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  1. Totally second this. FW truther here. We do two Disney trips a year, and we always stay at FW during the holidays. Its so festive, and the golf carts are a must. You avoid the buses, take the cart to the marina and catch the boat to MK. Really relaxing and the kids love it. Cabins are great too. We buy groceries and make most of our meals so that makes the vacation more affordable. Gotta reserve the cart a few months in advance.
  2. Who’s his comp? Kinda hard to place what kind of player he is/can be?
  3. He underwhelmed in regular season for sure, but was 6-87 in Super Bowl with a huge catch in 4th quarter. The guy can still play.
  4. Funny. I prefer AB. He will definitely play again. We’ll see what happens.
  5. If dynasty, great trade for you. Fine with it in redraft too
  6. Guy is 22 years old. Had 11 catches in a playoff game. I will gladly pick him up if you drop him.
  7. No doubt. We’re all reading tea leaves here, and looking for any small edge we can get.
  8. A few months back, Gronk said something to the effect of: "I haven't had August off in 20 years." I understand why he said it, because of training camp, but found it odd he mentioned August only. It was just one of many statements he's made since retiring, but I'm hanging my hat on that one as a signal he's coming back.
  9. Not concerned as much about his injury status as I am about the Texans adding Duke. Johnson will take away a lot of the underneath stuff that was headed for Keke.