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  1. As for the draft, middle of the OL has to be a priority with Kalil retiring. I think his play has gradually slipped the last few years, but they’ve got very little behind him. I admit I wasn’t able to watch games as closely this year as I would’ve liked, but were the tackles really the problem? Moton and Williams seemed pretty solid when they played, and they’re stuck with Matt Kalil for another year. Mahon and Turner seem established as the Gs. Need a C to bring it all together, and some depth at a swing tackle (perhaps bring back Clark). The defense needs better coaching, but it also needs a talent infusion. The CBs are probably fine if the pass rush is strong. They’re not good enough to elevate the pass rush. The pass rush was a mess all year. Both safety spots need addressing. Kuechly didn’t seem to have a ton of help at LB either with Davis clearly falling off and Thompson possibly playing hurt. Lot of things to address, but a lot in place as well.
  2. Absolutely. Would love to see this. I thought he was fantastic taking over for McDermott last year, then kinda got a raw deal in Arizona. How do you draft a rookie QB without much ahead of him and then fire the coach 16 games later?
  3. 1) GB - QB in place for now, talent on offense, stable front office and ownership 2) CLE - QB in place, tons of talent, good GM, less stable owner than GB 3) NYJ - Bowles seemed to get a ton of leash with mediocre results; QB in place 4) TB - only reason they’re behind CLE and NYJ is their need to find a stable long term QB. I’m not sold that Jameis is that guy, but there’s talent all over that roster on offense and defense. 5) CIN - look at the leash they gave Marvin. They’ve got some holes to fill, and I don’t love the owner being GM too, but they could’ve been a lot better with a better coach. 6) DEN - desperately need a QB and secondary help, and honestly I’ve not loved Elway’s track record with draft picks more than the locations ahead of this one. 7) MIA - team is a mess; owner is a mess 8 ) ARI - would you really want to take a job where they drafted a rookie QB with their first selection, then fired the HC after the first season? That doesn’t look so hot to me, and I’m not sold the GM is very good.
  4. Fant sitting out today for Iowa while Hockenson plays.
  5. Won’t be shocked if Atlanta and Baltimore look at RBs. Miami could as well.
  6. This kind of stuff is mostly feel good, but I think it says a lot about a player when he beats out the more heralded guys at arguably the best program in college football lately.
  7. Was hoping this wouldn’t show up until after my devy draft, but he’s one of my favorite RBs in the entire class. I’ve seen some very impressive cuts in games, and he’s been turned to at times by Bama when Harris couldn’t get going. Watch the SEC championship game and he pops off the screen several times. Expect he climbs during the draft season. I like a lot of what I’ve seen.
  8. Ballard built the best OL in the game right now after inheriting a bunch of turnstiles. Now he’s building the defense. He’s done well. Looking at that KC team’s drafted talent under Dorsey and now what he’s added to Cleveland ... he’s done a great job. I’d love to have that kind of NFL talent evaluator in Carolina.
  9. To clarify my position, I think Hurney is a much scarier proposition for the future than Rivera. Hard to argue the defense responding (for the most part), since Rivera took over playcalling. I’ve personally never thought Rivera was adding a ton of value as a coach (like a McVay type), but was more the CEO type coach. That can work well in some scenarios, but it lets a lot of the responsibility fall to the coordinators. When they’re great, the team is very well coached. When they’re not, we start seeing the cracks like this year on defense. And part of the problem with that approach is that the best coordinators often become HCs elsewhere unless they’re like Norv and have been there, done that, and settled in as a coordinator. I think Turner (maybe all the Turners) have done a great job with the offense. The OL coaching has been brilliant considering the injuries and raw materials. The defense? Eesh. Maybe Washington was given too much too quickly. Maybe it’s a talent problem too. That needs to be settled with a new DC, I believe. As for Hurney ... I know what happened this past offseason and I liked the vast majority of the moves he made. That’s one check mark in the positive column. There’s a whole lot more in the negative from his previous years. Can lightning strike twice? Maybe. Can Tepper create an analytics department and give Hurney the instruction to properly weight the analytics with the scouting — can that work? Maybe. You don’t want to swing too far to analytics like the Browns did under Sashi, but note that they kept DePodesta when they brought in the football guy in Dorsey. But my concerns with Hurney extend beyond the analytics themselves. I don’t know who was making the calls in the last draft and offseason. I would just feel better with a football guy (and analytics department given equal weight) making those calls moving forward.
  10. I’ve never been a big fan of Rivera. He’s fine, but he’s not a top tier coach. Are there worse coaches? Sure. Are there better? Quite a few. I don’t want to be stuck with the next Marvin Lewis. With Hurney, I was floored at the success of the offseason - have to hand that to him. That said, I don’t trust him long term. In the CBS article a few weeks ago, Tepper specifically complained (to his contemporaries and people he’s seeking advice from) about the lack of analytics in the organization. I don’t think that changes under Hurney. Dude was a beat writer that got into a FO. He’s not a football guy. He’s not an analytics guy. He’s a right-place-right-time guy. I think they can do better on both fronts. I realize the grass isn’t always greener, but settling for mediocrity isn’t a recipe for a championship.
  11. Run defense has been better lately (and on paper should be solid). Pass rush is atrocious. Secondary is awful. Neither are good for containing Brees. I dont think we’re looking at a shootout. I think it’s going to be a beatdown of Carolina. Tepper cleans house in the offseason.
  12. Saints have crushed the run this year. One of the best in the league against the rush.
  13. This was so promising until the injury early in the third quarter. Had 3-24 on the first drive. Continued making plays in the middle of the field throughout the first half. Probably would’ve been playing RB by the end of the game, but instead leaves on a cart. Just another part of a ton of carnage yesterday.
  14. They’re both playing outside with McKenzie in the slot.