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  1. Also really like getting Levis more 2nd string snaps with Stevens leaving. Net positive result in my opinion.
  2. Jaws in a landslide. He turned Shaw being a jackass on the set into a perfect chemistry with Scheider and Dreyfuss in the film and more importantly took a malfunctioning, rather fake looking shark and turned it into a monster by showing it less and using musical cues. Just genius directing.
  3. Congrats to the Auburn fans. Amazing shooting night. Hope #5 isn't as badly hurt as it looked.
  4. 4 days at Bellagio. Great time watching basketball. Thursday and Friday didn't seem that crowded but Saturday was insane. Just hard to move in the casinos and on the street. Fun as hell though. If you're a CBB fan, should go for the first weekend at least once in your life.
  5. No ####! I got a Didjits from Burnt Hickory. Love that stuff. Best beer I had was probably the Other Half 5th Anniversary stout. Outstanding.
  6. Have not noticed this in a year of Vue. Just that the locals are at a lower volume level than the other channels so you need to crank it when you switch to them.
  7. Yep, the E and M. And have heard they need to be held several years. Still should be nice to have. Thanks.
  8. Penn State alum rooting for Barkley who lives in Charlotte and saw Gettleman’s work. Sad for Saquon.
  9. 10 years this year and finally getting some. Wife was like, “How much?!?!”
  10. Anyone ever had any Sine Qua Non? Finally getting some after a long wait.