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  1. He received a lot of hype going into the season but it hasn’t really materialized yet. I see Patrick playing opposite Sutton on the outside and Hamilton in the slot. Hamilton can play on the outside too but the Broncos don’t really have a slot receiver (maybe Spencer?) so I don’t think Hamilton will get many snaps outside. His strength is his route running and I’m not sure it plays into the strengths of the QBs currently on the roster which seems to be more willing to throw it deep.
  2. Or the guy who just gave up Breida for Thompson to pair him with Williams. Ugh.
  3. Surprised to see Fant go so high and Hockenson so low. Hardman at 2.1 seems very high with Hill back.
  4. I thought the skillset of Flacco/Lock was better suited for a type like Sutton? At least they will throw deep more (and better) than Keenum.
  5. The Lions offered a contract which was lower than what Brown would get if he had signed what the Rams offered initially. It had guaranteed money upfront which is probably why Brown signed. So matching the Lions offer was a nobrainer for the Rams FO. Why the Lions did the Rams this favor I don’t know but maybe they were more interested in CJ Anderson and wanted to force the Rams hand. I don’t think the Rams signing Brown should be seen as a foregone conclusion that he is the man if Gurley goes down because of the contract at least. His skillset is probably more suited for 3 down work, though, compared to Henderson. This coming from a Browns owner btw.
  6. I wasn’t advocating for the Facebook group, quite the opposite actually. But it all depends on the purpose and content of the Facebook group.
  7. I happen to be a member of a van group which started out as a message board and later decided to have a Facebook group as well. The Facebook group seems to have become the main entry point for new users and a lot of information just stay in the group instead of being more easily searchable through the boards. So lots of the same questions popping up about technical issues and diy guides, and the message board just seems much more stale (maybe it always was, lol). Regarding anonymity, if it wasn’t there a lot of people wouldn’t post out of fear of league opponents listening in imo.
  8. Searching for specific things are really hard on Facebook, information gets lost really easily. I come to the message boards for opinions on specific players and I don’t see Facebook groups as a great match there. For news and discussion on recent developments I think Facebook groups fit but I am not a Facebook fan due to privacy concerns. I do use Facebook regularly though (unfortunately).
  9. LG Max Garcia was also lost to IR so the Denver OL is not exactly in great shape either.
  10. In the same situation, starting both, and not feeling particularly confident in that decision. I have a feeling we will se a similar approach as against Houston with more involvement of the TEs to avoid the pass rush.
  11. When I had my concussion, symptoms started 12 hours after the hit. So the answer to that question is I guess so. ?
  12. Stats from this season seem to suggest he does not suffer from drops. I think he was playing hurt last season. I expect him to get 7-8 targets each game. Why give up a first round pick for a decoy? Admittedly a little biased as an owner but I am slightly optimistic.
  13. Wondering what to expect going forward. Was burnt last year by Amari, went back to the well again this year, believing in Gruden's "we will feed him the ball" crap. I noticed one thing in "on the couch" last week and that was the assumption that Cooper had the most success out of the slot. Was wondering where he mostly lined up in his two first seasons where he produced 1000 yards seasons (I don't watch the Raiders much). I remember last year he had most of his success when they would be more creative with him (in motion, working out of the slot, instead of just lining him up outside where he would often face bump coverage disrupting his routes). I took a look at PFF ( but did not see any stats on this. I did notice however that he was targeted much less last season compared to his first two seasons and that his catch percentage was at an all-time low at 50%. This season he's had his best catch percentage of his career (68%) which does give some hope for optimism (depends on whether Dak throws catchable balls I guess) assuming he will see an uptick in targets as well. It seems most likely that Dallas will line him up outside and not in the slot (Beasley seems pretty locked in at that spot) which is a concern. Have no idea how creative they intend to be in their playcalling but this is Ezekiel's team so low volume for passing is probably expected. On that note Dez Bryant had 132 targets last year, if they intend to feed Amari like they did Dez, owners should be very happy.
  14. Starting him over Morris and Drake 0.5PPR but not with a lot of confidence.