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  1. Even with these “savings”, net total deaths are up far more than just deaths related to Covid. How do you explain these excess, unaccounted for deaths? People like to ignore data when it doesn’t fit their narrative:
  2. Consider increasing quantity of runs and reducing effort/intensity.
  3. So all of this record unemployment, well at least a reasonable portion of it, is expected and by design and de facto a good thing since we are working our plan?
  4. One of my employees mother passed yesterday due to CV. She had been hospitalized for almost 2 weeks. Super sad.
  5. I got rain with low 46 high 64 on Sat 😕
  6. Based on everything I'm reading, these are going to end up being "loans" given the apparent moving target it's become to make them fully realized "grants". I'd imagine those who aren't paying employees with it are paying bills with it? Like mortgages, insurance, etc. OK - so does that mean the stimulus money was not intended to keep people employed?
  7. First, thank you for sharing If this is true, did we make a mistake with the stimulus? I mean, wasn't it supposed to keep businesses going? If it is not meeting its intended purpose, how could/should the country respond. Am I wrong in believing that the most important purpose of the stimulus was to keep people employed. Did I get that wrong?
  8. It’s clear you didn’t listen to the economic podcasts I shared from widely recognized economists. What happens to those companies if their is a supply chain disruption? Or how about a sales/competitor diaruptor? Heaven forbid, what about an unplanned lawsuit, maybe around IP or patent infringement? Do those companies just fold as there is no way they can operate with much of any unplanned cost? These are real work examples that could happen today, tomorrow or next year. They have nothing to do with a pandemic. In the podcasts there is a discussion around our economy and How we currently reward businesses for efficiency. How this can be a problem for all the examples I have shared. The economists discuss the benefit of rewarding businesses who drive resiliency instead of efficiency. I agree with this stance and if we move toward a resilient economy instead of an efficiency driven economy we, and I mean all of us, will be better positioned for whatever adversity comes our way from a macro or micro level.
  9. And when you submit your yearly budget, how do you forecast? What happens when your forecast is wrong? How do you recover? I’m getting to the point where you tell me you plan for adversity, you don’t fly blind.
  10. Do you believe business and personal finances are that much different? I’m not speaking about the tax code, I’m speaking about P&L.
  11. Anything you want to know about bikes or riding you can find a video on YT with GCN or Global Cycling Network
  12. Isn't it a 1% loan if you don't use it for payroll? I'd imagine businesses are sitting on it. For what purpose. I’m sincerely asking.
  13. If a person/business can’t plan a rainy day fund, then when it rains there will be problems. Are we really surprised by this?