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  1. Is there a particular reason the rate my team feature will say "Congratulations, it appears you have done well at every turn... etc." but then give you a 70% of making the playoffs with great in-season management? I have looked at other teams where the suggestions are that the team is week at a couple of positions yet gets an even higher chance of making the playoffs. Seems like it doesn't really add up. Not a big deal because it is so subjective anyway, just trying to determine if I am missing something.
  2. Thanks! Yeah, these are my stop gap but It will be real nice to have them included in the league dominator so everything is integrated nicely. I also wish that future draft picks were pulled in so they could be included in trade analysis. I shot a request to the support desk to see if it will ever be an option.
  3. Just wondering when they will be added so they will show up on my roster page as well as all of the other features like waiver wire, trades, etc. Thanks!
  4. I sent you an email about these leagues yesterday. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks.
  5. Hey Bloom. Full PPR. Planning on starting QB - Brady RB - Bell, Ware (Also have L.Murray, and Frank Gore) WR (start 2)- ? (I have Demaryius Thomas, Crabtree, Bryant, Michael Thomas) TE - Brate (unless Reed is 100% healthy, calls me, and convinces me he isn't going to screw me again) Flex (After I decide my WR I need to decide who to dump in this slot) K - Crosby TD - San Diego So, My RB's, WR's and Flex all have solid options to choose from. Ware has been underwhelming for the last few weeks. I am worried Oakland could shut it down which makes me worry about Crabtree and Murray. Also worried about Bryant. Afraid Dallas could shut it down as well and he isn't reaching the end zone. Basically, I have been choosing wrong all season and whoever is on my bench seems to go off. Luckily I did just enough to get to the championship.
  6. Setting aside the fact that I am a Bronco lifer..... I am having a hard time benching him for Carr considering both matchups. Carr has played well all year until last week. Denver's Defense is not a great matchup for Brady... and I have a personal conflict of interest! That being said.. there is a lot of money on the line in this league so I will happily sell my soul. I just need to know who to sell it to!!!
  7. I can't seem to log in to the new myfbg. It tells me my email or password are wrong but it lets me log into the rest of the site just fine.
  8. Zealots Field... Where Dynasties Are Born!