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  1. He's sitting on someone's bench who's struggling at RB2 and I'm thinking of "buying low" with someone like Duke Johnson as a former Cam owner. I think Allen has a good chance of finishing in the top 7-8 with high upside and you don't have to think about matchups too much because of his rushing floor.
  2. Good gracious, I hope they just run it up. Mahomes for 600 yards today boys
  3. This the same 9ers the Bucs contained? Schedule is brutal, but maybe worth a look 🤔
  4. Pettis dropped in my league. Thinking of dropping Chark for him.
  5. Cam is already 30 and they're trying to make him change things up and "preserve" him. I can't imagine him being a prolific runner again.
  6. As a former Cam owner I’d be pretty stoked that Goff and Rivers is available.
  7. Locked into that Larry / Hines role in the BA offense, Godwin gonna eat this year.
  8. That's fair. Cam looked terrible. More of a personal thing. It's refreshing after dealing with Mike Smith's garbage defense. Aggressive blitzing, press man, actually getting pressure on the QB. High 1st round pick that's a mountain of a man looking beastly.
  9. That's the type of game the Bucs lose every time in the past decade. It feels good to see them win a game through defense.