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  1. I have seen Patterson go in many 12 teamer start ups in late 2nd early 3rd. It is reality
  2. Holding out for no IDP
  3. Its a fair offer but Maclin hasnt played in so long I would take my chances on 2.02 and study up the rooks.
  4. Patterson by a landslide. CP and SW will be in the league years after Graham and you get 2 starters vs one in Graham. No way I would want a TE (even a TE1) more than 2 likely WR1s by 2015.
  5. I would be up for this as a member, not commish
  6. Hit you back as well in a PM
  7. Piling on. I would do this trade now. Glad you did that.
  8. Hunter has a make or break year for me this year. If he doesnt get at least 500 yds and 3 TDs with 40 catches and show times of "WOW" I am done with him. (I know those stats are easily achieved but he has to make at least that or forget it)
  9. Julius fo me. Been waiting a few years for this guy to get his chance and last year he proved to me he was worth the wait.
  10. I do NOT want IDP. Been looking on here for weeks. I am interested if you have one. I dont want it to be by a company that does not pay out 100%. Prefer a start up