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  1. I was just explaining how it works and why it is put in.
  2. I will say this about Bernie, he has the Unions around here all pumped up. If Bernie wins they believe the Unions will rise again across the country and membership will drastically increase. I am OK with that..honest days work, honest days pay.
  3. Not my was the founding fathers of the USA who put it into the constitution.
  4. Well it is about winning states. The electoral college was created to promote fairness from regional perspectives. Individual votes do count, but in a way that is represented by the state you live in. This prevents 2-3 very large states from overwhelming the popular vote count so that a majority of the country can be represented by the government.
  5. Probably not. You would think any plane delivered should come with training for safety. They have to find out if it is a flaw in the system..or because the pilots did not know about or how to use the new system first. Another puzzling event was the day before the crash a pilot who was catching a ride in the jump seat saved the same plane from crashing by disengaging the automated system..why was not that reported. Was it like the piltos saying "Oh..I did not know you could do that?' Or that they did not even know that new system was a part of the software?
  6. This keeps getting worse. Pilot was not trained to fly the 737MAX yet. Very similar to the 737 in terms of flying but had the new automated systems that the flight crew had no idea how to disengage. Horrible. Reported all US pilots had to get training to fly the new MAX with updated systems. ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - The captain of a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight did not get a chance to practice on his airline’s new simulator for the Boeing 737 MAX 8 before he died in a crash with 157 others, a pilot colleague said. Captain Yared Getachew, 29, was due for training at the end of March, his colleague told Reuters, two months after Ethiopian Airlines had received one of the first such simulators being distributed. The March 10 disaster, following another MAX 8 crash in Indonesia in October, has set off one of the biggest inquiries in aviation history, focused on the new automated system and whether crews understood it properly. In both cases, the pilots lost control soon after take-off and fought a losing battle to stop their jets plunging down. The MAX, which came into service two years ago, has a new automated system called MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System). It is meant to prevent loss of lift which can cause an aerodynamic stall sending the plane downwards in an uncontrolled way.
  7. Luzardo already on the shelf for awhile. When he comes back he will probable be on an inning count so I doubt most will not get the production they thought when he was drafted.
  8. Or.... Footballguys Free For All The forum for all non-NFL topics. Most things go, but keep it clean. Be excellent to each other.
  9. You do seem upset that they did not get more money and Goodell-NFL was not proven guilty of collusion but you need to look at Kappys lawyer. If Kappy`s lawyer thought their case was rock solid there is no way they would have settled. Good lawyers know when to fight and when to cut bait, take the offer and run with it. So there had to be a decent chance of losing and getting nothing. Instead Kappy got what he would have been paid as a backup QB the last 2 seasons, Reid got some cash too. So both sides can claim victory.
  10. The first picture or the second one?
  11. I know that Kappy winning was very import am happy for you. Kappy and Reid got a few deserved bucks but the NFL won again..the Anthem issue disappeared, ratings were up, and they shut down a huge problem for pennies on the dollar.
  12. That is from personal talks. My wife works with and we have had long conversations with people from Nigeria..from hearing some of their stories I really have no reason to believe that most of it is not true. My main assertion is that most people really would not care anyway..that the story would not garner enough attention because the masses would just think it is Africans killing Africans...not Muslims killing Christians.
  13. Who cares was 5 million more than he had the day before with no chance of losing. A little bit is better than nada.