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  1. I never talked about the previous health care plan because it was an unknown. Personally my wife is a federal director for the state and she gets the federal health care plan for our family and we also have mine. So health care is not a personal issue for me. Between our two we have almost zero out of pocket for all health care costs. My only beef with the original plan was all the pork jammed in with it. Keep it to health care and health care only. I don`t care about Trump, Obama, Bush, or whatever Presidents personal victories and losses in these bills. Or the dem and GOP battles as they all sicken me. I care about getting a bill passed that is better than what we have and hopefully costs people less.
  2. But that is what we have for the next 4 years. So I am hoping he can make it better for everyone who needs it.
  3. Healthcare should not be a partisan battle to be won or lost. The only losers are the people. It should be something that is looked at, adjusted and tweaked and hopefully improved every two years. The ACA was a start..but now it needs updated to adjust the mistakes made in the original bill. And make health care bills all and only about health care. Get all the pork and special interests that were jammed in the first bill out, regroup and update. Keep the best things about it and try to improve the worst.
  4. It is the lis franc ligament so I doubt he will be the same all year. Give him another year on the cheap right now...
  5. Like NFL drafts you can`t judge them until a couple years down the road. We stay out of major conflicts, the economy grows and the stock market stays high most people will be happy. If not then most people will not be happy. Pretty simple recipe for any presidents success or failure.
  6. Went to Oktoberfest in 1990. I was living in Belgium for 6 months. A guy I worked with from the states and I planned to go..his brother who I never met flies in to visit. The kid is 22, just out of college and thinks he is the shizzle and ready to score some German tail. So we go with a group and of course everybody is hammered and my friends brother is toasted and he latched on to these two big breasted whores and they are all over him and I can tell are playing him like an accordion for free drinks and whatever...we are with another group and he says.."I am going to leave with them..they have an apartment a mile away and I will be back in an hour grinning like a Cheshire cat giving us the thumbs up." Well he was wasted and never returned. So he passes out there from drunkeness.. We did not have cell phones back then so we have no way to get ahold of him or find him. We did not check into our hotel before going so he has no idea where we are staying. When he wakes up in some flop house the girls are gone as well as his wallet, money, credit cards, watch, passport, gold chain everything gone..he does not speak the language and just stumbles out into the street trying to find a cop. We go back to our hotel and in the morning start calling the police stations asking if they found a drunken American and giving them his name..they finally locate him at a station. We did not know he if he got arrested or what..It was like a real life "hangover" We go to pick him up and he looks like a homeless beaten man sitting there with his head down. Now he has no ID, no money, no nothing. First of all we were glad he was OK..then we start laughing our asses off as he is almost crying. That story comes up every time we get together drinking...I love Germany!!
  7. Whatever happened to RN?
  8. Siri says "A man, a fellow" "The man who cuts my lawn is a good hombre" "The man who stole my car is a bad hombre" So I guess you can be a good hombre, or a bad hombre.
  9. Wanted Michigan but think Oregon is a better team. That being said the game was there for Michigan to take. 11-31 from 3 point land hurt. Seemed like Michigan had to work so hard for their points and they would give Oregon easy basket after easy basket. The missed foul shot put back was a killer and was not crazy about the last play to win the game. Michigans offense is all movement and there was no movement at all the last possession.
  10. They were bound to catch up with the rest of the unskilled, uneducated population sooner or later.
  11. Been perfect if Gene Lamont was coaching third giving everybody the green light. Have a bad feeling JD has a date with Liz Frank.
  12. I am sure you have seen pics of Marcus Stromans father at the games the last couple of weeks. The guy looks like a WWF wrestler A very touching video of him talking about his son.  Enjoy..
  13. It does exist....was just on there. Would give you the link but then I would be kicked out.