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  1. Love the Utah parks, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Canyon and Smokeys each for different reasons. They are all great. Just got back from a trip through Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Alabama Hills State Park in California. Will post something longer soon, but really enjoyed them.
  2. Switching gears: the 'Twilight Feast' has apparently been around for a while, but I just learned about it. You can gorge yourself on 'Ohana from your room if you stay at the Poly. All the food is delivered straight to your room for $60 a person (each order really feeds about 3 people). We don't love 'Ohana like most on here (prefer Kona Cafe), but this is a good deal if you can't get a reservation at the restaurant. Note: they bring you the bread pudding, but will not deliver ice cream with it.
  3. Yeah agree. Confident display back there.
  4. Wasn’t great, but my wife thinks we watched a rom com together so that’s a win
  5. You have any pictures of the cabana setup? How much was it?
  6. Looks plenty healthy to me. He looks great for a large civilian, just underweight for a guy who dominates at TE.
  7. As a Floridian who goes to MK at least twice a year, getting the chance to go to DL-DCA in June instead was glorious.
  8. My sis lives in Mill Valley. Just left from there. Small world.
  9. I work in television news, so not a ton of crossover there. I don’t know anyone in publishing, but work with many talent agents. Thats a great idea to consider.
  10. As of now, the plan is to self-publish. But I figure I am at least a year away from that. Have spent six months researching.
  11. This has been on my mind for many years, but I never felt I had the content to support it. I now have an idea for a non-fiction book that I am passionate about. Not sure it has potential to be a commercial success, but you never know. I am a writer by trade (journalist), but this would be my first long-form work of any kind, and I will be taking it on while maintaining a demanding full-time job and raising two young kids. Any advice or warnings would be appreciated.
  12. Just went on Mr. Toads at DL. Good times.