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  1. Start watching your local news, the bias is not there. They cover the same stories, the stories are shorter because they only have an hour before Family Feud starts. And they don`t have a two hours to debate after about if it is right or wrong.
  2. That is why you keep diversifying...I moved some money today to safer areas.
  3. I want to dislike Trump..but every time I check my portfolio since he has been elected I just can`t. The difficult thing now is trying to figure out this surge since he has been elected. I was at a suppliers meeting today that had many top financial execs from the Big 3 and Honda and they seem very positive about Trump and business and they talked glowing about him. Of course all they talk is "business and business futures" and could care less about where people pee, media, leaks and all the other stuff. Trump should concentrate more and that and let all the petty things he gets into go.
  4. Glad you are OK. Any kind of eye injury is pretty scary. People do not realize how dangerous a gym can be.
  5. With no people in the theatre one of the two parties should have just switched seats. In todays day and age why have a conflict when it could have been easily avoided?
  6. Draymond Green will be a kick boxer when his NBA days are over.
  7. It hit me when millions of people follow the Kardashians that something might be a bit off.
  8. By buddy is in Lakeland and says Victor is running around like a spring chicken. Taking balls at 1B.,,doing running and sliding drills. The only guy that concerns me is Zimmerman...since that $$$ could have kept JD and I know that is hindsight. I took Z in the 25th rd of our roto league so hope he rebounds.
  9. Trump was getting 10-15K people at every event in Michigan. Sometime doing 2-3 all over the state. One day late in the election they said almost 40K showed up for 3 of his rallies across the state and he won by 10K votes a very slim margin. Obama came to Michigan late when they was concern it was slipping away but even then did not get the turnouts Trump was getting. So I do think it helped him.
  10. Clinton had his support but he was not pounding the pavement for her......honestly I think they both felt it was not even going to be close.
  11. Sad to say but true is that Trump outworked Clinton the last 90 days. Hit Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and seemed like he was in Michigan every week. The states he needed to win. I know Clinton blamed Obama for not working hard enough for her but she really did not help herself in the swing states. Trump did not waste any time going to California or NY. So there is much blame to be spread around.
  12. Heyward's career season averages .262-15 HRs and 60 RBIs 14 SBs per year, Don`t seem like to would take too much to get back to those numbers. Always been above average on defense but pretty pedestrian on offense.
  13. We are only 4 weeks in. Might be looking at almost 8 more years. This thread eventually may have more posts than Tim.