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  1. With Prescott down and out I have Big Ben vs. Cle or Goff @ SF this week...12 team PPR league...AND....Who to dump into my Flex My starters are RBs..sanders and robinson WR..Crowder, mclaurin TE..hooper Flex...godwin(if he plays, hes in) gibson @ NYG, edmonds @ ARZ or akers @ NYG thanks for all the help guys!!!!
  2. Thinking of offering a trade of drake and sanders for jones...ppr league, and that would leave me Robinson, jones, gibson and edmonds..what r your thoughts on offering this? Guy with jones has no other backs but Hines and burkheadif he takes it my team would be prescott, big ben gibson, jones, robinson, edmonds metcalf, godwin, landry, mclauren, crowder, higgins hurst, alie-cox indy butker, blakenship
  3. Robinson with a 30 pts burst...that SOB LOL
  4. 12 team PPR need 1 RB to start out of... K. Drake vs DET J. Robinson vs MIA A. Gibson @ CLE starters are set as prescott, m. sanders, scary terry, metcalf, hurst and godwin bench is landry, goedert, crowder, big ben, edmonds and hopefully(trying to grab from waiver) kelley
  5. Both questions pertain to PPR leagues... question 1 keep k. drake in and hope they play or put in a. gibson? or roll with a combo of 2 out 3 of drake, scott (miles out) gibson or mack question 2 same situation but with k. murray or be safe and play rivers vs JAX
  6. So my draft went as so.... QB murray and rivers RB ekeler, sanders, taylor, dillon, edmonds scott WR golloday, moore, mclaurin, landry, reagor, n. harry TE hurst, cook K butker DEF bills not a bad draft and I think I have pretty good depth
  7. so just to keep everyone updated I had my first draft (not the one we were discussing above) I had 6th pick in a 12 team ppr 2 keeper and this one I kept metcalf(7) and godwin(9)... QB prescott, big ben RB drake, sanders, mack, a gibson, c. edmonds, a. mcfarland WR metcalf, godwin, mclaurin, landry, crowder TE hurst, goedert DEF bears k butker im hoping mack or gibson pan out sooner than later but i guess we'll next draft is this sunday
  8. this logic has me changing my other team keepers also...I was keeping kamara 1 and godwin 9 with the 6th pick but now i think im gonna keep metcalf 7 and godwin 9...and theres only 2 guys with 1st round picks ahead of me...u guys have totally changed my way of thinking...thank you
  9. I feel like after all this I'm going to have to come back to this thread to let u guys know how my draft went..LOL
  10. I "like" moore but im just worried w/ a new QB who could have eyes for someone else and moore doesnt do what he did last year, which he was consistent but not great...i am leaning towards keeping moore and sanders the more i think about it and reload with fresh young talent to pick from for years to come...
  11. very true...ive seen some seriously wacky #### during
  12. ugh...thats a totally good point also...####### fantasy football dilemmas hahahahahaha
  13. not bad...or sanders and ekleler..cuz im not a mixon fan...and moore
  14. 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 FLEX 1 DEF 1 K
  15. d adams belongs to team 1 for a 1st and hill is team 7 for a 1st.. what if I keep sanders and conner???