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  1. I can't be the only person who get this error when running VBD: The Macro cannot be found. I run Excel 2008, and the help says: Cause: Office 2008 for Mac cannot run Visual Basic macros or load add-ins that contain Visual Basic macros. Solution: Keep the macro in the file. You can keep a macro if you or other users need to run the macro in other versions of Office. Changes that you make to a file in Office 2008 do not affect a macro, provided that you save the file in its original file format or another macro-enabled file format. You cannot view, run, or edit the macro itself in Office 2008. Is this really true? Is there any workaround?
  2. The Player Pool is weighed by the Weekly Weights. Look at the bottom of the Game By Game window. Uncheck the Use Weekly Weights checkbox and click Recalculate. This will make the Player Pool Points the same. By the default schedule or by your schedule, week 17's weight is set to zero, so the Player Pool only shows 16 weeks worth of points. You can use the weekly weights to set your divisional opponents or the playoff weeks to a little heavier weight... say 1.2, this will affect the player pool points too.AHA! Perfect! Thanks for the speedy help. I'll tweak the playoffs now and see what I get....
  3. Hi Bruce, I am having trouble with the projections in DD. I import my VBD excel projections, and they look correct under projections in the setup, but when I go to the DD windows like Player Pool or Team Data, the points for players (and resulting VBD) are off. For example, my VBD app and Setup projections say Peyton Manning should have 377 points, but the windows give him only 352.4. Where does this number come from (it's also reflected when I try to print cheatsheets). Thanks in advance for the help, Ron