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  1. Does anyone know if there are any target numbers to reach in terms of mean or standard deviation between cash games and GPP? For instance, I know I want a lower standard deviation for cash games because that tells me my risk of a point swing in either direction is much lower, but is there a specific threshold for which to target? <23.5, <23.2, etc.?
  2. Awesome! Doing this worked for me on my iPhone. Thank you! Like the other guys in this forum, we really like the app and we're not trying to be a pain in the butt. We're all just very excited about it and want to use a working version of it each week. Thank you!
  3. I find the app often gets confused and no longer will display a player to select. I literally have to shut the entire app down to get it to work again.
  4. I can't even submit a damn comment for help. I do IT for a living and I sure do hope things are getting escalated. This is a great app when it works. With the drop downs and games not categorized correctly, this app is unusable in my opinion. Outside of the current weeks' game issues: Restoring purchases generates a timeout error during the process Comments section doesn't allow for a scroll bar and hangs on sending Not all your lineups reveal themselves when you select analyze Anything else?
  5. I did well last week using this app. However, I won't pay if these issues continue.
  6. I am having same issue. Some players are also not even showing up anywhere. I search for Julio Jones and it can't find him. Other times I will have an optimized lineup and won't like a selection so will exclude that player. The next lineup optimized will actually have more projected points than the previous one. I love the app, but I'm not sure what good emailing support will do when we're all having the same issue. I delete the app and can get the app to only include Sunday games, but as soon as I complete a roster, the problem reoccurs. In fact, the lineup I created for Sun-Mon games won't even load once the problems starts again.
  7. I love the DD, thank you guys for putting a lot of work into this software as well as all the other material you publish on this site. Any chance we could have the option of centering the Player Notes columns as well as conduct a sort on any column? Reason i ask is because I've started adding what I estimate will be the winning bids and I use these figures as my ceiling for the guys I want. I also include the word "Toss" in my Player Notes to indicate which guys I don't necessarily want, but will open with a bid in an effort to drive down the remaining cash of the other owners. It would be nice especially mid in the draft to sort on those players I have as "Toss" so I can quickly call out a guy I don't want and keep the draft moving. Thanks! Mike.
  8. Bruce, is there a way to include last year's actual auction values as a column in this year's draft projections? Having those numbers next to the projected values would help me determine what the potential market value would be for such players as those from the league's local NFL teams. Mike.