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  1. Waiting For Goedert, great team name and picking Henderson ahead of Harry I’m going to assume posts/lurks here too
  2. There’s one guy in every league like this, moaning and whining about how long people are taking to make picks. There’s no rush, spend the time on deck finalising who you want to take, explore potential trades. If you get to the point where you are concerned about the time you are taking to make a pick because others in the league are stressing about it, then it’s probably not a good league to be in.
  3. Following on from yesterdays Phillip Lindsay trades, 12 team PPR Lindsay traded for Gallup and 1.07 (he had acquired 1.07, Gallup and Mixon earlier in the week for his Zeke) This wasn't my trade but the above prompted me to send an offer of 2.04 and 2.07 in another league for Lindsay and that was accepted straight away.
  4. 12 Team PPR Gave Jimmy G, Doctson, 2019 2nd (looking late at this stage) Got Callaway
  5. QB, RB RB, WR WR WR, Flex, D PPR A - 2 2018 2nd Round Picks (currently 2.04 and 2.08) B - Mark Ingram
  6. There shouldn’t have to be rules to prevent tanking, it should just be the norm. Any league where there are players on bye in lineups, players on IR in lineups is a league not worth being in. If I can’t trust the other 11 to play right I’m not going to be in that league. I’m not over keen on people clearly tanking trading for players on IR etc and not doing all they can to win each week, fella doing a beautiful job of getting 1.01 in a league I’m in this year doing that, but okay that’s borderline acceptable I suppose.
  7. !2 team QRRWWWFTE A gave Hyde B gave Thielen A gave mid/early 3rd B gave Eifert
  8. 14 team. QRRWWT2Flex PPR A - Trubisky, Ebron, Golden Tate B - Derrick Henry, Everett
  9. That was yesterday. Britts visit is today. Still. Seems like a lot of bodies. Hard for me to think they are serious. CAR or STL or WA all have much bigger WR needs. I am guessing he ends up one of those places despite our preference to see Brady throwing to him.I think he fits best in Carolina.Reckon the best place to get his head right would be the Pats, I'd be delighted if he signs with us. Don't have him in as many leagues as I'd like but I'm still a believer
  10. Does anyone else get the feeling of dread every time this thread gets bumped?
  11. I've been trying to sell high, but cant even trade him and a 4th for a 2014 2nd from an alex smith owner. I see where you think the Eagles could be looking for a QB, but I think he is the Eagles QB next year, I just don't have any use for him. Funny how each league is so different. I'm a big believer in Foles personally, but a 2nd plus throw in hasn't got a deal in one league and in another he's basically untouchable after speaking to his owner.
  12. Having Cam Newton on my teams heightens my enjoyment of fantasy football. Spending more time as a result watching the Panthers led me to grabbing their DST early on in many leagues as well. I wouldn't take another QB ahead of him in a dynasty startup, the man is pure gold.
  13. I was too slow on Julius Thomas in most leagues, and have been slow enough on this guy that I've missed him in a couple of dynasty leagues already but just grabbed him in one this morning. Players like this are perfect stashes for dynasty leagues in my opinion. The sensible odds are that he amounts to nothing, but the slim chance he becomes something has to be better than the 10th WR on a roster