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  1. Team A (back to back champ) gets David Johnson Team B (rebuilding) gets 1.12
  2. For sure. This is the most excited I have been for an NFL draft since I started playing dynasty eight years ago. Can't wait!
  3. I think some team will pay to move ahead of Miami to get Tua. If Miami wants Tua, they will need to move up from 5 to 2. Chase is very logical pick for WASH, but they need everything, so I could see them moving out of that slot, and trading to a QB-needy team ( MIA, INDY, SD are good examples).
  4. I'm in the draft Tua camp as well, but I don't think he lasts to five. So they need to decide if they are willing to invest a bit more to get him. I could easily see Tua go as high as 2. Washington needs everything. I think they would forego Chase if some QB-needy team came calling. Same goes for Detroit at 3 and NYG at 4. I feel like all three would be willing to move down for the right price.
  5. Last comment on this I promise. I was referring to people saying Jacobs was an unknown. Not sure about this board in particular. I agree there was debate all spring who was RB1, although he was always there for me. The battle for RB1 is much wider this go around. This is much more talented class. I prefer Etienne; seems like a man-child out there; huge ceiling. It’s close though and I remain open-minded. i have 1.1 in a couple leagues, and have Jeudy, Etienne on top of my list.
  6. Yeah. Made the occasional big play. Talented, but not productive
  7. I like this comp, rangy and strong like SJax, but thats rarefied air.
  8. 5-star prospect, who can do it all. Strong runner, catches everything. Took over games this year. Go re-watch the LSU game. He was the main reason they stayed in it. Hard to put a comp on him, but he can be a volume guy in NFL, much like Henry and Jacobs. I do thinks he has much more talent than Damian Harris.
  9. I keep seeing this or something similar posted. Jacobs was a stud runner for Bama on television every week. I can’t be the only one here who knew his game very well way before Jan 2019. If thats the case, it speaks to the fantasy group-think which should be avoided at all costs. Back on topic, pre-landing, I have it: Jeudy, Etienne, Dobbins, Swift, JT, Najee, Lamb. Najee can certainly bump up if he ends up in plus situation.
  10. 3 leagues; I also only really follow my guys. I will check in after the earlies to see how I'm doing but try to stay away from looking at my opponents before the game. This allows me to just root for my guys without stressing about the other side. And it usually works out. If my guys play well, I win. If they don't, i lose.
  11. Certainly possible that they could go to Wilkins, but I viewed Williams as one of the better players for the Colts on Thursday night. Their bigger problems were with the passing game. TY’s two critical drops, and Brisett in general, not being able to throw downfield at all, led to the loss.
  12. He will get dinged if he runs 4.6, but he appears very dynamic to me