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  1. Yeah, the way I read it there are three possibilities: 1) He got Covid or not this summer, but when they did the heart scan for myocarditis, he had potential issues so he's sitting out. 2) He got Covid this summer and is scared (not judging at all) so he is sitting out because he's worried about myocarditis. 3) He is just worried in general without having any real heart issue and is using that explanation instead of just opting out. I wouldn't think it would be option 3, but you never know. I would think if he just wanted to opt out, like Parsons, he would just say so. But you never know. Will probably be more obvious when we see if he starts training for the draft before the season is over.
  2. What is it with Penn State running backs and knees? Oh. Wait.
  3. Unless NP is their CEO as well, right?
  4. And now Sanders is out for Thursday so my top two RBs are gone. May not make it through next week even if I survive tonight.
  5. Eh, not super confident. Up 2.5 points with Allen - 20.85, Beasley - 5.2 and ARI - 5.
  6. Just bought a little bit of IPOD.U for fun. Should be either an Apple spinoff or a new storage unit company.
  7. Yes. Rumors that it's a heart thing. I think it's been confirmed that he is not currently practicing.
  8. Love that the guy made the cut last week just because his $2 NYG defense scored 12 points. Awesome.
  9. Other than the max screens/users, sure. It's fantastic.
  10. See for me, a CEO saying they were going to uplist to Nasdaq, doing a 5-1 reverse split, and then getting uplisted to Nasdaq is way more inspiring than a CEO who keeps saying that an uplist is coming. But as they say, your mileage may vary.
  11. HGEN is on Nasdaq if that helps...
  12. We will shun you for breaking with thread traditional definitions.