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  1. I just took the job here myself this past January. Tax work for a high net worth family. Late in life for a job change, but I couldn't pass up the uptick in salary or the benefits. Sorry, but no openings. I'll keep you posted tho.
  2. My wife and I have a combined $1.16M in combined 401(k), Roth, and Traditional IRA's. I'm 54 and she is 50. My current employer matches 100% of my 401k (I know - unheard of), so I am deferring the max. of $25,000 while I can. The hope is to retire at 61. My dad passed away at that age and never was able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. I'm trying like heck to make sure that doesn't happen to me.
  3. Really looking forward to the Bill Cowher "A Football Life" documentary tonight on NFL Network
  4. These were the WR's and the order they were taken: Hilton Fitzgerald Baldwin Cooper Hogan Diggs D. Thomas Tate JuJu
  5. Picked 10th in a 12-Team PPR redraft last night. Took M. Gordon over Jones, Cook, OBJ, and Fournette in Round 1. Then took M. Thomas over Allen, Adams, McCaffrey in Rd 2. Went Hilton and Collins in 3/4.
  6. Any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies after the first one.
  7. You are probably missing a C Wire (or Constant Wire). This brings a constant flow of electricity to the thermostat. I had an HVAC buddy hook one up for me. Took him 40 minutes. You could have an HVAC service company give you an estimate.
  8. "The Wrong Child" by R.E.M. As the father of a disabled child, this one really hits home.
  9. I'm having a tough time gauging Woodhead. Fantasyfootballcalculator has an ADP of 5.11 and myfantasyleague has an ADP of 7.04.
  10. Yeah, how'd that last Cleveland CB work out for us?? But I'm cautiously optimistic on this one.
  11. Haven't seen a thread yet, so I thought I'd start. The 1.1 pick is an obvious no-brainer - Johnson or maybe Bell (DUH). So let's move on... But what are you looking to take at the 2-3 bend? The RB talent was looking blah, but Cook and McCaffrey have now entered the discussion during the past week. Personally I'm hoping Gronk drops (wishful thinking, but may happen in my league) with another WR, possibly D. Thomas. If no Gronk, my WR options seem to be Cooks, Baldwin and DHop. Then take a RB at the 5-6, hoping for Woodhead if he stays healthy.
  12. No such thing as a "lock" in fantasy football.
  13. It's interesting that Tomlin didn't even mention Ben's "injury" in his post-game press conference. The only one he mentioned was Davis and his shoulder (along with the "bumps and bruises"). Here's hoping it's a whole lotta nuthin'.
  14. Nope. Lost by 30. Fitz and Winston did me no favors this week.