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  1. I think you just drop the 'N' off of the Bloomin ticker.
  2. Well, no gnews is good gnews with Gary Gnu.
  3. FWIW to anyone, zeroing in on STZ for the Customer Defensive exposure.
  4. And honestly, ask any rock drummer for the best performance of their instrument that they have ever heard, and more than half of them would name this tune. Massive.
  5. I am Jim Carrey, completely whiffing on a massive high five with you, Jeff Daniels. It is their best song. It's almost literally ground breaking. STH at 7 is still a bit of a puzzle. 4th maybe based on your list. But nice job with this list. Thanks Tim.
  6. Never thought someone trading options would benefit from being ignorant about them. What a world.
  7. The only option there is the onion or the coconut shrimp.
  8. Exactly. Also allows for more targeted investing. For example, Morningstar's XRay shows that for my taxable accounts, I'm quite a bit higher in Real Estate and Utilities than the S&P 500. I know that and am OK with it. I like those industries. But it also shows that I'm pretty underweight in Customer Discretionary and Customer Defensive. I'm OK being under in Discretionary, but I feel like I should have more Defensive (although healthy Utilities and Healthcare exposure helps). So I'm looking for some good stocks in that sector to add to my watch list.