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  1. Suppose the defense can now be known as The Night’s Watch.
  2. Sounds like the DC from Baylor (and previously Temple) on Rhule’s staff is coming with him - Snow. Also sounds like Sean Ryan, current Lions QBs coach, will be the new offensive coordinator.
  3. Go watch his answers to these two questions: Hard not to be excited about Rhule when Tepper agreed to fund a sports science institute to help seal the deal. That’s going beyond analytics. Rhule is a program builder in the Jimmy Johnson mold. This is a home run IMO. I also don’t believe Hurney is around beyond this draft, and he might not make it there. Rhule has carte blanche.
  4. So do the Panthers let Matt Rhule leave the building today?
  5. I actually think McDaniels would be a home run. I know he failed in Denver, but that was nearly a decade ago and he had full control of everything. The Patriots lack talent on offense and he keeps finding ways to score. Plus Nick Caserio is rumored to be McDaniels’ choice of front office addition to wherever he goes, and Caserio has been the de facto assistant GM in NE for a long time. They could do a lot worse IMO. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Joe Brady get an interview as HC.
  6. So who are the top candidates in your mind? Who do you want as the next Panthers HC (either of those mentioned as Panthers targets or other candidates)? I *think* my list currently is as follows: Eberfleus McDaniels Rhule Bieniemy Saleh McCarthy
  7. No way we’re that lucky. Article also says Washington could wait until after the draft to hire a GM, which seems like a great way to screw up a draft.
  8. I have a feeling Davis is claimed on waivers, likely by Detroit, and plays a big role down the stretch. He’s a solid running back with three down abilities, and should at least form part of a committee. If he lands in Detroit, his familiarity with Bevell’s offense likely gives him the chance to see significant work rather quickly.
  9. Some additional context here ... I’m the team that acquired Diggs. I’ll also point out that we just started the league this year using the Invisible Hand method for allocating KDS. As such, the picks are “worth more” in a vacuum, except many teams are in very similar boats, having to cut significant portions of the roster prior to the first Rookie/FA Draft. As such, I think it basically makes the picks equivalent to a normal rookie draft. I personally have to cut nine guys from my 22 man roster. Everett, IMO, was my third TE, and this is not a TE premium league, though it does have two WRT flex spots in addition to the superflex. I’m honestly not sure I could’ve kept Everett, and doing so would’ve forced me to cut someone equivalent to a 2019 first round rookie, so I didn’t really care about including him. I acquired the 2020 3rd from a team for the remainder of my FAAB, which ... I’m not really competing due to way too many injuries this year, so the FAAB was kinda meaningless to me. I viewed it as Robby and a late 1 for Diggs, which ... thank you very much.
  10. I think you could similarly argue the problem with Henderson is situation, not talent related. The Rams OL is awful. Getting pushed around by the Falcons is damning. He also has to wait for his opportunity behind Gurley who’s already missed one game with a “thigh” injury. I believe he’s passed Brown, though obviously opinions will vary there. Henderson has looked explosive when given space to run. I don’t think one game where neither Henderson or Gurley could move because of penetration through the middle is enough to write the ending to Henderson’s career.
  11. Been a few years since any action from this guy, but it feels like all the hype points to Ty Johnson while McKissic produced much more with his touches. While I doubt they load up McKissic with a ton more work, I do think it’s interesting that the Lions previously used Theo Riddick to a point where he was flex worthy in PPR, AND the Patriots backfield has used James White in a similarly pass-centric role. If we believe Patricia wants his backfield to mirror the Patriots, McKissic feels like a perfect fit to fill the James White role now that the three down guy is out of the way. To be clear, I’m not dogging on Ty Johnson by way of bumping McKissic, but in deep leagues where you may have not had enough FAAB, Kerryon owners could do worse than McKissic IMO.
  12. As the guy who made the offer for Davis, I find myself very torn to be honest. Davis and I have such history where I bought in high in his rookie draft and held for a long, long time ... and finally punted this year. And it looked like the right decision until last week. Now I’m wondering if the problem really was Mariota or if that’s much too linear to be the actual solution. Like I said, I made that offer to @Dr. Dan and I’m still torn on it, to the point that I pulled it down to reconsider. I could’ve swayed either way.
  13. Funny no one else has mentioned this yet, but his Player Profiler page has Colston as the top comp.
  14. Per Pro Football Reference, Pettis led all 49ers WRs in snaps with 48 (63%). Goodwin second with 46 (61%). Deebo third with 35 (46%).