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  1. Solid team here. Good balance. Think Darwin would have been better than Sutton in 9. I have Sutton in a few places but not overly excited about it. Darwin could crush a 9th round pick if he gets a shot. Lindsay probably a good value in 5 there if Freeman is as slow as I've heard.
  2. This is the part I don't get. This is ideal for the Chargers. They get to ride him into the ground for 1/2 season for not a lot of $. Why would they trade him? Next year who is going to be interested in signing a 27 year old RB for 3 years at $12M??? You could just use a 2nd round draft pick on a comparable RB and get him for cheap for 5 years.
  3. This one worked out well. Got 4 horses to ride at RB. Must have been some real dummies in this one to let those RBs fall. Hard to imagine what was being picked in mid to late rd 2 there.
  4. If he’s not going to sign their deal then why wouldn’t they enforce the fines? Use that as part of their bargaining. If you don’t sign this deal, show up for the last 8 games and we will run you into the ground for basically free. As stated above, this is the best case scenario for the Chargers. Melvin has to give his all those games because he’s auditioning for free agency.
  5. What am I missing here? Gordon subject to $30K in fines per day of missed camp. Plus a weeks worth of reg season pay for every preseason game missed. Making $5.6M, 1/16th of that is $350K. So 4 preseason games at $350K a pop and $30K for 28 days (I don’t actually know how many days camp is so I assumed 28) is $2,240,000. He has to play 1/2 the year so I’m assuming he will only make 1/2 his salary? That’s $2,800,000. So the difference is $560,000. Seems to me the best case scenario for the Chargers which is also the worst case for Melvin is that he reports 1/2 way through the season and they only have to pay him $560K. Is there additional fines for skipping reg season games? If he doesn’t report at all, he owes them $2,240,000? Then will accumulate additional fines next preseason if he’s not reporting. Chargers hold all the cards here. I’d be giving a deadline to sign the deal or it’s off the table. Melvin has to realize he can’t win.
  6. Yeah, Carson at 5.9 these days is a real nice pick. We stream K and D mostly. Eagles have Redskins at home week 1. Love that. Myers has Bengals at home. Wasted his round 19 pick. Oh well. Gives him something to drop. Guy in the one hole took Will Fuller and Coutland Sutton at the 4/5 turn. Then Mark Andrews at 6.12. Mahomes, Goff and Lamar in 3, 8, 13. Wow.
  7. My buddy got this one the other night. I thought it turned out really well from pick 9. QB: C. Wentz, K. Cousins RB: M. Gordon, D. Freeman, C. Carson, J. White, J. Jackson, M. Davis, R. Armstead WR: D. Adams, J. Smith-Schuster, R. Anderson, A. Jeffrey, G. Allison TE: D. Walker, J. Graham, T. Eifert, R. Gronkowski K: J. Myers D - Eagles A few jokers in this one helped push some value down.
  8. I like it. Can't pass Jones at 4.2. That's great to have him there after starting with 3 WR. You get one or two of the later RB to work out it could be a big one. Think I would go out and get a backup QB just in case with only Murray.
  9. Could work. I set a few up like this with 3 potential stud RB's with Gordon and weak at WR. The RB's go boom and you get something out of WR you will be in good shape.
  10. Yep. Was crazy. Had to pick between Cook and Juju. Then Fournette and Damian. Then Lindsay and Coleman which I probably got wrong, regret that one but had Coleman on 3 of 4 already. Hilton and Theilen going end of 2 was weird. Michel at 3.7. Evans at 2.6. Matt Ryan the 10th QB off the board was odd as well. Even pretty happy getting A.J. in mid 7. Drake/Ballage 8/9 could work out to a solid flex. Loved Juju there. Wanted a piece of him this year but always on the left side of the board.
  11. This one looks good. You got a lot of RB and WR that are startable.
  12. Threw one more in tonight. Pick 5 again. QB: M. Ryan RB: L. Fournette, D. Henry, P. Lindsay, K. Drake, K. Ballage, A. Peterson, M. Davis, R. Armstead, J. Richard WR: D. Hopkins, J. Smith-Schuster, A. Green, C. Sutton, G. Allison, P. Williams TE: J. Cook, T. Eifert K: J. Myers D: Eagles
  13. Looks pretty solid. Not much of a discount on Antonio.
  14. I like this one. Catch a break here or there at RB and could be in serious business.