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  1. Seems like it was only 4 months ago when you were posting here.

  2. This turned out worse than I thought it would.

  3. Hunny, that was a joke. LOL.

  4. Disagree. You have a random assortment of 100,000 women from a misc. name database and put them in a warehouse and divide them up into groups by their ranking on the scale....most will fall in the 3.5-5.5 range. You'll have more 1's and 2's huddled together than you'll have 9's and 10's.Where do you live that has so many below average looking women? I'm sure location definitely plays a part in how many attractive women are around. But an average 3.5-5.5 seems really low.
  5. We are gonna let this die now.
  6. I agree with this. Bangin' body, but not a pretty face.edit: checking out her other pics, I'll accept the 9. Not sure what throws me about the face in the pic above, but she looks fine in most of the others.You are right. The other pics in her portfolio her face looks better, a little squished, still not the best but with that body I guess a nice is acceptable.
  7. Really? Her face doesnt look good enough for a 9. 8 for sure!
  8. Because Philip Rivers is a #####
  9. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!I am praying for a Malcolm & Brenda alliance. They are both some of the best players in a LONG time.
  10. Asian chick looks like she has horrible skin. The only way she is one of the hotter girls at school is if you are only counting the special ed class.She looks like she has a nice rack but I thought a face was equally important? I would give her a 6.5 but more pictures are needed because webcams are easy to look good on.
  11. I feel bad for Angie, she obviously likes Ron a lot and with all the nice things he did for her its a little bit like he was leading her on. After hes been distant maybe she just stuck around the orgy to try and show Ron she is as cool as his wife.
  12. Me? IKR! It is so hairy.
  13. I was on timeout, but i'm back now.
  14. I'm Canadian I don't have a gun.Literally and metaphorically.