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  1. so for now i have stafford, kamara, bell, godwin, pascal, kelce, d. montgomery, colts and zuerlein....seems to be a legit starting line...if bell doesnt go i'll throw breida in...
  2. Id go for it...but i like winstons schedule a bit better down the line than brees
  3. I agree...IF u trade mahomes, id rather see a bigger stud than ingram...or someone whose more consistent..other than that id ride w/ mahomes
  4. id go w/ josh allen...
  5. I agree..montgomery is the way to stay the course...
  6. 12 team PPr League...So i've made some trades to shore up my RBs...I'm not sure who to go with this week...Ill give ya my team and who I have AORN in as starters...let me know if you would make sum changes.. QBs stafford/allen RBs Kamara/conner/bell/montgomery/breida/mattison WRs metcalf/godwin/pascal/woods TEs kelce/gesicki As of now I have stafford/kamara/bell/godwin/metcalf/kelce/montgomery i go allen(CLE) over stafford(CHI)...pascal(MIA) over metcalf(49ers) and if conner plays do i sit bell? montgomery?....if you give me your thoughts, leave urs down so i can comment on ur dilemmas THANKS!!!!
  7. I I went after another dog...traded galloday for now my line up is stafford, allen kamara, bell, d. montgomery, sanders, conner, mattison, breida godwin, metcalf, woods kelce, ricky seals NE, Indy slye, zuerlein thinking of maybe throwing out a trade of breida or sanders for sanu or deshaun jackson
  8. i have montgomery and mattison...the lists go straight down
  9. 12 team PPR league..looking to package a trade for jones...want to get your guys thoughts.. my team his team QB - josh allen, stafford brisett, mahomes RB - kamara, conner, breida, m. sanders walton, jones, ingram d. montgomery, mattison WR - golladay, godwin, metcalf, woods m. brown, mclaurin, tate, sutton, m. evans TE - kelce, seals-jones hooper, andrews DEF - NE, Indy 49ers, DET K - zuerlein, slye butker, seibert If its even feasible, give me ur thoughts, thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  10. should I try to maybe target another RB on another team?
  11. 12 team PPR league....need RB help with kamara and conner banged left with edmonds, Montgomery and breida..trying to grab sanders from waivers for edmonds...thinking of offering montgomery and woods for gurley...thoughts??
  12. it seems like kamara may be playing...
  13. 12 team PPR league...looking for flex help..heres my starters... QB..Stafford RB..Conner, Edmonds WR..Golladay, Godwin TE..Kelce Flex.Kamara DEF. NE K..Zuerlein Now, if and I mean if, Kamara doesn't play who will have the higher ceiling... Metcalf @ ATL or Woods vs. CIN thanks for looking and if you leave ur questions, ill take a look and give you my insight as well...
  14. sorry...evan engrams sprained mcl...I just heard evan part on xmas radio as I was getting out of bad
  15. I think Evan's is out for season...