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  1. Lost both my title games. One I couldn't do anything about in terms of my lineup. Other league I left a lot of points on my bench. At the same time, the margin of victory will be enough where it wasn't like one player swap would've changed the outcome. So I'm sorta telling myself that there was nothing I could do, even though that's not entirely true.
  2. I went safe and it cost me. If I had swung for the fences and started Ingram and Allen Robinson, I'd probably be good.
  3. Ertz killed all my teams that are playing for something (2 championship games and a consolation game for next year's #1 pick).
  4. Been rolling with Hopkins (@Bears) for awhile, but I think I may drop him for Prater (@Cowboys). Who knows what the weather is going to be like in Chicago. Meanwhile, Prater will be indoors and could be set up for a couple long ones. In my league, the Bears give up the 4th-most points to kickers while the Cowboys give up the 5th-fewest, but I tend to ignore those stats unless the defense is extremely good or bad.
  5. Made two finals. One of those teams won what amounted to a cripple fight. In fact, all four semifinal teams scored under 90 points.
  6. Let's get this rolling again for week 16. After mulling over many mediocre options, I ultimately went with Siemian yesterday. Not particularly good, but I won anyways. Despite being the best team in that particular league and making the finals, my QBs have been meh for the most part. When combining my roster with the waiver wire, the "best" options for me are: Stafford, Kaepernick, Dalton, Siemian, Alex Smith, and Bradford. Maybe it's time to go off the board and roll out a Matt Moore, a Barkley, or even a Savage if Houston sticks with him?
  7. That goaline playcalling aggravated me so much (also no dumpoffs designed screens at all). I'll have fun watching Powell go for 120 minimum on my bench.
  8. Reed tanked my score, but fortunately I was only playing a regular season game that I didn't need to win (won anyways against the 2nd-to-last place team). But this week in the playoffs, I am definitely rolling out Ertz at TE. I have a good enough team that I don't need to take an unnecessary risk, plus Ertz has been hot lately.
  9. My choices for my second RB are Rawls, Kelley, and Powell...I'm starting Rawls tonight with confidence.
  10. My best fantasy team has alternated between Stafford and Dalton most of the year. I dropped Dalton for Kaepernick a few weeks ago, but now Kaep's hot streak has fizzled big-time. Even in a great matchup against Atlanta, I don't trust him. Stafford is iffy this week too with the finger outdoors against a good Giants pass rush. Thinking about picking Dalton back up (other options include Siemian, Bradford, and A. Smith) as I just need a QB who won't lose me the game.
  11. I was the two-time defending champion. I only needed to win either this week or last week to make the playoffs. I had the third and second-highest point totals respectively these two weeks. BOTH times I faced the highest-scoring team (the first opponent had David Johnson, the second had Le'Veon Bell among others).
  12. I ultimately decided to roll out KC tonight. For my league's scoring system (big points for turnovers/sacks), it wasn't a monster performance, but it was acceptable enough. There was at least one dropped INT, and they only got home on Carr one time.
  13. KC is my best D/ST, but I'm afraid of them throwing up a dud vs. a tough Oakland offense in a must-win situation for me (against a tough opponent, mind you). My other defenses are Pitt (vs. Buffalo) and the Jags (vs. Minny). We have huge rosters, so there's literally only 4 defenses on the wire, of which the best options are San Fran (vs. the Jets) or Indy (vs. Houston). I'm leaning towards rolling with the Steelers as they've been hot lately and the Bills should be good to give up a few negative plays. The real issue for me is should I play my "stud" defense in the Chiefs tonight or pass on them and ponder my options for Sunday.
  14. That was him. Gore feels like Hall of Very Good to me, but I can see him getting in eventually if he continues to climb the all-time rushing yards list.
  15. In a must win this week to make the playoffs, I'm probably going to bench him for Palmer (I also start Stafford as it's a 2-QB league). Cam's floor is too low for my taste and at least Palmer gets enough volume to throw for 300 these days.