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  1. Bunch o whiney running babies on here. So the swim leg will be longer than expected, tough nuts and BMF-up this "wet and rainy Carvel road race"
  2. So, I feel a little creepy having watched the entire video, but I’m a BMF in training so I’m pretty sure I get to keep my man card. I noticed alexactly what you said at the end of your post. You looked to be heel striking. It looked painful to your right hip. I would guess you would be more comfy in pushing your heel up more with additional cushion. Have you tried Hoka running kicks before?
  3. blah blah blah, what color is your poop?
  4. Im tired 2800 yards in the pool 45 min interval run :Zzz:
  5. I use a HR strap with my Forerunner 920xt. I got my wife the 935xt (optical HR) and I like mine much much more.
  6. What has your eating been like? how did you fuel before that run?
  7. Even money says Gian’s medical degree is in erections
  8. It will be fun if you don’t take it seriously. If you take it seriously the bike portion won’t be fun. The second triathlon I did was the Lake George Olympic. On the bike I was being passed by people, who when I looked at them, I didn’t think they should be passing me. That led me to start over-trying. That lead to me blowing up my hamstrings. When I got to the run, the part I was most prepped for, I couldn’t stride due to my hamstrings. I jogged the 10k not exerting at all while feeling like my hamstrings were going to pop off my leg. You will have a blast if you allow yourself to. I’ve been riding for like 3 years. I still stink riding, like below average. Sometimes it’s painful as you want to compare yourself to other people, but while those people aren’t training 10+ hours a week, they have been riding hard for 10+ years. Biking is not an event you just be good at one day.
  9. For your consideration:
  10. I just started beet root powder (with baca and Gatorade endurance) as a pre and during workout drink. I’m only like 2 weeks in, I’m going to give it a month or 2 and see.
  11. Caffeine is amazing. When taken i moderation is helps with focus and performance. There is a ton of research on it in the googles.
  12. Late to the party, but I think there is some fueling changes that happen around this point. Like you have gone through your initial glycogen and you need to replenish or bonk sort of thing. My anecdotal observation is that after this amount of time you need to take in some energy. For me like 200-300 calories an hour. If I don’t fuel right I won’t be able to maintain 2, 3, 4 ... N hours of output necessary to complete the event.
  13. You’ve come a long way quickly. My fastest half to date is like 145. Nice work!
  14. Nice work listening to your body. It may happen race day. I’m surprised you pushed yourself so hard while also constricting calories. I’d be crushed if I tried that. Let me rephrase, I suffer and bonk when I have tried that. Enjoy the taper!