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  1. Well, since you asked. When I peeled off my tri shorts last night I learned I had some terrible chaffing I didn’t know about. The whole region down there is painful. Other than that just sore like after any race.
  2. My stomach was a mess. Couldn’t eat really anything. Not one beer either. Today will be a different story
  3. Thanks everyone. It’s a grateful feeling to read everyone’s real-time reports here. TLDR - I wasn’t mentally prepared and my nutrition failed after 8 hours im glad I did it, but I’m 99.99% sure I will never do another long course one. I’ll give a better RR tomorrow, but the bike was mentally brutal (I almost quit twice - like seriously) and my nutrition plan lasted like 8 or so hours. Basically, for the first 4.5 hours into the run my stomach was a twisty funnel of sour mashed ###. So at 4.5 hours I peed and it was brown. I quit putting sugar down my throat to feel like #### and started drinking chicken broth, pretzels and water. I started feeling better and got some runs it. But as @tri-man 47 explained there is a lot of run-walk going on. I had a good pace till like a mile left and then my legs started to hurt. Walked a good bit of the last mile or so. Garmin link:
  4. Stories of transition will come. There was a lot going on in those tents!!
  5. I quote “OMFG - I have no chance. This was the dumbest idea ever”
  6. What I use to not ruin clothing
  7. BTW - I’m going to try and run my first marathon tomorrow. My farthest run to date, a few months ago, was 14 miles and it took my like 2h15m. I haven’t run longer than 2 hours since. I'm targeting less than 160 HR for the first 13mi, then we will see. I’m guessing like a 10:30ish pace.
  8. Thanks. I’m not much of a writer, but after the fact* please force me to write up how stressful this week has been. *- if i DNF we will never speak of IM, Mont Tremblant, or even Canada ever again.
  9. I havnt been around, this week has sucked. If anyone wants to follow along, Im bib #1766 at Ironman Mont Tremblant, my first full course. Only goal is to not die.
  10. Lets play "find my poop spot" link:
  11. Shall we pencil you in for the mile swim in June?
  12. run naked, take pics, share pics, profits
  13. WTH - this watch sux. I wanted the 935 mom and you gave me some POS relic Damn ungrateful kids!!