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  1. "Boycott" More like sit at home and pout about things not going your way. That, or she couldn't get out of her bartending shift that night.
  2. Let's be honest, we all know isn't true. Twitter and social media in general would of had a field day if this came out from a Fox News reporter. Again, I think it was accident as you mention, but just given the state of the world today it would have been a MUCH different trending story if this was a slip up from a conservative outlet.
  3. I think it's pretty clear she drops the hard R here, by accident I'm sure, but you I don't see how you go from Lakers to......that. If she wasn't a liberal, she'd be a racist.
  4. He's going to be dead in less than a year at this rate.
  5. At least she knows he's going to get re-elected after all of this. Democrats are like Silicon Valley's version of Gavin Belson - no matter what great idea they think they have, it always fails. Trump's victory wouldn't be possible without the Democrats.
  6. This guy is a cancer. Why any GM would want to infect their organization with this POS is beyond me. His talent does not outweigh the headache/drama/issues he brings to a locker room.
  7. "that MAGA cracker tried to pull my helmet off first!!" - Myles Garrett in the locker room after the game. Sounds like he was triggered before the game even started. He needs a mental evaluation and special counseling, as well as, a permanent ban.
  8. Absolutely not a wasted vote - every vote counts or something.
  9. Nagy is going down with the ship here in sticking with Trubisky. Another terrible play call by him.
  10. Season is over - I don't think 9-7 (and I don't think they hit that record) gets them a spot this year. They definitely are not winning out in the division either with the way they are playing to date. Sucks to see.