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  1. Kelce some help:
  2. Shep some help here:
  3. Foles for me. Some help?
  4. Brady. Can’t bench him. Some help?
  5. If Thomas goes I’m there. Some help?
  6. Tough call, but I think I go Gordon and Kamara. Good problem to have. Some help?
  7. Fournette can I get some help?
  8. Gillislee Can I get an assist:
  9. I’d go Tate. can I get an assist?
  10. Non-PPR - need 2 (for WR2 and flex) Start 2: Demariyus @wash Martvius Bryant @houston Sterling Shepard @ zona Funchess v Tampa
  11. Considering starting him over Jonathan Stewart at Flex with both Julio and Demariyus out this week.
  12. I'd do that in a heartbeat. I'd rather have a true #1 backed up by a #3 kinda guy I found on waivers than a few lower end #2 types. If I was the Bell owner there is no way I take that trade though. Little assist here?
  13. I'd consider dropping Dak, not Winston. Wentz put up some pts vs the Chiefs, good sign. A little assist here?
  14. Tough call, but I think I go Siemian simply b/c I'm not buying Dak with a caveat -- as long as you have a strong #1 QB. I like Dak's running ability, but his accuracy is just plain bad sometimes. Little help here?