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  1. Yesterday I cut the lawn and edged everything was sweating my ### off and going to pound down the 6-8 I had in the garage fridge..just had a water instead thinking I may have a problem.
  2. Of course..if you know any realtors they do not want to lose potential sales...they would sell home to Hitler if he was alive.
  3. How would you act in possible life or death situations? Is it possible you think you are doing the right thing at the time but stress causes you to make a error in judgement. It happens in sports all the time..stress causes mistakes. I never judge the guys out in the streets everyday. Whatever your job is are you concerned you might not return home to your family that night?
  4. OK that is fair... but what if players opposed abortions and decided instead of kneeling they will lay in the fetal position during the anthem, players who want more gun control will lay on their stomachs, players against violence will sit with knees crossed. There will always be a cause. I heard a police office interviewed about this topic and he said "Do you really think during a high speed chase or a possible violent physical confrontation a police office is thinking "Wait..NFL players are kneeling?"
  5. Reading this really hit home for me. I know a family personally that had an adopted child that killed the step dad with a bat, hit his step mom in the head with a bat that left her face damaged, disabled a step sibling with a bat to the head and is now serving life without parole.
  6. I don`t really care for it myself. That being said how do you feel about politics in sports? I would rather have no patriotism and no politics. I just want to watch a dam game.
  7. Why play the anthem before a sporting event anyway? It is a football, basketball or baseball game..that's all. Just a game..
  8. It seems people talk more about the kneelers than what they are protesting about.
  9. I feel for you. I always wanted a Yellow Lab..when I finally got one she lived until almost 14. At the end she was in bad shape and I was going to take her in to get put down..the day before my appointment she collapsed and died in out backyard. So she basically made the decision for me. And I am glad she did because I was struggling with it. I did not want another dog but my wife and daughters came home with an 8 week Yellow Lab pup 2 months later and the love was transferred. You will do the right thing.
  10. I felt the same way when I was forced to wear a tie everyday to work during my first job at Ford. I just wore a shirt and jacket to a sales meeting..my bosses boss told him to fire me if I did not wear a tie to the next one.
  11. I work out 5-6 days a week and eat very healthy. Just had my physical and all my numbers were where they should be and blood pressure perfect. I go weeks without drinking but when I know a good party or bash is coming up I go in planning on getting loaded...it is not like I say I am going to have 1-2 at a wedding and stop..it is well thought our beforehand that I am going to have as many as I want. Don`t think that makes me an alcoholic but maybe be binge drinker.
  12. Who knows..maybe in the beginning. The first few games of the season they were showing all the players who kneeled...After game 8 or so it kinda fizzled out anyway in terms of players kneeling so it was not covered as much.
  13. The players who don`t want to stand can stay in the locker room during then anthem. TV stations can report who is in the locker room and the masses will know who is protesting. Don`t have to be on the field to protest.
  14. There once was a FFA board we all called home. where who is hottest, yoga pants and over 50 milfs did roam. then there was way too much arguing about Trump So a sub forum was created with threads Squistion could bump The who is hottest, milfs and yoga threads were soon to disappear Taken over with threads talking of grills, tacos and beer Members keep talking about what could have been If the potential new buyer was not Joel Osteen
  15. What if you are in the car by yourself..can you sing along to Lil Wayne or Kanye? Or do you sing "I aint saying she a gold digger..but she aint messin with no broke n-word"