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  1. They need to take the bandaid off and feed him. He’s a genuine matchup nightmare
  2. How schedule after the bye is the only thing keeping me from trying to ship him off in a trade. Hopefully my patience pays off.
  3. Rojo
  4. Traded Jordan Howard + Hogan for Reek after week 1 or 2 to the Bell owner who doesn’t have Conner. Turned out to be highway robbery. Traded DJ for Julio a couple of weeks ago, forgot which week exactly.
  5. This. They need to start drawing up plays specifically for him. They do it a lot with Sanders on short passes near LOS, they could even split Lindsay out wide and have him in a mismatch. I’m convinced the coaching staff is just not good or creative enough.
  6. Just picked him up for free in my 16 teamer
  7. Yeah I really liked Collins before the season started and drafted him high, I still think he can turn it around so I will probably keep him. Ingram coming back just made him more expendable. My WR2 situation is pretty dire though.
  8. I’d imagine Njoku is def worth a look with the state of TEs. I drafted him, regretted it earlier in the season, but stuck with him and now kind of relieved. He’s getting tons of looks and his numbers are progressing every week.
  9. Thinking of selling Collins, although his touches were kind of encouraging. Maybe try and target a decent WR2
  10. Now he's getting the targets but not the rushing attempts. I guess it had to do with game script since they were down big most of the game, I'm guessing he'll have a better day vs AZ next week.
  11. 19 carries is encouraging, and he was in on the GL / RZ packages. Not efficient, but we're just hoping the touches continue. He will be a solid RB2 if that is the case.
  12. CMike is quite possibly the greatest meme hypetrain of all time.
  13. It's blowing my mind honestly. It's not like any other back on the Broncos is racking up the catches, Booker leads them with 8. After all that camp talk about how he's going to excel catching passes, even making it seem like that will be his specialty... turns out they like running him up the gut even more.