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  1. My opponent dropped TY - I scooped him and starting him in place of injured Godwin, over options like Fitz, Dionte Jonhnson, Tyrell Williams, Ward (start 3 WR).
  2. Benched him too. It was fine to do so - 3rd string QB, short week on prime time vs a decent secondary. Could have been bad. Hurts now though. He still only has 3 targets. Call me crazy but I’m thinking of benching him vs the Vikings next week as well lol
  3. Shaq, Vea, Suh, and JPP create a lot of pressure. Scary having these dudes chasing you
  4. 91 yard TD bolsters stats of course but IIRC that whiff looked more like a shake by DWill to me.
  5. Good gawd, being a Bucs fan is so up and down. It's really not good for the mind or body.
  6. Coleman is doing me in. Need a couple more of these from CMC
  7. Fournette has looked explosive on a couple of his runs. Might break a long one this game
  8. Lazard or Duke Williams? Thoughts on Darrel Williams is you own Damien?
  9. Let’s hope BA makes some changes during their bye.
  10. Have Dissly and Henry. Looking to offload one of them. I just acquired Russell Wilson so I’ll prob keep the stack. Plus Henry will prolly demand more off name value alone. Thoughts?
  11. Brisket lookin like my QB1 ROS with Rivers able to crap the bed once in a while. Although he always stinks against Denver it seems
  12. Rivers missed him / miscommunication on a screen that would have been a huge gain. Looks a little rusty though.
  13. I hope his usage doesn't become an issue. His backup looked pretty good out there. Maybe worth a cuff in deep bench leagues.