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  1. Not sure about the tequila but you can buy Viagra over the counter there. Makes a nice gift for your buddies.
  2. Collins might have better numbers than Upton had he started 93 games. Upton looks lost.
  3. Well you are about the only one. Even her voters know she is filthy. I am voting Libertarian for the first time as I just can`t vote for Clinton or Trump.
  4. What a mess for Clinton and the country in general. Is it possible she withdraws?
  5. The cop in Miami who shot.....seems like a nice young man.
  6. At least it was not a white cop who shot him.
  7. So basically Ivanka is a better looking Chelsea Clinton?
  8. So what liar should we vote for?
  9. I agree..Trump is sounding like Obama but louder. Like it better when he free wheels.
  10. My original 14 team league that was together for 23 seasons folded last year. At one time we lived in the fall for that league. The last 5-6 years I saw guys losing interest..the banter was way down, there used to be all kinds of trades but hardly anyone was trading of calling to trade or talk trade. The draft that used to be an all day bash went online 5 years ago so nobody got together anymore. Finally 3-4 teams did not want to return so I tried to go with a 10 team league but once a few teams dropped the rest said they were tired of FF and wasting their Sundays and we just folded. I was a little upset at first but actually started enjoying my Sundays doing other things and not tied to my phone and TV all day.
  11. Was made for the college age the kids and they love stuff like this. Love him or hate him Harbaugh in one year has made Michigan relevant again. From 5-7 to 10-3 first season. After the Rich Rod and Hoke era nobody was talking about Michigan football. Harbaughs first recruiting class was top 5 and now you can`t turn on any college football show without them mentioning Harbaugh and Michigan.
  12. Miggy is having a horrible July. One extra base hit and 2 RBIs. Tough to score runs consistently without him driving the ball all over.