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  1. Somewhere at the latter half of the first I'd pull the trigger. Definitely anywhere in the 2nd.
  2. Gurley says he isn't worried, Gordon says that Todd is good, Eric Dickerson says Todd is good. I'll come back to revisit the hysteria that was this off-season after he drops 1500-2000 combined yards and another 15+ total TD's this year.
  3. its his birthday today too. maybe they gave him a day off considering that too. but if he doesn't practice tomorrow then i bet he doesn't play.
  4. i rather go down with my stud rather than lose because i benched him and got cute with someone like adam humphreys.
  5. I think it's pretty simple. I have Howard and Ebron. If it's disclosed that Koetter is calling the plays I'm plugging in Ebron as at least I know Ebron is Luck's first or second read in the endzone. If they come out and say it is Monken calling plays again then I roll with Howard.
  6. I don't have any stats on it but more often than not I feel like diggs has performed very well on prime time. This is also a very important game for them and he's a competitor so I expect good things assuming he puts in full practices this week.
  7. he's historically never played well while injured. i believe most of those were groin issues but i'm personally about to replace him with crowell at flex even if he plays.. thoughts? horrible idea?
  8. I know mccvay said that zuerlein is a week away but I'm holding out hope he makes a paul Pierce like comeback on Sunday and plays since he ended up practicing yesterday lol
  9. How this dude not even on the sidelines to even try to convince the trainers to get back in. He's not even on the sidelines to cheer his team on. Lol
  10. Doyle is out and is week to week which usually means a multi week absence. I think he just droppable. If ebron continues to perform I think doyle has a relatively limited ceiling. Bottom line Doyle ain't winning you a title, he might not lose you one either but OJ' output potential any given week is so much higher because he gets chunk yardage.
  11. he will return to his role last year. whether that means he puts up RB1 numbers like he did last year is to be seen but he isn't coming back to a diminished role. it is clear that the Saints miss him through two weeks of the season. The offense is not the same without him.
  12. Kid is 21 years old putting up incredible numbers to start his career. There's no need to overthink it, he is a stud and a top 15 WR in dynasty. Will be considered top 10 next year assuming no injuries.
  13. I came into the season with Ingram, Hyde, Cook, Martin. Made a deadline trade for Lynch. So this week it'll be Lynch and one of Ingram or Hyde. Man it's tough rolling out Ingram if he is not 100% though because they can just lean on Kamara. Hmmm.