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  1. Keep driving the bus!!
  2. I have not made any moves. The gains are from our American Funds diversified interests we already had. My wife just said yesterday "Is this for real?" I think Trump is a crazy man..but I am not unhappy with what is going on in the market.
  3. No baseball team ever really quits. Every guy wants to get a hit if they are up by 5 or losing by 5.
  4. You asked about 2009
  5. Actually I bought in 2009. Ford Stock was what fueled my portfolio. I posted it here about being a good opportunity at the time. I used to work at and now sell to Ford and knew by their purchases, cuts and development I was never going to lose much but had plenty to gain. When the stock went down to 2.40 I bought 20.000 shares. When it went further down to under 2.00 I bought another 30,000 more shares. That is not counting the shares I had accrued as part of my bonus program when I worked there. I was very tempted to put half our portfolio into more but my wife is too conservative to risk it. I was going to try and hold out until it hit 15.00 before I sold but when it was holding around 14.50 for awhile I bailed on it. It went up almost 16 after I sold but I was happy with the return. The gains in the last months were from my American Funds portfolio. It was from multiple areas of growth.
  6. I agree with that..but the DOW is the highest of highs now. That sob is going to have me retired 5 years earlier than planned!! I just moved 55K more into safer areas today. My wife and I have both maxed out since we have been married so the gains the last year have been something I never could have imagined. So I have a love hate feeling for Trump. Hate how he runs the country but love the way the market is reacting.
  7. Some FBGs actually sit with the rank and file hobo fans? We never have these problems in the suites.
  8. I played RB and DB in high school..I got hit in the head one time and had double vision in my right eye. The coach said only give me plays up the middle so I would only have to look straight ahead. I had a concussion.
  9. Very stupid move. Don`t know who is advising him but he needs to find better advice. Girlfriend has not helped his cause at all either. About a work stoppage? 60-70% of the players can`t make it through a 2 week strike without a paycheck. Think Antonio Brown is going to give up his million dollar game pay check for Kap??
  10. When you wake up is your first thought "Colin Kaepernick?"
  11. It is not a distraction to me at all. Think Caldwell was getting sick of talking about it instead of the game itself. I don`t care if they sit, kneel, stand or not even play the anthem.
  12. All the Lions players standing again. Jim Caldwell said "The players made their statement" basically said it is time to concentrate on their jobs again. Caldwell is no nonsense in terms of what is priority and as he did say the players had a right to do whatever they wanted there was no need to continue every week and make it a distraction.
  13. NFL players are not the brightest and best. At times they don`t know if they are supposed to kneel, sit or stand. I would take this with a grain of salt and not take them to task as some players said they did not know what was going on.
  14. Just completing the process of the tackle.
  15. Knowing how they are would it not be easier just to say good-bye and avoid all the drama you know will follow if you don`t? My MIL was the same way so taking an extra minute with her saved a week of phone calls back and forth and my wife's sisters getting involved.