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  1. Per Pro Football Reference, Pettis led all 49ers WRs in snaps with 48 (63%). Goodwin second with 46 (61%). Deebo third with 35 (46%).
  2. Bad enough that he grabbed his helmet with both hands. As bad as you’ll see. Eric Ebron bad. That said, I’m somewhat stubbornly standing by Pettis. His route running is evident, and he was on the field a ton. They didn’t need to throw in this game, and he still should’ve scored. I would be buying if I didn’t already own him in all my dynasty leagues.
  3. This sounds crazy (as of six weeks ago), but Diggs or Gallup for the stretch run? Which horse are you picking in dynasty? Diggs may or may not be a better player. He’s 2 years and four months older. His QB is very likely worse. His offense, unlike what we would’ve thought in August, is more run heavy. Both guys seem like the clear second or third option. So who’s your pick to win? Who’s your pick to place? Does dynasty change your decision vs redraft?
  4. Called back this morning to very likely accept the offer I was presented last night. I was told there were no notes in the system of that offer, presented a more expensive offer, AND told that I’m just now completing year 1 of a two year contract and will be charged an early termination fee if I proceed with my cancellation. I’m under no such contract. They owe ME over $300. I filed a complaint with the BBB and contacted the Office of the President per the post on the previous page. We’ll see what happens next.
  5. Called all the numbers this afternoon and talked to a bunch of different people. Best offer I can get is that $78 that drops to $73 with autopay for Choice. I’d get Sunday Ticket Max, Movie channels for 3 months, $200 GC, and the last agent told me she’d send a technician at no charge to replace my current Genie box with a 4K box, and that it would not increase my $73 monthly charge. I asked her to note all of that in my account, including the 4K box and technician at no charge. They say new equipment results in a 24-month contract, but it doesn’t matter cause I’ll cancel again next year. I’m going to call the 410 number again tomorrow and see if I can get 12 months of HBO again. This isn’t nearly as good as last year. Not even close.
  6. Ended up pushing up my cancellation to 9/4 due to their inability to solve a credit issue with getting charged the first installment of Sunday Ticket when I had already cancelled it. Called the 410 number this morning. Said I got an email (I didn’t). Their initial offer: Choice, 3 months of movie channels, Sunday Ticket Max, $200 gift card — $78 + Tax. I only have 1 TV. They said they could send me a 4K box but it would trigger a 2-year contract, which I don’t care about since I’d cancel next year anyway. I politely declined. Last year I had HBO + Sports Pack and it unlocked additional discounts. This year they offered movie channels for 3 months, not a full year, and tried to raise my bill about $35 a month. I anchored to the $49.99 per month of YouTube TV and told him he had to do better. We’ll see where it goes from here. I’ll call the other number this afternoon.
  7. Just set my cancellation for the end of my billing cycle on 9/25. In years past, they’ve totally screwed this up and disconnected my account far earlier than I told them. We’ll see if they get that right this year. I’ll give this a day or two and then call the numbers to see what they’ve got to offer. Fully intend to stay with them, but I’ll play their game for the discounts. They paid me to watch TV in 2019 when it was all said and done.
  8. David Moore is kind of an advanced metrics darling , but he’s old, has no draft pedigree, and is hurt - shoulder injury that keeps him out for a while. He’s not expected for Week 1. As others have said, you should see Jennings or Ursua with a shot at the WR3 role early. Metcalf himself might miss Week 1 too. ETA - the old and lack of draft pedigree arguments don’t apply here as much as they might on another team. Baldwin was an undrafted old prospect too.
  9. I’m about to go through this again this year, but last year DirecTV paid me to watch their service when it was all said and done. The key was negotiating the lowest possible price WITHOUT Sunday Ticket, then calling back Tuesday or Wednesday after week one, telling them you were told to call back, and then listening. Last year they told me they had to charge me for Sunday Ticket at $65.99/mo for six months, but could add a credit of $60 off per month ... for 12 months. Not holding my breath I can pull off the same thing this year, but we’ll see.
  10. Had our PPR Rookie Draft yesterday. Campbell went 2.10. 10th WR off the board.
  11. I think he’s getting overlooked a bit. Three years ago he was all the rage as one of the top rookie RBs in dynasty. He’s been hurt a bunch, but I’m old enough to remember Fragile Fred Taylor who was hurt a ton until he wasn’t. It’s not the craziest thing for injury prone guys to suddenly get healthy. Assuming health (which certainly isn’t a given), Dixon has a ton of talent. He can play on all three downs. He has the contact balance that’s getting Thompson all the buzz this preseason for the Chiefs. The question is whether Dixon has a job. I think the Ravens seem Ingram as their between the tackles starter with Edwards as his direct backup. I heard Jeff Ratcliffe on PFF’s podcast say that a source told him Ingram and Edwards may both be on the field when the Ravens use the pistol formation. But someone seems likely to be used as a complement to Ingram and Edwards between the tackles. Everyone has crowned Justice Hill with that role, but Dixon has consistently run ahead of Hill at camp. While Hill played into the third quarter this week with Trace Mcsorely, Dixon chilled on the sidelines with Ingram and Edwards. Last year Dixon was set to get his shot before Edwards, but he got hurt. In week two, Dixon spelled Ingram with the first team and was second in the game among RBs, followed by Edwards and then Hill. It’s not the craziest thing to see Dixon as the complement to Ingram right away, and have a shot at a major role should Ingram get dinged. If they want to keep Hill too, and don’t keep four RBs, then I imagine Dixon is traded, which also may not be the worst thing. Just don’t forget about the guy. In 2016, he was the guy all the film dudes gushed about. He’s just been banged up for three years.
  12. I think you misunderstood my post. When I said they don’t play dynasty like most I meant they grossly undervalue WR as they all lack the patience to let one develop, and then when a guy shows any struggles, even a couple years into his career, he’s a pariah. As an example, I’m struggling to trade Mike Williams for almost anything, and he scored 10 TDs last year and is entering year three in the league after missing his whole rookie year. Best offer I’ve had for Williams is 1.5 and 3.5 for Williams and 3.11. I couldn’t give away Corey Davis. That’s all I meant. It’s a full dynasty league. We start QRRWWWTF plus K and DST. I’m still leaning Darwin with that pick.
  13. Sitting on 1.7 in a rookie draft starting tomorrow. I don’t think any of my league mates from that league frequent this board. I was considering Thompson vs Campbell. That league doesn’t play dynasty like most ... they’re RB obsessed. Top-3 picks are very likely Jacobs, Sanders, Montgomery. 1.4 would love to have Sanders but needs 1.3 to take Harry to get him. Idk if Harry or Henderson goes 1.4 or 1.5 if Sanders is gone, but they’re the next two picks. 1.6 is a total wildcard. At 1.7, I was debating Parris Campbell vs. Darwin Thompson with an outside hope that Henderson fell, though it feels extremely unlikely. With Luck’s retirement, leaning Thompson feels like the right move. I won’t get him otherwise without another pick until late-2.
  14. As for the draft, middle of the OL has to be a priority with Kalil retiring. I think his play has gradually slipped the last few years, but they’ve got very little behind him. I admit I wasn’t able to watch games as closely this year as I would’ve liked, but were the tackles really the problem? Moton and Williams seemed pretty solid when they played, and they’re stuck with Matt Kalil for another year. Mahon and Turner seem established as the Gs. Need a C to bring it all together, and some depth at a swing tackle (perhaps bring back Clark). The defense needs better coaching, but it also needs a talent infusion. The CBs are probably fine if the pass rush is strong. They’re not good enough to elevate the pass rush. The pass rush was a mess all year. Both safety spots need addressing. Kuechly didn’t seem to have a ton of help at LB either with Davis clearly falling off and Thompson possibly playing hurt. Lot of things to address, but a lot in place as well.