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  1. I just read your post on Percy Harvin and you basically answered my post in the Assistant Coach forum.  You said a lot of what I am thinking but I wanted to make sure that I wasnt the only one who was thinking like that.


    1. thehoch


      Totally. That's just my opinion. I am not starting him until he has a good game. But I believe he will have every chance. I know guys that were around the NFL....They say he's one of the best pure athletes every in the NFL. He's still young...he's healthy...more mature....He could have 7-9 touches a game....and break one for a TD. He's a stud.

      Good luck in your league!

    2. CaptainJT


      Thanks for your thoughts.  I went for a bike ride to get in some activity before the sun was gone and came to the conclusion that I should drop Jerrick McKinnon for Steve Smith and hold Harvin.  I dont think I will start McKinnon due to having Ajayi (and DWilliams), Booker (and Bibbs) and Ware (and West).  I was pretty much holding McKinnon to keep others from using him but he has been so bad.  I would like to have dropped Snead but I started him Thursday night...

      What do you think about dropping McKinnon? 

      Good luck!