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  1. About a month ago my lawn looked better than it ever has. All of a sudden the last few weeks it is getting brownish dead spots about 2x2 feet in 4-5 areas. I checked for grubs and did not find anything. Fungus??
  2. My daughter senior trip 80 people from our area went to the Barceló near Playa. The pool bar had probably 500 18-20 year kids drinking from whenever they got up until they passed out. Never seen so many kids in a drunken zombie like state walking around throwing up. It had more to do with quantity than quality as they never cut anyone off.
  3. Drink two large cups every morning. Coffee has many health benefits.
  4. Very insidious type of incurable cancer. My friend was young and strong and lasted 6 months with the same type. And only 3 good months as it will rob you of your ability to see, talk and walk.
  5. Seems like the left has evolved into the party of intolerance and hate with an unwillingness to bend at all. It is puzzling as they proclaim to stand for just the opposite. Look what happens on a college campus when an opposing view is scheduled to speak and the response is hate and violence instead of listening and deciding and possibly taking something positive away. If everybody is thinking the same then someone is not thinking. The dems need to move more toward the middle and they would dominate.
  6. I had a bloody band aid in a Subway sub. I took a bite and with the lettuce falling out came a bloody band aid. My wife had a huge live moth in her salad..she thought she was seeing things. The moth was flapping around with Italian dressing on its wings.
  7. Was at Comerica Park on Sunday...Mustard only! At home I will do the diced onions with a little relish and mustard.
  8. The day to day stress is 100% higher though. Not like being a cop in the suburb that I live him where they sit and try to find people running stop signs. A guy in our golf league is a retired Detroit cop and he said stop signs and drunk drivers are the least of their worries.
  9. I think Detroit cops start around 38K a year. Other than the downtown area you are at risk every shift.
  10. Was really surprised by this firing. The Panthers seemed to be following the Patriot mold of building a talented roster by letting guys go a year too early rather than overpay and 3 years too late.
  11. Strange night in my league last night. First of all I got drilled in the back with a ball. Some guy duck hooks it off the tee around some tress where I am getting ready to play my shot. Since he did not see me he never yelled fore. Thankfully I had my back turned and it nailed me in the left lat area. I have never been hit before and I first I thought I was shot by a hunter. Hurt like a #####! When I got home my wife said I had dimple marks from the ball. Have a 4 inch welt there today. Second how would you call this? The guy I am playing is kind of a doosh. He hits his approach shot just short of the green on the apron about 6-8 feet from the hole so he can`t mark it. The ball is puttable so as he is taking his practice putting stroke he hits his ball and it rolls into a crappy area about 5 feet to the side. My playing partner says it is a stroke and he has to play the ball where in now lays in some deeper grass..he says no that he can put it back to where it was without a stroke. I was not sure of the rule so just let him put it back. So he puts it back and ends up draining the putt. I ended up losing the match by one stroke. My partner is mad because he said I should have counted the stroke and made him play from the deeper grass as he would have had to chip it and probably gets a 6 instead of a 4.
  12. Why all the doom and gloom? 6 games with 71 games left to play. Pick up a couple of guys at the deadline and make up just one game a week and we take over the lead in late August and on to the playoffs!! It is over when we say it is over!
  13. Not so sure all of them are looking to slay chicks..
  14. I am a pretty simple guy. My type is a tall lean lady in the 5-8 to 5-10 range, long muscular legs, small tight butt not a quarter horse Kardashian. Nice tight stomach with full perky natural breasts. Has to have perfect white teeth and a great smile. A very non demanding loving personality. Has a nice paying 100K+ a year job but also as a hobby is a gourmet chef and loves to clean the house.
  15. Did hear that his partner was stunned when he opened fire on her. How do you shoot the woman who called in the complaint while she was in her pajamas??