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  1. Ha Ha was a guy I wanted the Bears to draft coming out of college. The chemistry should certainly be there between Jackson and Clinton-Dix, with them being teammates at Alabama for a short time. Looks like Clinton-Dix turned down more money from the Redskins to get an opportunity to play with Eddie Jackson again. Consider me excited about this move.
  2. I put mine on the neighbor's porch and light it on fire. In reality, the closest trash bin though.
  3. Just cut the cord and went with the following: Sling TV (orange and blue subscription) The Sports Extras package also has NFL Redzone, which is a must for me, so I'll add that closer to NFL season. Offers Showtime/Starz but not HBO. Amazon Prime - will be subscribing to HBO through this when GoT starts back up. Netflix Did the 7 day free trial with SlingTv and we loved it, so sticking with that for now. I like being able to still watch live television when I want to catch a sporting event, but they also provide a good amount of OnDemand content.
  4. shame on him That was epic podcast material they put together. Joe Rogan couldn't give any less ####s than what the pawns think of the guests he brings on.
  5. The guy is a superhuman with unmatched strength and mentality. The rest of us are muggles in comparison.
  6. Love that Joe Rogan brought this guy back on the show. He's pure comedy, with a lot of crazy, in my opinion...but it's great podcast material.
  7. Brick oven style, thin crust with buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula and olive oil drizzle. Fo' shizzle.
  8. I've played about 2 hours total and still sitting on 0 kills. I'm so bad at this game, yet I keep coming back to drop in.
  9. Without a Paddle (Seth Green, Dax Shepard, Matthew Lillard) Critics - 14%, Audience - 68% I'd give it 7.3/10 on the comedy scale.
  10. With all that money, just put out the hit on Mr Pecker and pay someone else to take the fall.
  11. Funny how a hat can trigger so many people. Just shows we are so much closer to major internal violent conflict than many people want to believe.