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  1. Where did it go? Or was it ever available? Link on news article says the page doesn't exist, and he isn't on your list of RB player pages.
  2. FBG is finally including snap counts as a regular stat on the web site. This is very helpful in trying to determine who I might add off of waivers. I have recently seen somewhere, I can't remember where, a mention of "routes run" by tight ends. It would seem that this would be a very useful statistic in evaluating TEs. If you have a couple of TEs who are splitting snaps on a team, and one is obviously the blocking TE and runs very few routes, and the other is running many routes, this statistic would be very helpful to know. Some owners (like me) may not know all of the details of all of the TEs in all NFL rosters to know who is more of a blocker and who is a receiving threat. This might help out. I'm not sure if this is already summarized on FBG somewhere (didn't see it), and I'm not sure if this is an easily obtained statistic. So this is just a suggestion. And I hope this is the right forum to post it.