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  1. I would mourn the same as I did for Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Jose Fernandez, Gerald Ford, Dale Earnhart, or the same as if it were George Bush or Obama..and that would be zero. I mourn for my family, friends and the dogs that I have lost. Never have mourned for a person I have never met or known personally.
  2. It got personal..he thought Tai backstabbed a few times and he was right and he could not let it go and it cost him. Bottom line is the right person won.
  3. Player like Sandra, Cirie and Aubrey are always touted as how long they lasted or in Sandra's case won. These types of players are viewed as non threats while the game is going on. They can`t do anything to really "survive" or win challenges. They are just there and trying not get in peoples way. So week after week players like Malcolm, Ozzie are voted out. My DVR quit recording right at the final vote. What was the final tally count for Sarah and Culpeper?
  4. Just say bashing..Hillary has no idea what trolling means.
  5. No reason to get obsessed about Trump because there is no way he runs again..in fact I really don`t think he wants to be President right now or if he ever really did. I really think Trump wanted to show how bad a candidate Clinton was and give her a good race and then oppose everything like is happening now. So we only have 44 months of Trump remaining. I think he will step down claiming health issues and Pence will take over within a year.
  6. Just had dinner with my BIL who is quite a bit older than me and votes democrat every single election no matter what and rarely talks politics. Said that he just could not or would not vote for Clinton. Did not say much about Trump but thought Clinton was a horrible candidate for the DNC and said he was proven correct. So for the first time in his voting life he did not cast a vote for president. Feel bad to admit I voted for everything except I could not vote for Clinton or Trump so I abstained from the president vote as well.
  7. Caught the last couple minutes on CNN and they were actually complimenting Trump about his trip...is this really true???
  8. Have not followed this so nutshell it...Clintons whack this dude too?
  9. In ground pools are like boats....better to have your best friend own one.
  10. Hillary, Pelosi,Waters and DWS really need to go away so the dems can get a fresh start. These people ever retire??
  11. The show was bad with Foster, Hard to believe it is actually worse without him.
  12. ATT 4 IPhones unlimited data shared plan 125.00 Comcast Internet and Cable package with 2 DVRs but no home phone 135.00
  13. I can`t believe this is still a partisan issue. Both sides should get together and work until a bill that works out best for all is finally put together without the added pork projects that was put into Obamacare. Make it strictly health care and make it totally non-partisan so neither side can claim victory or defeat.