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  1. Guess not since I pretty much nailed that call. I was wrong about Chicago at least finishing in the top five this week though. Arizona’s a historically bad offense and theyve been a huge DST upside play all year. I valued that over a dominant D this week based on my overall matchups and that’s why I’ve still got a shot for the W.
  2. He drew the PI call that’s all I saw
  3. Keenum’s gotta do something about those circles under his eyes. Looks like a DUI mugshot every time I watch a Broncos game
  4. #1 RBs have been putting up 10 points vs Denver in my league for three weeks straight but that’s without a TD. I’m thinking 10 is the floor and 16-17 is the ceiling for Chubb. need a ceiling game this week bad...
  5. I think Chicago could be overrated this week off last week’s game. A top five play for sure, but not a must start. I give them credit for outscheming the Rams run game last week, but I give the Chicago cold credit for shutting down the Rams passing game against a QB who probably puts a jacket on when it’s 50 degrees at night in LA this time of year. They just haven’t been that effective against QBs and WRs this season up until last week, and Rodgers isn’t going to have a problem with cold weather. It feels like a game where they either put up mediocre stats or bail you out with a DTD. They usually get that TD and bail you out in these games this season, but it won’t be as easy against a QB who has thrown one pick all season, way back in week 4.
  6. That’s a good idea overall. But a lot of the horrible calls I’ve seen this year you could chalk up to growing pains from the new player safety emphasis. For example nobody is ready for the refs to really call a penalty every time any player lowers their head to initiate contact. If they called that rule by the book this year there’d be a full scale revolt. Imagine a flag on RB’s plowing over an LB, run blocking linemen, etc. any time one of them led with their helmet. Just wouldn’t fly right now, game hasn’t changed enough. So you’ve got a new set of rules that refs have to implement by calling them selectively. Which is just a recipe for uneven officiating and refs taking the heat over an issue that’s bigger than just them.
  7. What was that pass Rivers, it’s not a shotput
  8. I’m starting him. Patriots injury reporting is a joke so I don’t think we really know what his status is beyond he’s playing.
  9. 3 TDs in 2 career games against Carolina, both last season in an RB timeshare like right now. Would love to see him get some snaps out of the slot Monday night, big weak point for Carolina this year.
  10. That’s fair. I should have put Barkley at 4. I do think Kamara without a timeshare is underrated. Through the 4 games with Ingram on suspension he was walking away with RB1 in fantasy.
  11. His stats as they stand would hurt him in fantasy with the rise of PPR formats. On the other hand in today’s game he’d probably be doing more as a receiver out of the backfield. There’s definitely no one playing at a level right now who could touch him (Peterson in his prime is a different story, but he’s not in his prime).
  12. Not playing him the rest of this year. I’ll be targeting him next year in redraft as long as the Lions get a solid OC
  13. Went down for the game last week cuz my buddy is a long time Cowboys fan and had never been there. Hands down most enjoyable venue for seeing a game in any sport I’ve ever been too.