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  1. And keep fighting, GB. My wife and I went to a charity event tonight for pediatric cancer for a foundation in Charlotte started by a couple in our neighborhood that lost their 7 year old daughter to cancer. And of course it was very moving and sad, but something the mother said tonight really resonated with me. She said that although they eventually lost their daughter, the fight their little girl showed in her struggle inspires people to continue to give and care and research these terrible diseases. That inspiration lives on long after she is gone. Don't underestimate the fight and strength and humanity you show in your struggle. It will live on forever.
  2. Everybody likes the swag, my friend. Take care.
  3. Not around here much anymore so just seeing this. Thoughts and prayers. Always enjoyed your thoughts in the ACC basketball threads. You were one of the classy, rational Duke fans. Certainly more classy and rational than I was as a UNC fan. Good luck and keep fighting and posting. I think I saw the Go Fund Me link above so I’ll visit that.
  4. Nice! We were looking at Destin but ended up at Duck Key with a Cuthbertson family. 😀
  5. Where in Fla? We were in the keys.
  6. Yeah, getting in late tonight from spring break and then going out with the guys on Friday. Better stay home tomorrow. Will try to find a Monday night game to get together.
  7. Also really like getting Levis more 2nd string snaps with Stevens leaving. Net positive result in my opinion.
  8. Jaws in a landslide. He turned Shaw being a jackass on the set into a perfect chemistry with Scheider and Dreyfuss in the film and more importantly took a malfunctioning, rather fake looking shark and turned it into a monster by showing it less and using musical cues. Just genius directing.
  9. Congrats to the Auburn fans. Amazing shooting night. Hope #5 isn't as badly hurt as it looked.
  10. 4 days at Bellagio. Great time watching basketball. Thursday and Friday didn't seem that crowded but Saturday was insane. Just hard to move in the casinos and on the street. Fun as hell though. If you're a CBB fan, should go for the first weekend at least once in your life.
  11. No ####! I got a Didjits from Burnt Hickory. Love that stuff. Best beer I had was probably the Other Half 5th Anniversary stout. Outstanding.