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  1. The league I commish, we combine "all play" and H2H weekly. So everyone gets a combination of 2W's, 2L's or 1W/1L every week. Then we 4 teams making the playoffs in a three week points total shootout. This year playoff teams were 19-7 to 16-10, we rarely have ties at the end of regular season but points total would be the tie breaker if needed.
  2. I'm doubling down on this one going C Davis and AJ Brown in a dual flex league. Matchup is too good! 🤞
  3. The D was so good earlier on in the year, what the heck is happening here? And Trubiski, I mean holy crap, are we ever going to get a franchise QB in Chicago? Sad Bears fan over here.
  4. That really takes the air out of bubble, doesn't it? I might now roll with Duke Williams instead.
  5. That didn't really happen last game though, McCoy had 5+ points on the first drive(with/PM) and only managed 4 more points for the entire game. Color me concerned in terms of possible checkdowns going to McCoy next game. If it happens, it will be from my bench.
  6. All the games are live on DAZN and then there are feeds for the previous games(normal or condensed)/NFL network episodes/etc... It's not like entirely like the gamepass you are referring as there are less options when it comes to play back.
  7. He looked better than MVS and he was actually getting looks unlike those other WR's in GB not named Adams. He is on my short list of pick ups this week in deeper leagues.
  8. There is no "gamepass" from the NFL anymore, we have to subscribe to here in Canada. It has been like that for 3-4 years now. It is essentially the same thing however, redzone and the condensed games are well worth the 140$ a year that I pay(possibly a grandfathered price?). DAZN also has lots other European type of sports, I think it is well worth it.
  9. I feel much better about Conner than I do JuJu. How do you all feel about JuJu with Hodges in? 5-6 catches with 80 yards? Is that being too hopeful?
  10. 12 PPR points form OBJ to go 3-0 this week with my FBG teams. Thank you Matt Ryan and Julio last night!
  11. both last week before the start of the season. 12 team PPR with TE premium(1.5) Z Ertz and S Sheppard for Julio Jones and J Witten same league ans also last week J Gordon for Delanie Walker I was pretty happy with these trades