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  1. Yes, but he admitted and apologized for the groping incident and it appears to have gone away. Probably better off just admitting and confronting the situation and having it go away. If he denied it would go on and on.
  2. Only 68? When I looked at him and listened to him speak I always thought he was much older than that. RIP
  3. Bottom line is Cortez can afford to spend $500.00 on a haircut. I really don`t care for her views but it is her money and she can spend it as she sees fit.
  4. Patrick Ewing's comments when the NBA was on strike come to mind. "We may make a lot of money..but we spend a lot of money too!" Cortez makes 175K a year plus expense account. If she wants to spend $500 on a haircut and nails so be it. That is what women in that income bracket do and can easily afford.
  5. That would really piss me off but the tree is now gone so lets work on getting a resolution that you are happy with. The tree company needs to grind the stump down and then replace the tree with another tree of your choosing. Find the biggest fast growing tree at a local nursery that you can and have them plant it. Other choice is that you be compensated monetarily.
  6. I am sick of hearing "We are concerned about Johnsons work load, we need to limit his touches because he gets hurt easily" Johnson injury last year was a fluke like many injuries are. It is the NFL and it happens. Give the guy the dam ball!! Although that dropped pass did hurt.
  7. Lions should have iced this game early. That being said there were 2 missed calls on Flowers and the missed PI on Jones all in crunch time in the 4th quarter. Can`t recover from those. Come on NFL..
  8. Booger McFarland nailed it. Pure robbery. The bad calls need to be reviewed as they are costing teams games. Even though there were 2 horrible calls in the 4th quarter, 3 counting the missed PI on Jones. Stafford was totally off target in the second half.
  9. This is a forum, there are like 20-30 regulars in the PSF so disinformation here would not sway a small town school board vote. Just think of it you are at a family gathering and people are all giving their opinions and none of them mean very much but you want to debate your drunk brother in law endlessly.
  10. This! My wife gets it too. She always tells me the couple times a year I get together with my old buddies and we stand in someone's garage around a keg of beer or an outdoor fire watching football and telling the same stories we have be telling for 25 years..except every year they get a little more embellished that I seem so happy and laughing till I cry sometimes.
  11. Game lasted 4:49 minutes. All the playoff games have been pushing 4 hours as well. After 11 I just have a hard time staying interested.
  12. I knew some guys who I grew up with who were on the wrong side on the grass at 42. Enjoy life!!
  13. Why not just them their own day too? I am always up for another holiday.
  14. Yes and plentiful, one thing you can count on they will never run out of food.
  15. Maybe Shep and Megan Kelly will team up for a news/talk show.