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  1. In a 16 team, start 2QB league I sold Hill for the 1.01 about a month ago. At the time another owner called the trade a panic sell. The owner buying Hill was certainly aware of the potential suspension (and as he is in the midst of a long term rebuild the potential for a suspension was considered a “good” problem). Obviously I’m very happy to now have Kyler Murray on my roster but for the sake of the other owner I hope Hill isn’t an Aaron Hernandez level bad guy. Doesn’t look good though.
  2. While not responsible for Hill directly, I think the Chiefs and NFL should sponsor in trust the care of his son going forward. Don’t let his mother or father have access to a dime. There is a strong likelihood that this boy and his unborn siblings now grow up in a low income and dysfunctional home. The boy shouldn’t suffer because someone cared enough about him to release the truth about his abuse from both parents (emotional and physical).
  3. Seems like it. I was surprised they didn't even try to use him to grind out the clock. Wonder if Prosise starts against NE but the running game is worthless if they don't even try to run.
  4. He looked so much better. That said the line was awful and they didn't bother to run the ball again. Graham's two special plays for TDs saved everyone.
  5. FG commercial kickoff commercial ... great TV Live TV is dead.
  6. And now they repeatedly shill on air about the NFL's concern about player safety whenever there is a head injury. So fake and transparent attempt at damage control.
  7. Unless you have a more obvious option why not? Playing extremely well and has Brady who looked to him in the preseason also.
  8. Yeah, if Rawls were healthy there is no way he would have been inactive.
  9. This is very likely to happen. If only for how snake bit Michael and fantasy owners have been over the years. Can't argue he looks great though and if only the stars really do align. One can hope.
  10. Not to say the NFL has this type of control over a franchise but I'm sure they would very much like to market a London born star as they play more games overseas and make a push for a permanent franchise in the U.K. Seems to be a lot of marketing of Ajayi.
  11. Have there been other search warrants served on others involved in the case? Still shocked no one is talking about who the other guys are involved. I know AH is the celebrity but for as much as every new commentator likes to portray how much evidence is being collected there seems to be another side of story missing.
  12. My understanding is the other two were not arrested but taken away in separate cars from his house on the first day (Tuesday). Later released. I suppose they were either questioned or they also just invoked their 5th. If not represented by Ropes & Grey then perhaps they are getting advice via Hernandez? I find it very interesting that the names (or even general interest in the names) of the other two friends are not part of the news story.