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  1. JackReacher

    Tyreek Hill

    Didn’t see game; did he have numerous drops or one?
  2. JackReacher


    Miller has flashed, but so has Herndon. I’ll take the side getting the 1st.
  3. Just bumping this because I have an enormous man crush on this guy
  4. JackReacher

    Tyreek Hill

    Did he have an 80 yard punt return called back? Saw something in the play by play
  5. Wasn't directed at me, but as a Miami homer who has watched both of these guys closely since they played at the U, I prefer Herndon long-term. Njoku is an amazing athlete and is in a better situation right now, but Herndon is the better football player. Herndon catches the ball better, and is better after the catch. Being on the Jets is not a plus, and his success is tied to Darnold, but he has a top-tier ceiling. Because of the situation and draft capital, Njoku rightly carries more value, but I prefer Herndon. Even better if I can also score a nice piece if I deal Njoku for him.
  6. JackReacher

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Trying to fit Mahomes on this list. Well I wouldn’t trade him for Jarvis ?
  7. JackReacher

    Tyreek Hill

    All jokes aside, I took the sumo suit as a very positive sign. I’ve pulled my groin before and it was hard enough just to get into a pair of jeans, much less a sumo suit.
  8. JackReacher

    Disney Vacation

    Man BD, sorry to hear. My wife and I were so excited when you made it to R2. Mrs. R. was rooting hard for you to make the panel so she could "meet the real BD in person." It was because of your urging, she decided to go for the panel in 2017 after being rejected in 2016. She also credits the inside-Disney nuggets posted by you, @glvsav37 and the rest of the community here for helping her better answer questions on the DPMP boards. Mrs. R. is neither an influencer nor a blogger, but she says many/most panelists are. Just my thoughts, but I think Disney really believes in the power of social and the blogosphere. Every impression counts for them. Mrs. R. is back on the panel for 2018. Please DM if you'd like to connect with her. She would love to share her insights if you like.
  9. JackReacher

    Personal Finance Advice and Education!

    Does anyone have experience with self-directed IRAs, specifically using them for purchasing real estate?
  10. JackReacher


    In a vacuum, I’d prefer Goedert... assuming must start TE or TE 1.5.
  11. JackReacher

    Personal Finance Advice and Education!

    Do pension payouts fall under the same rules as other retirement accounts? People retire and start taking their pensions before 59 1/2 all the time. Yes?
  12. JackReacher

    Personal Finance Advice and Education!

    Good point. My accountant is taking a look, but I may hire a financial advisor as well.
  13. JackReacher

    Personal Finance Advice and Education!

    No IRA withdrawals until 59 1/2, correct?
  14. JackReacher

    Personal Finance Advice and Education!

    My former company has offered me a lump sum pension payout. It was more than I thought they would offer. From what I have read, the smart move would be to take it and roll into an IRA or reject the offer and start drawing on the pension when I’m 55. I’m 47. My wife has other ideas. She’d like to take the check, absorb the tax and early withdrawal penalties, and pay off our children’s college funds and our mortgage. We know this is not smart, but we have other retirement accounts and we really value the security and piece of mind of having absolutely no debt. With all this in mind, still really dumb?