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  1. I sent you an email via MFL but figured I would post here too... I love everything about the league, and would 100% join if it wasn't for the inaugural draft type being Auction style. Unfortunately I have seen first year auction drafts completely screw up the league dynamic and make unbalanced teams enough times that it's just not worth the hassle. I do like auction style in dynasty, but only for the years following the inaugural FA draft. Auction style for the first year FA draft is just not a fair way to build the league and draft teams, especially not 32 teams. When doing salary cap and contracts it already adds a lot of the complexity for GM's and the serpentine draft. I have seen multiple teams drop out of a league after doing an auction draft in similar dynasty league formats. It looks like you invested a lot of time in the league so I won't ask if you are open to changing the first year's draft style. On the other hand, if you are open let me know and I will be happy to join, recruit, and take on any additional help you may need running the league.
  2. Registered and paid fees! Awaiting email to league...
  3. I still cannot view the Roster or Rules on the first league : ( I was able to see the second league but that team is just terrible.
  4. Hi Scot, I tried checking out the team posted at the first link but it requires a password to even view the teams. I am interested but would like to view the teams and league rules first. Also if these are Salary & Contract leagues I would like to view those as well for the teams. Email me at
  5. What's the buy in? Is this a true Dynasty where all players are kept, player contracts, Rookie Draft, Free Agent Draft, etc? Where can I see the bylaws & rules?
  6. Looking to join a Dynasty or Keeper League. Please post or Email me directly at