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  1. At least two today he just should of caught. After the last one he wasn’t even in on the next redzone possession. Ankle cant help but watching those two drops and his frustration afterwards it looked like a WR version of a slump.
  2. Just watching the Redzone version today and the gradual development of the stat lines as a RoJo owner I’m getting the vibe it’s basically a hot hand approach until somebody gets hurt at this point.
  3. Story in the Washington Post predicts Smith’s return to the field fairly soon. Logic makes sense to me. If this wasn’t about Smith they’d have just demoted Haskins without making him inactive.
  4. Exactly. Both are plenty capable of being a feature back. I’d agree with the point that Hunt won’t take that role when Chubb returns, but the reason is simply that “feature back” isn’t a role on the Cleveland Browns this year when they have both guys healthy. It isn’t a role on as many teams this year as it was last year, and the same trend has been and will continue until the sort of RB division of labor you see in Cleveland, Baltimore and so many other teams stops helping those teams win football games. And I’m not sure that will ever happen. So while fans and some sports media personalities may be stuck in the “who’s THE guy” mentality at RB we’ll eventually have to let that go.
  5. The slow motion disaster of the Patrica years makes me hope teams will learn to stop giving 3 years to coaching situations that are obviously not working out. I wanted it to work out. Lions D was heavily underrated Patricia’s first year. But something that resembles improvement from year 1 to year 2 is more than a reasonable expectation in literally any high level managerial job outside of NFL teams. I feel like this third year with wonder boy is just an unnecessary waste of a year in the relatively short life of an NFL starter.
  6. I’m on either my 4th or 5th year subscribing for the season long packages and what brings me back to you guys specifically is: - reliability: the articles and analytical pieces I have grown to depend on are continued year to year and come out on time on a weekly basis. Having done content-driven work myself in an unrelated industry I know that is not a small thing, especially given I like ... - perspectives and analytical work beyond what’s presented in the “mainstream” fantasy media: content from CBS, ESPN (including ESPN+ here because it’s the same stuff basically), and to a lesser extent Yahoo because they actually do a better job than the others, are accessible to anybody and I’m in a league where guys want to win, the info on the free articles on the first page of a google search are built into 90% of any roster decisions made in my league. Trendspotting is a good example here. No one is talking about those very real aspects of fantasy football. I like that deeper look, both because of the occasional edge and because I think it’s really fascinating work you don’t see too many other places doing and it’s fun to read as a fan of the game. -Podcasts: So based on my work schedule post-Covid I’m not using these as much because I’m not commuting as much but I’ve been a longtime fan of anything Bloom is on podcast wise. -The dominator web app is awesome. I love it. From a marketing perspective I can tell you I want to spend more time on the app than there is info there to spend time on. Not a criticism of the app (probably a criticism of me though lol), just if you are looking to deepen engagement of existing subscribers/come out with expanded levels of subscription service at additional cost/etc I’d recommend that adding new tabs of data and projections in that mobile app be on the short list of ways to do so. -Lastly, I appreciate the simple, some might say hokey, aesthetics of the site and its features. Over time Ive come to associate them with the straightforward, original written content on the site. I can read fantasy info surrounded by top notch professional level graphics for free all day long, If I’m opening my wallet to get fantasy content it’s for the quality, and originality of the written content, it’s not so the company can go all pff and pay a bunch of photoshop wizards to make cool borders.
  7. Gamescript could be problematic this week for Lamar. You can see it turning into a Ravens RB clinic by the 3rd quarter. You’ll get some downfield shots though even if that happens and Lamar has to start hitting Brown on those. He said this week he anticipates they will clean that part of the passing game up as the season progresses so a long TD pass or two could make it a solid fantasy day like his 50 yard TD run did last week. Also divisional matchups, definitely in the AFC north, can become something you didn’t see coming if cincy is still around at half time. I don’t like the Ravens ineffective and predictable blitzing against Cincy’s rookie, he’ll pick it apart if they just keep throwing DB blitzes at him all day. If that happens all bets are off and Lamar could go crazy all the way through the 4th quarter.
  8. Leaning hard on putting him in over Mixon this week. Just from a gamescript perspective doesn’t feel like a Mixon week and I need wins I’m 1-3. LA with the early start 10am their time. Goff doesn’t travel well. I’d love to see DC give them a run for their money and either way I need the W.
  9. Owning Mixon is like that except after you’re mathematically eliminated from every positive outcome in your league he starts putting up numbers lol. Not even his fault as much as it just generally takes Cincy a couple months to find their groove. Shoot, A.J. Green just showed up for the 2019 season last month.
  10. Not typical but it’s happened before. Josh Gordon is an example. Pattern seems to be players who have been in the league and had multiple related infractions so whether they will be able to find someone to sign them or not Goodell plays it safe and suspends them regardless.
  11. I did watch that play again because I didn’t expect my observation would be the minority report on the play so figured quite possible I didn’t see it correctly. But that’s not what I’m seeing. Its 0:30-0:42 in this clip, live shot followed by a slowed down shot: there’s a 15 sec unavoidable ad fyi He just mishandles the ball and goes to ground to try (successfully) to salvage the catch. It’s low but it’s like high shin/low knee low, here’s the first point his hands make contact with the ball: It’s just not a ball he needed to go to the ground to catch. If he has better hands on that play he’s strolling into the end zone without so much as a grass stain on his pants. I drafted the guy, have played him 3/4 weeks so far, not only do I like him but I’d say this catch is an improvement over the drops we saw last week because he’s trying to catch with his fingertips and that just takes some time to get the feel.
  12. I’m saying better hands and it’s not called incomplete to begin with, so he gets the TD. And he had solid game, if I’m wrong and lose this week because I’m wrong wouldn’t be the first time. But his inability to catch like a featured NFL back needs to be able to do these days does cost his owners at times, and that being one of the factors that put me on the fence with him given other options I had, seeing such a costly instance of that (from a fantasy perspective TB still got the TD with Evans of course) kind of put me at peace with a tough call.
  13. So far though the worst scheduling dilemma in terms of a situation where you will possibly/probably need extra weeks in the season has only involved the Titans, and you have a known violation of league/social distancing guidelines via a group of Titans players practicing off campus in the middle of the first team outbreak, when doing so was specifically not allowed. It probably will turn out to be the case that a couple additional weeks at the end of the season are unavoidable even for some teams that followed the rules, but this isn’t that situation yet. This is a group of players on one team putting the entire NFL season in flux because they gathered in person, during a known outbreak on their team, even though doing so was not allowed. Even the successful bubbles in other leagues have required rigorous enforcement and penalties for those who flouted the rules. That needs to be the case here, because any system, even if it’s a better system than what we have now in the NFL, won’t work with teams behaving as the Titans have.
  14. Didn’t start RoJo tonight when I heard Fournette was active (going with Justin Jefferson at flex instead). First I was like crap he’s having a good game, but after that fumbled catch negated a TD Im 100% at peace with it. Dude would have cost me 6.5ish pts in my .5 ppr league on a play he would have made if he knew how to catch a ball with his finger tips (as Matt Waldman has been saying all week).
  15. I didn’t think Stidham looked that bad, the one int was underthrown but it also travelled like 50 yards in the air so I’d think with a week of practice with him as the starting QB they’d be able to work toward his strengths. The other int was Eddelman’s fault (I think Stidham was in for that). It wasn’t a great throw it was too high but you just catch it and get tackled by the Honey Badger for a loss you don’t let your eyes wander and cause a pick 6. After a game like that I’d be afraid if the Patriots get up they don’t put any brakes on and take out their frustrations on the scoreboard. Probably a high risk high reward play.