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  1. It would have been obvious when beat reporters start tweeting about Tua taking first team reps.
  2. He is washed. Wherever he lands he will blow up for a game and then start to fade.
  3. We all thank you for this.
  4. Not every injury needs a x-ray or MRI to confirm or diagnose. In this case the MRI is simply to determine the severity.
  5. Week 4 and beyond is bye week season and that is what really tests a fantasy owners mettle. The first few weeks success or non-success are based on generally drafting well so most folks are in "set it and forget it" mode. But once the byes start happening and real decisions need to be made is when many owners tune out. I don't believe a 4-0 team suddenly became complacent, I just think they are not particularly good at managing a full season. Anyone can come out of a draft and open the season with 4 wins. Getting through the byes unscathed is a different story. A active WW manager will always be a step ahead during the long hard middle stretch of the bye week season and can make up for a slow start.
  6. Pretty much agree with all of this. I really don’t understand how people believe the Vikings can look past this game and sit Cook. That said, I still believe the real issue with Cook will be his ball security with the injury.
  7. I don’t have to refute anything just use the examples of his play that you claim are why he was never very good. “Every time it was 3rd and long, he could complete an undefendable back shoulder throw to Jordy Nelson with perfect timing.” So throwing a undefendable back shoulder thrown with perfect timing is a bad thing?
  8. This is a pretty terrible take other than the bit about the player he is now. Shocker, he is on the wrong side of 30. The revisionist history on him though is as bad a take as ever been written.
  9. What is getting overlooked with the injury and his pain tolerance is the right shoulder is where the injury is. He fumbled twice Monday night and lost one. He landed on his shoulder on his first fumble before the half and it was clear when he went to the bench that it bothered him. I believe the decision will come down to confidence in his ball security due to pain tolerance. You shoot it up and it is numb and you have the same issue but no pain. You don’t shoot it up and he can struggle due to pain.
  10. Got it. Translation: Mr. Cooper, we saw some things we’d like to talk about.