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  1. Blue Jays long time SS Tony Fernandez dead at 57. RIP
  2. Just glanced at this really quick and thought it read "My wife blew Brad Pitt"
  3. There are like what maybe 25-30 regulars in the PSF? Nobody is going to convince or change anyone's minds here on anything.
  4. Quickie, been at 2-3 events that Bill Laimbeer was at. If you hated him as a basketball player don`t judge, because you would hate him more in person. Total DB. Vinnie "The Mircrowave" Johnson on the other had was the best ever.
  5. Search function must not be working. I keep looking for the Hayley Stevens thread. The freshman congress person from my district.
  6. That is funny. Probably in the early 2000s I was at Joe Louis Arena before a game. I was waiting for the elevator to take me up the Ford Motor suite area. It was just me and when the door of the elevator opened Gordie Howe Mr. Hockey is standing in the elevator by himself going up. I was a little shocked and was just staring and he said "Are you going up?" I get in and just say. "Hi Mr. Howe" He smiled and said hello we shook hands and that was it. We just stood next to each other silent until we arrived at the top floor. Again this was before IPhones.
  7. Sat at the same table with Bob Seger at a wedding. We were in the seats right next to each other. Segers wife was in the wedding so he was basically by himself. We talked all night as he sipped jack on the rocks. Way before Iphones. My buddies wife and Segers second wife grew up together so at the wedding my buddy said I will sit Bob at your table. When I tell this story I always said around 10pm Bob grabbed the mike from the DJ and screamed "Just take those old records off the shelf" People say "really he sang?" I just laugh and say hell no.
  8. Moring and before I go to bed. I always rinse my mouth out with water after I eat during the day and can`t brush. Floss is always in my car just in case.
  9. No young child should be left unattended with any type of dog. Even though they may be friendly they are animals. Problem today is many pet owners treat their dogs like humans and believe the dog has the same though process and that could not be farther from the truth.
  10. Who knows what will happen. The only thing we do know if Dantone stayed on things were only going to get worse. Tucker took the $$$$ so good for him as I would do the same. The BIG east is very tough so at least he is going to get paid just like Harbaugh. Although I doubt either one is going to overtake OSU for awhile, and Penn State is not going away.
  11. It appears from reports yesterday on the Valenti show is Dantone wanted to coach this year and then name his successor. When he found out MSU was starting a search on their own for a year down the road he abruptly quit. Like "Screw you" to MSU. The puzzling thing though is why would MSU give him a job at 1 million a year to hang around and do nothing?
  12. Wondering what kind of career Kareem Jabbar would have if he was just coming into the league now. Jabbar did not run the court well and had no outside shot. NBA teams on offense do not want the middle clogged up anymore. The Piston could not give away 7ft Andre Drummond who plays an old style game.
  13. I laughed when I read this because even though she is friendly with everyone without a doubt I am her person. My daughters get so mad they are always saying "You didn`t even want her, now she only sits by you!" But then again I am the one who walks her everyday.