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  1. This will be my first time in a 12 team league ,so my draft strategy im guessing is a bit different from my 10 team 2 keeper ppr league... with my first pick i'm looking at either kamara or mccaffery, i figure i cant go wrong with either...but in the 2nd do i go ahead and nab kelce or kittle if they're there or a top WR/RB? and if barkley isnt pick #1 do I take him as my pick? Thanks for any input and help!!!
  2. keep for as long as I want them at these values...
  3. 10 team PPR 2 keeper league.. Here are my list of potential keepers and the round that I will lose the pick to keep them... Kamara (1st) Conner (15th) Kittle(8th) Thielen(6th) as of right now, I'm thinking kamara and conner...but kittle for conner wouldn't be a stretch, would it?? I have pick #8 in the draft so bottom of the order...
  4. id go mccoy and boyd
  5. I would do it...
  6. 10 team PPR league...starting line up is ROGERS, KAMARA, A. JONES, THIELEN, GORDAN, KITTLE, SAINTS and either MYERS or TUCKER... at flex I'm looking at either ZAY JONES, JUSTIN JACKSON or JOSH REYNOLDS....IF kerryon johnson plays, I will probably start him, but I'm going with the notion that hes NOT gonna play...
  7. so the guy wont budge on adams unless I trade him kamara..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA um no I guess I keep what I have
  8. I think I'm gonna go moore and brown this week and see how Sutton and jones play out in their new roles...
  9. herndon....
  10. HELL NO....conner is defacto stud next year...
  11. Id go for that jones is the clear bell cow runner in GB....he can only go up
  12. kamara...chubb...juju...moore...and golladay
  13. Id stick w/ stafford....dalton is better than any of those 3 so just keep ur fingers crossed that DET turns into a shootout
  14. Id drop him...he has been just so so this season and personally not worth a spot...
  15. kupp...always get you sum of that LAR offense if you can...