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  1. Wow. Thanks for the fast response, Alex. No, I'm not an FFPC plant!
  2. Has anyone received their checks, yet? Looking for my 2nd place (league, not finals) prize.
  3. Ugh. Nothing more annoying, than arguing your side with "haters", "haterade", etc. Either your argument is weak, or you'r a 15 year old who doesn't know any better.
  4. Lost in the semis due to this bum. Should've went D.Thomas.
  5. That's a GREAT story for the guy who did get in the playoffs.
  6. Gordon over Demaryis. More of an indictment on Demaryi us.
  7. Hi. You can count me out of this group as I have crap QBs and David Johnson. Let's call it 29.
  8. Welcome back Jameis! Easiest pickup of the week - GB defense.
  9. Take a week off, Antonio. Rest up for the stretch run. Much appreciated.
  10. How is this a raw deal? $89 million towards charities that the players would seemingly support. $89 million more than the $0 they had pledged last week. And they still aren't mandated to stand during the anthem. What am I missing, here?
  11. First time posting in this thread. I'd just like to apologize to anyone just missing the cut. My team has no shot of winning, but yet, is still alive. I feel like I'm stealing a spot. The annoying thing is I've been in this contest for years, and this this year's team is the one that I hate the most, but has gone the furthest.
  12. You know there's a whole entire subforum with plenty of threads dedicated to declaring everyone who disagrees with you a racist. Not sure why you are intent on moving this one there
  13. 1. They are all key ingredients in my 2-5 record. 2. Watson 3. Hunt, Collins, Murray. Thought about #1 AND it's related to my first answer... no TDs this year.