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  1. Thanks. I get it now. Now that I understand your position, I understand why we are talking past each other I believe the goal of the [money side] of the US military is to keep its OpEx budget and continue to increase its CapEx budget. That’s not a for-profit model. if it was, we would see it operated much different
  2. Thank you for sharing and your perspective. maybe not the Suge Knight part
  3. I hear you, but I’m not seeing the relation nor point. It feels like you are tying things together for an unknown reason.
  4. Sorry - I’m sincerely trying to understand. As a 75ish+% Democrat I believe in order for our country to succeed we need balance and compromise. Your statements caught me off guard. Sorry for calling them out, but yes, I am new around here.
  5. Thank you for the well put together post. First, and just a little snarky, you are asking me to like trump because I have to accept all politicians are slimy. I refuse to accept all public servants are slimy. The only ones who are slimy are the ones who are directly influenced by big money. Hence I think if we get big money out of politics, we will see much better public servants. Next, I am in no position to dispute your data. It actually sounds really cool. I’ll also add that I couldn’t be you and do business with people who I despised. You didn’t use that word, but I did. For me personally, I would move on. Fortunately/Unfortunately it’s how I’m wired. Finally, what if I told you, as a hypothetical that the extra money you are making is at the expense of the poor and disenfranchised? Would you still feel the same way?
  6. I don’t get your point. How can the US military be for profit when it doesn’t make any money? It’s role is to provide coverage for all US citizens. It does this through a budgeting process. Why can’t US health care be the same way?
  7. This is so incredibly cost prohibitive. This is a huge problem. Preventative care is where the value is at. However, there is no money in services. All the money is made in pills and tests.
  8. The system is broken. Costs must go down. Finally, healthcare should not be a for-profit entity. Could you imagine if the US military or the VA was a for-profit entity?
  9. Not sure if this was already covered, but what % of the US population has any money in the stock market? I believe it is about 55%. Is this the barometer of success for our economy?
  10. You realize we already tried this in the US. The purpose was to suppress the black vote. Are you recommending we try it again? Should we repeal The Voting Rights Act of 1965?
  11. Is this a goal of the GOP? The GOP wins when the DNC heads blow up, is this how success is defined?
  12. This is kinda a mean thing to say, don’t you think?
  13. I am open to hearing examples of this. I personally find it very easy to not like trump as a person. However, I am open to my mind being changed.
  14. Ronnie lost me with Ketchup being a vegetable.