). Is there any hope for him, especially for dynasty, or is it time to just jettison?
  2. Who do you guys like better, Hyde or Allen Robinson? Considering throwing out a trade for Hyde and I feel that something should be added to that side to balance out Arob, but wondering what the rest of the world thought about it. .5 ppr, 15 keepers (no picks, just keep 15).
  3. Colin Kaepernick to the Monkey's Paw: Make me the best player on the 49ers.
  4. I don't think there is anything in the substance abuse policy about a lifetime ban. It's just that once you're in stage 3, you stay there forever and any violation in stage 3 results in a MINIMUM 1 year ban. Its always at the sole discretion of the commission if/when the player is reinstated to the NFL. Lifetime bans come after a second indefinite suspension. I think Blackmon is closer to that fate than Gordon at this point, but I'm not sure. Also, on the DUI, that probably falls under the personal conduct policy, not the substance abuse policy (he wasn't caught drunk/high by the NFL), so that might just land him a 2 game suspension for a first offence same as Rice.
  5. Even beyond the money, isn't the rule something like 2 indefinite bans = lifetime ban? Even if it ended up being 15 games and 59 minutes it'd skirt any of the massive penalties.
  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Finally the proof we need that the rapture happened and we've all been left behind
  7. Most people think that we won't hear anything today. Wouldn't surprise me if it goes most of the week without news, but one can hope. That fieldandcourt lawyer guy has another post on the likely outcome of a guilty verdict: Basically pulling out the Pat Williams case and how the NFL testing procedures conflict with Ohio law, so even if Gordon is suspended it might well go to court (putting the suspension on hold) and two years from now get thrown out.
  8. It is my understanding that there is a hearing today, and then they have 5 or 10 days to actually come back with the verdict. I'd honestly be shocked if there's any decision one way or the other until after the HoF weekend just because the NFL wouldn't want the distraction during their ceremony.
  9. I don't know about "correct" info, but in Blackmon's case Cecil Shorts said he attempted to contact Blackmon on several occasions without success, which would at least imply that the players are permitted to contact him. Seems if he wasn't the Jaguars would have had their PR people address the comment. Also, more comics:
  10. You know, I still don't know what the media keeps trying to say with this argument. "We're real mad Rice only got 2 games, what's with the lax discipline?!" followed immediately by "We're gonna be real mad if they're not lax on discipline with Gordon!" Goodell makes the decision. I've read that he's not going to be present for the appeal itself d/t the HOF inductions. That seems to indicate that he already knows what he's going to do. I'm sure the "second hand" defense has been tried and the low threshold has been challenged before -- probably by every player busted for weed. As far as I know the current appeal is entirely in Goodell's hands. I don't know if Gordon can push the issue further and take it to arbitration or not. In the recent past when an arbitrator was needed the arbitrator was paul tagliabue (the previous commish), so its hard to say if things would go any differently.
  11. "He wouldn't have failed if you'd just have tested the samples in the other order" seems like a poor argument.
  12. Rice's suspension comes from the Commissioner. Gordon's suspension comes from the CBA. Two totally different things. Thanks for the info. I had no idea. They're both CBA. One's the substance abuse policy one's the personal conduct policy, both sets of suspensions come from goodell and he has leeway for both.
  13. FTFY Legalizing it wouldn't help until the NFL changes its policies. There are plenty of perfectly legal things on the banned list.
  14. Remember that the NFL has a rich history of not giving a #### about violence against women (or dogs or bodyguards). Bounties and drugs are the only things they go after because those actually affect the on field product. Helpful chart from sportsonearth:
  15. Let me translate that for you: There is no video out there of Gordon beating the ####e out of his girlfriend and dragging her around by her hair so he plays in 2014.