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  1. I bought some edge shave gel and Shick razors at CVS yesterday and refused having the cashier put it in a plastic bag. Feeling pretty good about myself I get in the car and my blades are sealed in a plastic cover and the inserted into a hard plastic holder. One step forward, two steps back.
  2. There are only about 20-25 regulars in the PSF anyway. The same 5-6 are in every thread so every thread goes into the toilet very fast.
  3. Very troubling to read this to say the least. I pray for Jack and your whole family for the strength to get through this.
  4. There is not much "Rage" in day to day life. I deal with a diverse base of clients in the auto business and never hear anyone talk about the stuff I read here or see on cable news. I was in France for 5 days, and Warsaw for 3 days last month thinking there would be some good USA bashing..never heard a word about anything.
  5. Rivera would not fare well in the PSF. Would be on Tims and JBs list though. “As a Christian, I believe that the Lord gave us the Bible,” he told the newspaper. “The Bible speaks about Israel. Everything — from New Testament, Old Testament — it’s all about Israel and the relationship his people have. So as a Christian, I understand that the chosen people of God is Israel — Jewish Israel. The country was made by him. All the other countries were made by men. This country was built by him for his people.” The New York Yankees legend told the Washington Examiner he became enamored with Israel after making two trips to the country with a church group and friends who are rabbis. “Every time that I go to Israel, it blows my mind,” Rivera said. “I wanted to see more, I wanted to understand more. I wanted to learn more. The Bible comes to life when you’re there.” Rivera was asked whether he was concerned about his stance and whether he had received criticism over it. “If I do, I’m OK with that,” Rivera replied. “I know what I stand for: That will never change.
  6. I have lived in Florida, Texas, and CA, I am sure there are better places but I still like Michigan the best.
  7. Nobody said they are equals, she just runs her mouth and says stupid things and gets media coverage like Trump.
  8. This is her thread. Be it good or bad Cortez is on the new almost every night. Can anyone name the freshman congresswoman from Michigan?
  9. They are both bad, but they both get the most press so it is a very sad state we are in right now. Trump has no idea how to govern and Cortez is like Sarah Palin. They are a perfect storm that meets.
  10. You still remember the happy hour lady slaying before Otis? Not the dad bod Otis.
  11. The problem is that like actors nobody knows the true person only the public person. Kirby Puckett was adored by fans as one of the good guys type of player and we find out he was just not a good person at all. Look at Chris Berman, we all looked at him like the good guy funny man but behind the scenes he is known as a tyrant. So who are these people really? Few of us will ever know.