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  1. How many championships were won or lost on Thursday with Lamar's 5 TD game? Count me as a loss!
  2. On one hand, he's finally seeing success. on the other, BB wants to take away an offense's best weapon and I gotta assume that is Mixon in his mind.
  3. Watson, Kyle Allen or Daniel Jones. Pick 2. Am I crazy to wanna sit Watson vs NE? Houston is one dimensional and the Pats feast on that. I feel like he has a very low floor and a low ceiling too. Thoughts?
  4. Am I crazy to wanna sit Watson vs NE? Houston is one dimensional and the Pats feast on that. I feel like he has a very low floor and a low ceiling too. Thoughts?
  5. Anyone else thinking about selling our boy Rodgers in superflex redraft? He's got a BYE this week then SF. NYG WAS but then CHI and MIN weeks 15 and 16.
  6. Was working a guy at the deadline to get his Duke J and his 2nd for my Goff. I need RB for my playoff push (he has CMC but that just wasn't happening no matter how many 1sts I was throwing at him) and he wants a QB for the future (He has Jameis, Baker, Mariota, Big Ben). He asked and I initially refuted his interest in my Guice but he eventually gave me more than I could turn down. Goff, Guice, 2020 late 3rd for Hyde, DukeJ, 2020 mid-late 1st, 2020 mid-late 2nd. I'll manage without Guice in the playoffs lol
  7. It sounds like Trent is just over it. He's been dealing with this for awhile. Sounds kinda like if your ex wants to investigate why you broke up. edit: He's already been gone for months.
  8. my comment was more directed to OKBoomer. Looks like it was a great game, wish I wasn't at work!
  9. If you expected a big game vs the Niners then I don't know what to tell you, and I'm not even watching the game.
  10. Need RB help after losing Kerryon. 12 team superflex league full ppr. 1 qb 2 rb 3 wr 1 te 1 rb/wr/te 1 qb/rb/wr/te 1 def. 4 pt passing TDs but large bonuses. Watson/Rodgers/Daniel Jones Fournette/DukeJ/JaylenSam/MarkWalton/MalcBrown Godwin/Lockett/Tate/MWilliams/Hollywood/DashaunHamilton Mark Andrews I've got an offer for Devin Singletary for Mike Williams or Miles Sanders for Golden Tate from the same guy. I'm sure they're interchangeable so who would you give up and who would you be targeting? My instincts say to keep Tate with Hunter Henry being back for LAC. Singletary has WAS this week so may go off and be even more expensive next week but his playoff schedule is BAL PIT NE. Sanders has CHI BYE NE the next 3 weeks but NYG WAS DAL for the playoffs and I believe in his talent so I think he may emerge even more by the end of the season. what do you guys think?
  11. good info thanks, his snap % was the smallest of the year and his next 3 weeks are Chi Bye NE but his playoff schedule is pretty decent NYG WAS DAL. Hoping they give him more work by then.
  12. I'm thinking about buying in redraft. I think he'll get more work the 2nd half of the season.