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  1. My wife makes a mean Fresh Strawberry Pie
  3. Trump federal salary adviser resigns over order stripping worker protections
  4. The UK during its control of the American colonies outlawed firearms and made it impossible for colonists to defend themselves against the British Army who were abusing their power. Henceforth, the US Constitution has a provision that doesn't allow for the outlawing of arms among its citizenry. This was put in place as a check and balance against tyranny of government. It has stood as a foundation of the US for over 200 years. In that time, gun manufacturers have made hundreds of millions of guns and sold them to the US citizens. Some people have embraced them as a way to ensure protection against criminals and governments alike. They keep firearms to hunt and enjoy for sport as well as a deterrent to criminal activity on their property. I think it is a good thing on one hand as no single person will ever be in complete power over this country and no country will even attempt an invasion in the US. On the other hand, we have more violent gun deaths in this country as a result, and that is terrible. However, we cannot turn back time, so it is best to deal with reality. You do realize that if the US govt/military decides to take over those "guns" you speak of wont help citizens. Those guns wont stop tanks, drones, nor nukes. Really is a false narrative at this point.
  5. Read the article you just quoted. It says exactly what @gianmarco stated. The top 1% are referenced in his GIF properly.
  6. Yes - because to bolt, it’s all trumps fault... Whose role has it been the last 4 years to fund and empower the CDC?
  7. I voted last Thursday the 22 in MA. I don't recall early voting this serious before.
  8. I said it before but Covid could have helped Trump if he just stayed out of his own way. I may be wrong but I don't think people would have blamed him for the economy - I wouldn't. And he could have united us against a common enemy. I think there's a good chance he would be even or ahead in the polls right now if he did. This is what I would have liked to see. Let the CDC work through this on their own merits. That didnt happen, there was/is tremendous meddling and posturing. Now we will never know what the real issue is.
  9. Please re-read what I said because I never said cdc lied, even once. I said cdc made mistakes. But cdc and Fauci lied for weeks about the importance of wearing a mask. Fauci even admitted this fact on 60 minutes interview I believe. You obviously hate trump and can’t take a step back, objectively review everything and come up with a rationale conclusion other then it’s trump fault. I can agree that the CDC has made mistakes. Is that really a point? They have also been undermined and basically dismantled by this administration. That.s the point.
  10. Perhaps you’re missing the point of this thread. It’s that cdc hasn’t fallen because of trump. I just gave you and everyone an example of the inept of cdc that had nothing to do with trump. Watch the piece then please the get back to me. The people on the plane were in shock cdc let them go and they all knew they were infected. For posterity, do we believe 60 minutes is quality reporting and unbiased? Just want to make sure we agree they are not #fakenews
  11. You do realize nobody actually paid that rate in the 1950's right? I dont understand what you are saying
  12. If your goal is to elect people who are 100% dependent on career staffers and lobbyists, only to turn them out as soon as they get some idea of what they're doing, term limits are a fantastic idea. I understand your position, but I do not think it would play out like you think it would. I believe the career staffers would develop a "reputation" for being helpful or subservient to lobbyists. I believe the bad ones, who weren't working in service to the country, would be rooted out pretty quickly.
  13. Holy cow! May I ask your school district? You can PM is necessary.
  14. I can tell you how, its very simple Everyday people need to run for office. Everyday people need to vote for everyday people into office.