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  1. That maybe true, but QBs are trained everyday in practice not to throw into double coverage but they still do in games. Many times in stressful (life or death) situations it does not matter how much training you have had.
  2. Every time I have watched O`Donnell he always seems very bitter and angry and on the verge of exploding. It is evident by the staffs reactions they are used to his behavior. Just seemed like another day at the office for them.
  3. I watched the game on the NFL Network yesterday. Romo talks too fast and talks too much. Then when Nance speaks it sounds like he is in slow motion. Romo might be OK eventually but he needs to take a breath, slow down and know when to jump in.
  4. Rookie mistakes...Nantz will get that corrected for sure. Romo jumps in and talks too fast right now.
  5. To each his own I guess but Collinsworth annoys the crap out of me. Romo did well..nice to hear a fresh voice.
  6. Caldwell problems have always been in tight games and managing the game and clock. Lions were in control of this game from the start. If you have a good staff you really don`t have to do much during the game. I was hoping the blue pants would grow on me but they didn't. Like the all white and silver road uniforms better.
  7. I agree but California is only one state. The 3-4 million extra popular votes there are meaningless. One more vote takes the state.
  8. I watched it twice. Seemed like Pelosi is not comfortable with the people she claims to represent. Much easier dictating from the Ivory Tower.
  9. Emmy ratings were at an all time low as well. Maybe people are just not watching as much TV.
  10. Just a push or shove only. Many of these calls are very ticky tacky on returns.
  11. To improve scoring and field position I think players should be able to block from behind on kickoffs and punts. Not a destroy type block but just a push or shove works well from behind to open return lanes. Seems like every good return is flagged for a block from behind.
  12. I have found checking scores and updates on my phone more interesting than the games itself. Although Fantasy helped more people become more interested it also is killing the actual viewing as it is more fun to watch the box scores and stats pile up on your phone. The people my daughters age all play FF but hardly ever watch the actual games.
  13. ESPN is bleeding money. Given their past history they should have suspended her right away. Hill is one of the many dime a dozen hosts that ESPN has. To not at least suspend her is puzzling.
  14. Can`t remember. It was not called "wasted votes" but that was the topic of the show. It had already started when I tuned in. And it was before the election not after.