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  1. I have gone over a week with chili many times. Actually tastes better..
  2. Thought trapping was over after the 1800s...
  3. Think Heyward will be opting out of his contract?
  4. I agree on that as there are only a handful of quality QBs now. Just ask the Jets and the Bills as both have been looking for a QB forever.
  5. Have trouble finding people who are drug free with CDLs?
  6. That is true in a way. Also the defenses have evolved, every defense knows what every team is running before they run it. The NFL games is very predictable now. The long vertical pass is going the way of the dinosaur. Now short slants and outs are the staple of all offenses , and occasional attempt at a long pass. Then you have a TV time out commercial, teams scores they go to a commercial, then after the PAT another commercial before kickoff, then another commercial after kickoff. It usually takes around 5-6 minutes after the TD before action is resumed.
  7. Can`t celebrate, can`t hit high, can`t hit low, penalties, reviews, commercials. I went from an NFL junkie to hardly watching at all the last few years. I will watch the Lions for maybe half the game. The others I just check my phone for scores. I do enjoy the playoff games but that's about it.
  8. This was going to be Obamas legacy and while I don`t agree with much Trump says I agree this has been a disaster from the start. If we were going to have Mrs. Clinton as president I wish it was 8 years ago.
  9. Probably have to eat half of it, if that is the case just keep him. Hard to believe but the Tigers would probably have to eat some of Cabrera's contract if teams were interested. Pelfrey. Sanchez and JZ are not tradable due to the contracts.
  10. Kinsler is an All-Star caliber second baseman that has a very good contract as he makes 11 million next season. Realize that Pelfrey will make 8, Sanchez 16, JZ and JUP 20, Kinsler is a steal.
  11. Steelers Ramon Foster says Burficts hit on Bennett was dirty...as dirty as this one??
  12. I would rather day drink and pass on the high carb foods...
  13. Anybody else but Trump running and Clinton may have had to drop out of the race and be replaced with all the corruption leaks. That Mrs. Clinton is going to win is almost incomprehensible to any logical person due to all her baggage. My 2 daughters are voting for the first time ever and they do not like Trump....but they despise Mrs. Clinton and view her as a despicable liar...so both are voting Johnson. Of course Johnson has no chance but if any year a "good" third party candidate had a chance it would have been this year.
  14. The smiling was not a good look for Mrs. Clinton
  15. Thought Mrs. Clinton almost said I want to make America great again in her final statement.