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  1. Does anyone know how the rankings are compiled i.e. who contributes to the various sources for draft below? (Dodds, etc.) - Draft Dominator online - Draft Dominator mobile - Draft Dominator classic - Value Based Drafting VBD - Cheatsheets I'm very old school so I enjoy printing but I noticed that the rankings are much different amongst each other. Thanks!
  2. He has a great matchup again next week against Denver. Not sure how Fuller's injury will affect Miller. How do you see his value in PPR going forward - more of a higher end Rb2 or mid-low? Compared to ADP, Chubb, Thompson, Drake, Cohen, Kerryon, etc.
  3. Just stating that Bill O'Brien confirmed it's an ACL tear : (
  4. Bill O'Brien confirmed that Will Fuller tore ACL - done for season : (
  5. I'm targeting a combo of these players from a last-place team (0 wins): Tarik Cohen, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce Rest of his roster: Goff, Alex Collins, Crowell, Fitz, Cobb, Carson, Rudolph. (he's carrying 2 kickers) My roster: Mahomes, Melvin Gordon, Lindsay, HOpkins, Fuller, Graham, J. Gordon, Hyde, Peterson, L. Miller, Coutee, Chubb Start 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 WR/RB/Flex, 5 bench spots. I was thinking of offering: Mahomes, Hopkins, Fuller, Graham and Peterson for his Goff, Cohen, Hill and Kelce. I'd obviously lose value from Goff to Mahomes and perhaps lose slight value from Hopkins to Hill (or at least consistency). But I'd get a big upgrade from Graham to Kelce and I'd be banking on Cohen > AP. Since I have 4 Texans, I need to dump 1-2 players before this Sunday, which is why I'm trying to dump Fuller (and maybe drop L. Miller or Chubb) or do a 3-2 or 4-3 trade. PPR, 12-team, redraft. I'm tied for 1st place. Should I offer that trade or try to do it without involving QB's? He actually traded Gurley in order to get Hill and Kelce so he's desperate.
  6. Starting 2 RB's (Gordon, Hyde) and 2 WR's (Hopkins and either Fuller/Coutee depending on injury). I picked up Coutee so I now need to drop a player to get a kicker. Other players on bench - J. Gordon, Lindsay, Chubb, L. Miller I'm in 1st place in 12-team PPR league, 4-0, (6 teams make playoffs) so should I: A) Play without a kicker this week or B) Drop Desean Jax or Coutee (no answer on whether Fuller will play) to get a kicker?
  7. It's def not ideal which is why I'm trying to trade Fuller and/or Miller. I offered Hyde, Miller and J. Gordon for David Johnson and Sanders.
  8. I'm not necessarily in a rush to get rid of Mahomes. I just think he may be overvalued especially now that Ryan is only like 6 points behind thru 4 games. Mahomes may finish as the #1 QB, but will he be that much better than QB's 3-6 and someone like Ryan right there with him?
  9. I've been talked out of Brees looking at the Saints 2017 approach to run more. Since Ryan is scoring close to Mahomes, how about I get Ryan and either trade Ryan or Mahomes? Other owner has Brady and Ryan, David Johnson, White, and Lewis. Hilton, Evans, Sanders, Sanu, Nelson, Reed. Since he's a Pats homer, my Hyde, Fuller, Josh Gordon and either Miller or Lindsay for His Ryan, Evans and David Johnson?
  10. Yikes. I just looked at Brees last year, you're right, they might revert to the efficient run-heavy approach. What about Matt Ryan? Owner (Pats homer) has Brady and Ryan. I get Ryan and Mike Evans for Fuller, Miller and Lindsay? (I really don't like Lamar Miller). or Ryan, David Johnson and Evans for Hyde, Fuller, Gordon and Lindsay or Miller? He has David Johnson, Hilton, J. Nelson, Sanders, Reed, White, Sanu and Lewis. I'd then trade Mahomes or Ryan to another owner.
  11. Oh definitely. I have him too. I meant consistent as in health-wise. If he doesn't play the next couple of weeks and/or re-aggravates the hamstring yet again, then Golladay as the OP's #1 isn't ideal.
  12. Definitely Powell. We know what we'll get from him. Miller is a hope he has a 2TD game soon and sell. Lindsey's value may only increase.
  13. For redraft league owners who have both Hyde and Chubb, are you trying to trade Hyde? ROS would you rather have if you have a stud RB already and decent RB2: Hyde or stash Chubb?
  14. Kicker - we do 30-39 yds = 3 pts etc. Since I'm in 1st place, it might make sense to punt a kicker this week since I have a good shot to make playoffs. Yeah, I am def stacking Houston offense. Didn't intend to but I'm afraid Miller's value is at an all-time low. What about trading Mahomes? (4 pt TD league). Mahomes, Hyde and Miller for Brees and Julio?
  15. Just trying to see what he would accept. I thought Jeffery would be more solid WR2 but you might be right with all these young WR's scoring more that he's not really one. I doubt he would take both Chubb and Miller. How about Mahomes, Hyde and Miller for Brees and Julio? (I'd think Hyde is a sell high?)