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  1. Thank you so much for these videos, theyre extremely helpful.
  2. I think he was appropriately priced (mid-range WR2) this year because his realistic ceiling is high-end WR2 (PPR); something similar to 2013. When grabbing WRs early, I tend to target guys who I think have a real shot at WR1 production and he's not one of them. I guess he's a great type of player to grab if you're looking to mitigate some variance. Personally, instead of Edelman I'd rather wait on someone like Kendall Wright who I think has an extremely similar, albeit lower ceiling (90-100/1000/4-6) yet is also essentially free.He's going as wr 20 before last night. He'll finish well ahead of that. Great value. I can't think of many guys I'd rather have less than Wright. You lost me there.He'll finish well ahead of that? So your'e projecting him as a WR1? As for Wright, in that same year (2013) where Edelman finished WR14 (105/1056/6) Wright finished WR20 (94/1072/2). They share near identical measurables and they serve the same function in their respective offense. Wright has shown the ability to post similar numbers as Edelman but is basically free; his ADP was priced below his floor. Wright is a good comparison in a vacuum but Edelman's situation > Wright's. I do agree that based on their draft positions, Wright may end up being better value though. Haha, no.
  3. Spent 10% of my budget is get him in ppr. Well worth it.
  4. Tate has a higher YAC than Foster has YPC. Even if you take away the 60-yard run he's still averaging 4.7ish YPC. Foster looks good but Tate just isn't going anywhere.