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  1. Does not matter what any of us say about who won or lost this debate. The fact is we have two of the most unelectable candidates in history and one of them is going to be the next POTUS and right now is pretty much a dead heat.
  2. Turn out the lights The party's over They say that All good things must end Call it tonight The party's over And tomorrow starts The same old thing again
  3. Holt was terrible..
  4. Hey DD how are the Tigers doing??
  5. So far..,,unless Hillary gets a late round KO. Bills NAFTA deals has hurt Hillary...
  6. Hillary makes Trump likable
  7. If you have watched Clinton during times when you know she is lying and getting pressed she remains calm and deflects about as well as anyone. Clinton has many years of experience in deflecting and redirecting without really saying anything. So I really do not see her getting ruffled.
  8. Economy, that is this debate should focus on. When Barack Obama entered the White House, the U.S. government was 10.6 trillion dollars in debt. Today, the U.S. government is 19.5 trillion in debt, and Obama still has several months to go until the end of his second term. That means that an average of more than 1.1 trillion dollars a year has been added to the national debt during his presidency. We are stealing a tremendous amount of consumption from the future to make the economy look much, much better than it otherwise would be, but we are systematically destroying the future in the process. One thing though it should be entertaining.
  9. No..maybe 2000-18
  10. Jones should be productive but yesterday game was an anomaly. If you watched it is was bizarre and early in the game Jones was basically uncovered a few times for sizable gains. The announcers even said "Do the Packers know Jones is flanked out to the right?? Then the 2 long plays the defender tripped or fell down while getting tangled up. and that happens. Still I think Stafford will give Jones a few deep chances a game and hope for what happened yesterday.
  11. Played in an all day golf outing yesterday so did not see any football or baseball. Looking at the box score it seemed like a tough game to figure out. After Boyd did not make it why did Hardy only go one inning? Seen him go 3-4 at times. Then Sanchez? Pelfrey? Read that Romine laid down a bunt on his own with the bases jammed and none of the runners were expecting it for an easy out at home.
  12. This one hit me a little different. I was in Naples last summer visiting a friend who lives there. There is not much to do in Naples so on Saturday morning my buddy asks if I want to take a drive to Miami and catch a Marlin game. I always love going to different ballparks so of course I say yes. Since nobody goes to these games it was easy to get good seats. So I am watching this young big pitcher who I have no idea who it is and the guy is looking like Roger Clemons in his prime. I say to my friend ...who is this guy? My buddy who is just a casual fan says. I don`t know some young kid from Cuba who has a good arm. I think he only went 6 innings but had 9 Ks and nobody hit the ball hard. Since that day I followed him in the box scores and of course he was only getting better. Don`t know anything about him as a person other than what I read and it all seems very positive...but as a player I am sure if they had a starting pitcher draft every MLB team who take him as their #1 guy and that is saying something. RIP
  13. Drive through an urban area and whenever you see a group of people gathered just start yelling "black lives matter" and maybe pump your fist in the air. They will love the support and thank you.