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  1. This was the knock on Aiyuk in rookie drafts ... bad landing spot. Shanahan has fed a dominant alpha almost everywhere he’s coached. Andre Johnson, Garçon, Julio, etc. Kittle certainly commands targets, but that cuts both ways as he also commands attention of defenses. Maybe one could argue Deebo was set to be the alpha, but they immediately drafted over him after a very productive rookie year. Aiyuk looks like a holy terror with the ball in his hands, and now Shanahan is manufacturing touches for him. How is his situation worse than Jefferson in Minny (Theilen to compete with, heavy running team) or Lamb in Dallas (Cooper and Gallup and Zeke) for that matter? Yet those guys are untouchable while you can still buy Aiyuk. Since Week 3 (he missed week 1 and was limited all week leading up to his week 2 debut), Aiyuk has been a WR2, is second among WRs in rushing yards, first in rushing TDs, and is averaging almost 14 PPG. Now Deebo is set to miss a few weeks and Aiyuk gets featured even more. This just feels like the explosion waiting to happen.
  2. I think I overvalued this 1-year deal thing for Hasty. 49ers control his rights for his first three years In the league, so even though he doesn’t have a 2021 contract yet, he’ll be an Exlusive Rights FA meaning his options are play for the 49ers or sit out entirely. Mostert probably has a majority chunk of the gig for 2021 when healthy, though Hasty could push for that McKinnon type role. By the time he has a chance at the full time gig himself (let’s say post-Mostert in 2022), he’ll already be 26 and possibly competing with any number of other RBs as is the Shanahan way it seems. All to say I overvalued his opportunity to show out and land elsewhere if SF wants Mostert to be the guy as it appears they do. He’s there through 2022 at least.
  3. Am I crazy to think you guys are all grossly undervaluing Aiyuk? Surprised to see him so buried in the rookie tiers or not mentioned at all. I’m not saying he’s Lamb or Jefferson, but what he’s done as a rookie is pretty impressive to me, and he just smashed last week against the Pats.
  4. Interesting point about Seattle’s late schedule. They just added major pass rush from Dunlap and should have Jamaal Adams back in the coming weeks. ETA - Seattle closes the year with Eagles, Giants, Jets, WTFs weeks 12-15. May need someone else week 16 vs LAR, but that’s a nice stretch of matchups.
  5. The issue is Chubb is rumored back after the bye, which is week 9 for the Browns. Theres no window for Johnson, unfortunately.
  6. Marquez Callaway says he's 'all good' after injury late in Saints' win over Panthers
  7. I just bought this week in a couple dynasty leagues as I thought the price was quite good for a 23 YO RB1/2. I’m still OK with the bye even if he’s more of an RB2/Flex moving forward. He’s got one year left in Tampa in 2021-22 and then will be an unrestricted FA at 25 YO. Fournette wants to be paid, I’m sure, and likely leaves Tampa for greener pastures. Maybe RoJo gets less of this “accountability” next year without Fournette, or maybe we have to wait until 2022 for him to be given some leash. Personally, when I played sports in HS, I hated playing for the coach who benched you for one mistake. You couldn’t play loose ... think it’s a dumb approach. He dropped a pass. Others dropped passes with zero repercussions. Further, Fournette almost juggled a pass right into a defender like three plays later, but the defender’s tackle seemed to almost knock the ball back into Fournette’s chest. Zero repercussions for Fournette. Bottom line - RoJo looks talented and is very young for his experience level. Solid hold in dynasty, and hopefully gets more leash going forward.
  8. Slye off the COVID list and may have been dropped by concerned owners. He’s been a solid option every week, though I might stick with Bullock over him.
  9. Good point about McKinnon and Mostert contract situations. I didn’t realize Hasty himself was on a 1-year deal. Have to say it makes sense for him as a 24YO rookie, which really surprised me. I got him in one dynasty and missed by $1 in another. Can’t even figure out what to legitimately offer for him either, though his owner isn’t tied to him per se.
  10. Looked at McManus with Slye hitting the COVID list but went with Bullock on Cinci as they’re near the top of the league in attempts and are allowing him to kick 50+ yarders somewhat regularly. His only down game came with the offense completely shut down by the Ravens. Gets Cleveland this week ... figure it could be worse.
  11. 12-team QRRWWWTF PPR Team A gets: Marquise Brown, 2021 Mid-Late 2nd, 2021 Mid-Late 3rd Team B gets: Ronald Jones, 2021 2nd (highly likely to be 2.1), 2021 5th (again likely 5.1 or 5.2
  12. Additionally, go look at his thread for the combine metrics I posted from him. Other than his 40-time, everything jumped off the page. Let’s not forget it was a COVID year where he didn’t get to run a pro day 40-time (and improve on his 4.65, which isn’t really problematic anyway) or have any in-person team visits to wow a team and become a 4th rounder. If he had Josh Kelley’s draft slot, would anyone be doubting this? I kinda don’t think so.
  13. I think @Concept Coop and @FreeBaGeL are exactly right on this, and it’s a shift in my usual mindset as I typically lean on WRs and throwing spaghetti at RBs in my PPR dynasty leagues. That said, the WR advantage just doesn’t feel like it exists anymore, and with the depth of the position, nobody ever wants one in a trade - especially not for a RB. This got me to thinking, what young-ish RB1 or RB2 types could you realistically acquire right now for a reasonable price. James Robinson has been discussed quite a bit, but he strikes me as one you may be able to acquire with a young upside WR. The other that jumped out at me is not a rookie, but is younger than Saquon, Chubb, Mixon, and Miles Sanders, and is only six months older than Josh Jacobs ... one Ronald Jones, who despite entering his third year in the NFL was mothballed year 1 and still just turned 23 in early August. Everyone interpreted Tampa’s moves this offseason as an indictment of Jones - as looking to replace Jones, though I argued in his thread at the time they may simply be a reflection of the depth they felt they lacked. They drafted Vaughn (who’s older than Jones by three months) to upgrade Ogunbowale who served as their third down back in 2019 (and was summarily cut this year). They then realized how far behind he was (partially due to COVID) and signed McCoy. They then realized he was basically washed and signed Fournette as cheap insurance. At this point, I can’t see them taking RB1 duties away from Jones with how he’s playing. It feels like they’d lose the locker room given his production - play the best players after all. At the same time, the narrative that Arians will screw with him and/or Fournette will take his job is making him available and/or cheaper than he should be. Again, Jones was basically mothballed as a rookie, just turned 23, and essentially is entering his second season and playing like a stud RB1 over the past month. How much would that player typically cost? Far more than it takes to acquire Jones right now.
  14. Mostert has a high ankle sprain now, Per Rotowire, and is likely headed to IR. While everyone runs for Wilson and McKinnon, Hasty might be the guy to grab.
  15. Me neither. Odds are the Jets starting RB in 2021 isn’t on the roster yet. At least Johnson is a pretty elite athlete. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯