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  1. Nooooo he missed practice today. Says he'll be on injury report. Williams already owned in my league, think Dillon is worth a scoop?
  2. Off the injury report, should be good to go on Sunday in what could be a shoot out.
  3. l
  4. not saying it wasn't, but the fact the vaughn fumble and recovery could be ruled after review and the rojo td wasn't allowed is dumb
  5. and of course bears are going to score off of that non false start 🙄
  6. that was a horrible call, should have been a false start wow
  7. got a nice donut from cooks last week, looks like i'll be getting one from miller tonight 🤷‍♂️
  8. and aikman was trying to crap on rojo for even catching it lol wtf
  9. Well, things aren't looking grim or anything atm but KC just played vs a team with someone who tested positive. Things turned out fine for the Vikings but who knows if things take a turn with other teams.
  10. I dropped them for KC. They haven't been great plus the covid uncertainty made me pull the trigger. Now there's uncertainty looming with KC 🤷‍♂️
  11. Oh boy, doesn't look good. Hopefully it's not too serious.
  12. Anybody see how the Chubb injury looked / happened?