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  1. The thing about IDPs, there a lot of JAGs who produce good fantasy numbers...even if they suck in real life.
  2. What's the deal with the tackle explosion from Ragland? Anomaly or a sign of things to come?
  3. Well derp! Yeah, I meant next week, lol. I have Farley, so I knew he was on a bye, LOL...duh...brain fart on my part.
  4. Forget the need to take care of the masses in your home, lol. I'm 42 with three kids and can't imagine having two in diapers right now, lol. Good luck to you...may you be granted enough rest and sleep and peace :).
  5. Well that sucks for us here CA, but I congratulate you on your next chapter in life.
  6. Geathers has been activated from the PUP list. Looks like he'll play and even start this week. Thoughts on him ROS? And how does his return affect Farley's production?
  7. I'm not getting sucked back in. My DBs are solid now, so I can move on from this chronic underachiever.
  8. All of us Farley owners will need to keep a very close eye on Geathers' return.
  9. I moved on. World of potential, but he can't get on the field to display it.
  10. Yeah, that little factoid literally cost me a win. If he had gotten even just 3 solos and an assist or 2 solos and 3 assist, I would've won. But no. He and Jarrad Davis killed me.
  11. Ugh! I also have Hunter. Fortunately for me, most of the rest of my IDPs (we play 11 total) had good days, but Farley and Davis are going to haunt me if I lose this matchup tonight...and I think it's probable.
  12. I had him and Jarrad Davis both play all or the majority of their games and got 1 solo and 1 assist out of the two of them. Chances are good that I'm going to lose this week because of those two fluky stat lines. Very frustrating.
  13. Yeah, so here we are again. This guy just can't seem to get on the field and stay on the field...there are other options out there that I won't have to worry about week-to-week. I'm tired of waiting for this guy to finally get healthy. I think he'll be a stud (or can be) once he does, but in a redraft league I can't justify rostering him anymore. Even if he gets healthy and starts racking up 10 tackles a week, how do I know he won't stub a toe or split a fingernail or cut himself shaving or get a splinter and end up leaving in the first quarter of a playoff match?
  14. Well, that makes it easier to move on then because I don't have to hope he'll find his way at LB. Even at LB, I think he would have been fool's gold. I guess I keep coming back to him because I'm a LSU diehard, and he's an LSU guy and I want him to succeed. But I'll never be fooled by any hype surrounding him again.
  15. He is, but at this point, I'm riding and dying with him. If it clicks in the second half for him, I'll nut-shot myself repeatedly for dropping him. I just hope he doesn't cost me a matchup down the road. I might have a different take come playoff time.