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  1. The duck contest was good the first couple of years...unless they hang and drop from the rafters there are no more ways to dunk a BB. The whole All-Star weekend is a horrible product.
  2. Now Paul is ripping McCain Rand Paul: “We are very lucky John McCain’s not in charge.” “Everything McCain says should be taken with a grain of salt. John McCain’s the guy who’s advocates for war everywhere,” Paul added that if McCain were “in charge” the country would “be in a perpetual war.” “If you look at the map, there are six different countries where John McCain has advocated for us having boots on the ground,” said Paul.
  3. Is Profar going to be any good?
  4. Add dude and slick to the list. And if you are not in Sydney..mate
  5. 1. MOP-Gold 2.Eminence-Silver 3. Squistion-Bronze..although easily could have been in the gold medal round but had some tough draws. Took out some good competitors along the way. 4. CSTU- Was the favorite until going AWOL
  6. If you go into Playa check out this little bar and taco stand next to Senor Frogs, They have 2 for 1 beers all day and the food is better that Frogs. You can sit outside on the little deck drink beer, have a couple of tacos and people watch.
  7. I was out with two couples just last night who I grew up with and see maybe one a year. They were happier than hell talking away and nobody brought up politics. When I finally did they just said.."We don`t watch any of that BS on TV" "Then the other guys says....the only time I listened to Bush was after 9-11, never listened to Obama and will never listen to Trump. I concentrate on my local city stuff..things that I actually can have a say in. The other stuff is so out of my control that even talking about it wastes my time and energy" The guy owns a small carpet cleaning company and is one of the happiest guys I know.
  8. Keep thinking about how bad a campaign or candidate Clinton was, but Sanders might have won. Democratic states turned on the party and that is where the blame falls. This was an election in my mind that Trump had zero chance. But looking back now who would have beat Trump? Bernie?
  9. Played 9 holes this morning. What a treat...For the first time in my life I played golf in Michigan mid-February. 68 and sunny today and the courses had lots of players.
  10. Been to Orlando probably 20 times for work, my daughters volleyball events and Disney. If I ever go back it will be too soon. There is not much to like about the city and area. Was there last July for a convention..it was 95 and steamy at 7am. Tried to golf around noon but two guys bailed after 9 holes saying they could not take the humidity and heat combo.
  11. After careful scrutinizing..................2 1s breasts jumped out at me and distorted my decision at first glance. 3 is cute, 4 is blonde.
  12. There is at least some good. Just checked my portfolio....dam!