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  1. Pretty much agree with all of this. I really don’t understand how people believe the Vikings can look past this game and sit Cook. That said, I still believe the real issue with Cook will be his ball security with the injury.
  2. I don’t have to refute anything just use the examples of his play that you claim are why he was never very good. “Every time it was 3rd and long, he could complete an undefendable back shoulder throw to Jordy Nelson with perfect timing.” So throwing a undefendable back shoulder thrown with perfect timing is a bad thing?
  3. This is a pretty terrible take other than the bit about the player he is now. Shocker, he is on the wrong side of 30. The revisionist history on him though is as bad a take as ever been written.
  4. What is getting overlooked with the injury and his pain tolerance is the right shoulder is where the injury is. He fumbled twice Monday night and lost one. He landed on his shoulder on his first fumble before the half and it was clear when he went to the bench that it bothered him. I believe the decision will come down to confidence in his ball security due to pain tolerance. You shoot it up and it is numb and you have the same issue but no pain. You don’t shoot it up and he can struggle due to pain.
  5. Got it. Translation: Mr. Cooper, we saw some things we’d like to talk about.
  6. I’m not sure that putting the next/last contract in the hands of a rookie QB on a terrible team is a great idea.
  7. The minute they benched Dalton sealed his fate. He isn't playing a single down this year. They needed to trade him. From now on his ankle is simply never going to feel "right".
  8. Well, he has in fact been peppered with double digit targets twice since week 3. Week 7 and 8 he was targeted 11 and 10 times respectively. In week 8 he converted 7 targets for 53 yards. If you have Allen in standard scoring he is killing you. At this point in the season it is likely to late to grab anyone off the wire. The play should have been to sell high weeks ago. But here are WR's on my WW in a .5 PPR who have outscored Allen's 37.8 pts over the last six weeks: A.J. Brown 57 Chris Conley 39.6 Cole Beasley 43.6 Corey Davis 52.2 Auden Tate 45.6 Hunter Renfro 38.1 Over the last 4 weeks Allen is the 65th ranked WR in .5 PPR and he has not had his bye week yet. That isn't 65th player overall that is 65th in positional scoring only.
  9. Yes of course there differences but the main point of the OP is about a willingness to evaluate a player beyond just their brand name. What is it about the Chargers situation that says positive regression is in line for Allen? While I wouldn’t cut him mainly because the draft capital paid for him renders my WR’s as poor. But Allen has played himself into flex category at this point. so I still like the exercise and unfortunately folks are getting stuck on this particular brand name when for 6 weeks Allen is a bust and likely killing some teams seasons.
  10. Putting the names in I think is perfect for context. Adams is a hold due to injuries but I seriously doubt he is going to be 100% this season. Foot injuries tend to linger. As far as Allen goes he could easily be a drop based on performance and trends. His first 3 games he saw targets of 10, 15, 17. Pretty unsustainable numbers. Since week 3 his targets regressed to 5, 6, 6, 11, 10, and 4. In the last six weeks he has combined in points to equal his week 3 box score. So projecting forward which Keenan Allen is this years Keenan Allen? Im comfortable calling him nothing more than a brand name this year. In fact here is a name brand comp to Allen that nobody would have a real problem dropping LeSean McCoy. Both Allen and McCoy have scored identical fantasy points over the last 6 weeks.
  11. Green is only valuable to those teams with a legit chance with a closing contending window. The Saints would fit the bill and to a lesser extent Green Bay. New England would also be that window is closing but they spent all their money on candy with AB. For teams like the Eagles there is likely interest and he could spark a struggling team but the down stream ramifications are likely not worth the cost of buy in.
  12. It also may make AJ's ankle a bit tweaked again.
  13. For WR needy teams looking for a trading partner is the clearest and cleanest path to acquire a player. Possible WR options still available and being floated are AJ Green and Robbie Anderson. If a needy team can't cut a deal then the only real option post trade deadline is AB or even Dez Bryant. AB has a very brief window where teams might kick the tires. Knowing his league issues any team interested in AB's services would likely get in early or not at all. Waiting for the league decision would only drive up the price if it was favorable. I don't expect AB to be signed but once the trade deadline passes for teams like Green Bay and New Orleans, teams with older QB's who have a legit chance right now, we are approaching closing time and AB is the last girl in the bar.
  14. It means I thought he only played in two games not missed two games.
  15. If a desperate team can’t land a trade for a WR by the deadline then AB is there as a break glass in case of emergency signing. A lot obviously depends on the leagues investigation If he was going to be signed it would likely only happen immediately after the deadline has passed.
  16. Is anyone stashing him through the trade deadline on the off chance a team picks him back up?
  17. So you mean that four weeks into a hamstring injury for a 3rd back special teams player they just now brought in RB help?
  18. Here is a little comparative from when Wentz had his bad back: I believe this is more about DJ's back than it is about his ankle. IF he has a back problem it could linger and they will cope with it as best they can but they did not bring in 2 RB's off the street because of a gimpy ankle. His back could render him very unpredictable moving forward because depending on what is the real problem it could flair up at any point. Wentz's timeline with his back was a couple of weeks before they even detected the stress fracture.
  19. DJ is more likely to go to IR than he is to be traded.
  20. I’m aware that the injuries are different but that doesn’t change the mindset. Not one single doctor who has spoken on the type of injury has suggested nearly as aggressive a timeline for return. He is already a bit hobbled by his ankle injury and his knee won’t help with that at all. His legs are his first defense to protect himself on the field. His ego might be writing a check he can’t cash. The whole point with RGIII was that he came back before he was 100% and could play his game at 100%. I have no Mahomes stock but as a fan I’d rather see him shut it down for a couple of weeks and come back at near full strength. If you think of some of Mahomes’ greatest plays in his short career almost none of them came from him standing in the pocket.
  21. Zenner smells a lot more like a “let’s get a look at the Saints playbook” kinda signing. Classic Patriots move.
  22. Just a friendly reminder of what rushing a young QB back from injury can look like: