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  1. Happy to answer your question if you add the link. Need two RBs out of this group (10 yds per point for rush/rec, 1/2 point per reception): Barkley (lock, but playing Chicago) Lindsay Ekeler Cohen Thank you!
  2. lostxn

    For the 1st round bye Rivers, Cousins, Winston?

    I would lean towards Rivers or Cousins due to the shootout potential. I like Winston, but he has been hot and cold. I am playing Broncos D this weekend.
  3. lostxn

    Lindsay or Cohen to Start?

    Yes, we have a PPR component. Thank you for your answer.
  4. Can't decide if I should use Lindsay or Cohen as my second RB. Shoot me a link and I will answer yours. Thank you.
  5. lostxn

    WR/RB Need Some Help

    Thanks Guys!
  6. lostxn

    Flex start help this week

    I would think Njoku would be a good start again a high scoring offense with no pass defense. With said, I like Beasley as well this week. Fitz and Kirk could be good, but which one is always the question.
  7. lostxn

    Who do I drop?

  8. lostxn

    Trade Help

    I would probably hold on Ekeler. RBs are at a premium and I really don't see a huge difference between Landry and Shepard. If Gordon goes down, Ekeler could be more productive than Gordon. Ekeler has been productive even with a couple touches a game. Not sure I would do this trade.
  9. lostxn

    Will Fuller or Marquise Goodwin ROS?

    I agree. Goodwin is the clear number one. He and Kittle seem to not clash too much due to different routes.
  10. lostxn

    WR/RB Need Some Help

    We have PPR league for RBs, but not for WRs. Both WRs and RBs have to get at least 50 yards to score yardage outside of receptions for RBs (.5) and TDs. I need to select one of each of these. WRs: Funchess or D Thomas RBs: Cohen, Lindsay or Ekeler I will happily answer yours if you leave a link. Thank you.
  11. lostxn

    Trade Conner?

    I would agree with Gally. The handcuff is a plus, but Cooper is so hit or miss, how could you start him. You are basically giving up Conner for a handcuff and WR3. Maybe Cooper comes on late, but Conner has more value IMHO than Cooper. Coleman also seems to function better in a backup or complementary role than a starter. I think Conner will continue to show value. Bell will not be in game shape most likely and is susceptible to injury starting the season this late. I would either hold him or at least shoot for a low-end WR1 with his value.
  12. lostxn

    Trade Question

    Have a trade offer and not sure if I should even mess with it. He is looking to move J Jones, which could help me with a main receiver. I have JuJu, Cooks and Watkins that I have to choose two from each week. His QB situation is a mess and he wants Winston. I have Rivers and Flaco after losing Grappalo for the season. His QB back to me would be either Tannehill or Keenum (oh goody). He is after Cohen as well, but I do not feel that J Jones has enough value this year to justify giving Cohen up. Do you guys think this trade would be beneficial to my team? I would get J Jones and (Keenum or Tannehill) - and which QB? He would get Winston and Watkins Thoughts? Let me know where your question(s) are and I will answer yours as well. Thanks! Standard scoring with PPR on RBs and TEs.
  13. lostxn

    Which Flex player?

    I would go with Cohen. Not that he will go off like he did in week 4 again, but he is seeing more playing time and is a threat to score from anywhere on the field. Breida has been so good when healthy, but not sure that will ever happen this year. He is like an egg shell.
  14. lostxn

    Which RB for week 6?

    I would go with Clement if he looks healthy. Neither are a sure thing, but with Ajayi out, they need to run with someone and Collins has just been a bust so far this year. Don't think that will change against the Titan D, which has been better than average this year.
  15. lostxn

    Official CJ Spiller

    Just started Spiller..... throwing up. Auspicious start