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  1. 14 team. QRRWWT2Flex PPR A - Trubisky, Ebron, Golden Tate B - Derrick Henry, Everett
  2. best thread on the internet
  3. Things to do in Dallas When You're Dez
  4. Took over the worst team in the history of FF over the weekend, 14 teams PPR Q/R/R/W/W/F/F/T Gave: Bridgewater, Ivory, Delanie Walker Got: Cam Gave: Torrey Smith, Greg Osen, 4th Got: Moncrief, Polk Overpay in the second deal but had no interest at all in the two guys I was trying to move
  5. For the more morally bankrupt of us, this service can be had far cheaper. I pay £12 for the year
  6. Big win for me in the 1pm games, spent big on Murray and got lucky with Kendall Wright and Lions D. Won a couple tournaments
  7. I still have false hope that TRich puts it together But unless it cost me a 3rd or later to get him, no thanks I got offered a top 4 likely pick next year for him and I'm fairly deep at RB but not sure as I like Richardson too. I'd rather trade Ray Rice than Richardson? thoughts Couldn't accept fast enough
  8. Same league Sent T. West, D. Moncreif, A. Robinson, C. Lattimer, P. Thomas Got K. Allen, C. Michael
  9. 12 team PPR Q R WW FF T K D Gave J Hunter, D. Hopkins Received G. Bernard
  10. 12 team non PPR Gave Blackmon Got 2.12 A sad day,I gave last years 1.04 and a late second this year for him this time last year and it felt like robbery. Now I'm happy to get these scraps for him
  11. Another Gordon trade PPR 12 teams QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/F/TE Gave him plus 2.09 Received 1.09 1.10 Had him in virtually every league I'm in but have moved on completely now. Love the talent but I'm also a big fan of Blackmon and holding too long and still drafting him relatively high in startups up to this year has scarred me.
  12. That was yesterday. Britts visit is today. Still. Seems like a lot of bodies. Hard for me to think they are serious. CAR or STL or WA all have much bigger WR needs. I am guessing he ends up one of those places despite our preference to see Brady throwing to him.I think he fits best in Carolina.Reckon the best place to get his head right would be the Pats, I'd be delighted if he signs with us. Don't have him in as many leagues as I'd like but I'm still a believer
  13. QRWWWFT PPR and 1.25 TE bonus Gave. L.Green, D.Rogers Got. J.Hunter, J.Cook