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  1. good stuff, he wasn't on my radar at all. We extended an extra 5 IR this year so I'll try to get him on there
  2. Great year to grab project players with season ending injuries and stash them for next season. Let's start a list! Bo Scarborough is on IR for the time being it seems, though it isn't injury related.
  3. They almost caught him haha. He doesn't need that cheetah speed to put up numbers in this offense.
  4. I see a lot of Lincoln Riley in the KC offense. All they need now is more RPO
  5. Demarcus Robinson #1 waiver pickup lol wtf nvm confused with Watkins. watching in a loud bar
  6. D Williams is a nice power change up to CEH. I'd mix it up all year if I was Reid.
  7. Drafting from the 5 yesterday in a 12 team, full ppr work league with about 1/3 of the league being casual fantasy players: 1 Cook 2 Drake 3 Connor 4 Kupp 5 Ridley 6 Engram 7 D Montgomery 8 Cooks 9 Mattison 10 Sterling S 11 Unicorn 12 John Brown 13 Rothlisberger 14 Drew Lock 15 Snell 16 Stills 17 Robby Anderson
  8. Based on adp, my must haves are Marvin Jones and Preston Williams
  9. Anyone else nervous about Kamara and Cook contract wise? They were both who i was mocking the most at 1.5 but I may shoot for CEH now. At 2.8, I'm shooting for a Chubb or A Jones or one of the top 5 WRs. If they aren't there then that means Kelce or even Mahomes will be. I posted some mocks I was doing here