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  1. It looks like Booker would get the call and I think he has looked decent with his touches.
  2. All those points last night sure took away some of the sting of the Sunday games and injuries. Needed 4 different combination of points between Brees, Kamara, Jacobs and Waller ... All 4 came through including a 49 point hole with only Brees and Kamara!! Love this pass time when it goes well!
  3. Because no other QB would look for him? I don't get this. Legit steal in the 5th rnd this year!
  4. Kamara and Jacobs are my most owned palyers along with a sprinkle of Brees and Waller. 20 points out of every single player in PPR would be awesome! Really looking forward to this game tonight! GOOOO POINTS!
  5. The FBG lineup dominator recommends him all over my lineups, but I am also benching him this week.
  6. FYI, I am not playing against him over 12 leagues, guaranteed dud coming up, I will let you know when I get a high frequency week. 😂
  7. great cuff, he looked decent on his limited touches last week.
  8. Instant top 20 upside I would say, if Taylor were to get injured.
  9. A few extra screen plays in non obvious situations could be a start. But agreed, Trubustski has to shoulder lots of the blame here.
  10. As a long time Bears fan and as someone who was grabbing TC in the 8th and 9th round this year. Please use this guy like you did a a few years ago!!! Montgomery is just not that good! Get him out in space, that's where he is so electric! Bear Down!
  11. Jordan Wilkins from the Colts. I wanted to stash him this week, but grabbed Gaskin instead. I hope I don't regret that down the road.
  12. He's on the bench for me until further notice. Might be the same scenario with the Steelers.
  13. Yikes, this is concerning for sure! But we have no clue what is going on, so hope for the best!
  14. dropped him for Gaskin last night in a 12 team/20 man roster. I can't say that I'm 100% confident, but giddy up!