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  1. Was hoping the Lions would "grab Butt" in the 4th when he was still there.
  2. Might have been as good off just low balling Cutler on a redone deal.
  3. Ausmus needs to just move people around. Forget about egos..V-Mart needs to be out of the 4 spot and dropped to 6th or 7th. Keep thinking he is going to heat up but unlike the past he is now missing fastballs and his swing and miss rate has to be at a career high for him. Plus the rare times he is on base he won`t even try to go from first to third or from second to home on a base hit. When Miggy comes back they need to separate them to try and keep the bases unclogged.
  4. Davie seems like a need and safe pick. Thought Foster might be the guy here but Davis seems like a good fit.
  5. Kid Rock grew up in a wealthy family, his dad is a millionaire in his own right...successful car dealerships in Metro Detroit. Kid Rock ghetto home he grew up in.
  6. It is always revolving. It has to or people would never buy new clothes and change style. A couple years ago 75% of men probably did not own a pair of brown shoes let alone wear them with a blue or black suit. A few years back everybody was laughing at double breasted suits but now they are hot again. In a couple of years I will be looking at pictures of me in a too short skinny suit and saying "Did I really wear that"
  7. With all the analytics in football the early round draft bust ratio is still quite high. In the NFL a players analytics go out the window after his bell is rung and he has a face transplant with turf.
  8. If you purchased a steak for 100.00 and it was the worst steak you ever had, you hated it but would you keep eating it because of the price you paid? That's where the Tigers are with Sanchez. I was all for giving him another shot in hopes he could regain something of what he had but it has been a long time since he has been effective. 20 runs in 14 inning this season..HR derby every time he is out there. Time to DFA him. Go with a younger arm that at least might have upside. What concerns me more though is I hope Zimmerman is not going down the same path. Other than that the team just needs to keep wining series and hope Miggy and JD come back 100%. JUP is heating up and could be in for a nice season. Catchers are on fire.
  9. At the Michigan Costcos you do not need a coupon. If you buy the products that are on sale you are automatically given the sale price without asking.
  10. I guess we will have less restaurants to choose from.
  11. Was there last year for business. The Hyatt told me when going out not to wear any rings or jewelry, to take my phone out as little as possible and do not leave it on a table or bar when eating or drinking, not to flash cash, only carry 1 credit card if possible and try to stay in the main areas. I did and had no problems. Was at this nice outdoor café and bar and the local women either sit on the their purse or it is tucked between their legs under the table. So they know the program.
  12. I can`t even stand watching the ESPN highlights anymore. I guess they feel the need to pump in more music while showing great plays. Would rather just see the plays described. "Get off my lawn!!"
  13. Smith is much better than Hill.
  14. Have a double language major..ebonics and pig latin.
  15. Since I lost my range finder I used the free Golflogix App on my IPhone yesterday. Actually liked it much better than my Bushnell that I lost. Was worried about battery consumption but had a full charge when I started and 80% after 9 holes. Shot a 42 after taking a snowman on an easy par 4 first hole. Rough was brutal and just kept chopping my way to the hole.