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  1. Of course..but the human element will not let that happen.
  2. Since I am in the business before the auto show this year they showed clips on how driverless cars will make traffic flow smoother. For example when there is a lane closure.,,instead of having trucks block cars for miles, or cars having to get in a new lane 3 miles early, or trying to cut in last second and cause road rage. These cars will all stay in the lanes they are in until the closing approaches ..then in order every other vehicle will slide in orderly fashion to the open lane. It was cool to watch and it kept traffic moving and nobody get pissed off because you are not gaining or losing time.
  3. I usually get an e-mail from Groupon at least every other day. Check my deals of the deal e-mail and they have "Generic Viagra and Cialis" on sale on Groupon now. 10 Viagra for 60.00 bucks. WTH??
  4. That is like being the All-Time hits leader in Japanese Baseball. Try going head to head with the big boys in the majors like Tim.
  5. It is very sad...but they are in for a huge payday. IMO this will be settled fast and out of court to prevent negative publicity.
  6. You are right..lets get it started. What race were the cops? Why do cops carry guns in the first place? There should be stricter gun control laws...effing Trump!
  7. Unless the cops are running for mayor..why is this in the political forum?
  8. I accepted that the hard way. Just did not know it at the time. Grew up in Detroit in a low income but hard working family. We all made it out because of our parents. I played every sport in HS and told my dad I could not work..he found me a job making pizzas on Sat and Sun. My dad passed when I was 18,,when I got my first job out of college at Ford my mom said I made more in the first year than my dad made in his last five. Broke my heart because he worked 12 hours a day. Life is not fair...because my dad worked way harder than most but without education.
  9. Who was that that Philly body slammed Strawberry?
  10. That was pitcher Dave Rozema....he ran out of the dugout and tried to karate kick someone and tore his knee up.
  11. Just watched that one again. This was a great brawl..not like the pansies of today.   Larry Herndon was kicking ###..Richie Hebner decked a guy. Sparky got knocked down.
  12. Redheads always seem to fall to the second rd.
  13. But you can`t bench 300 like us FBGs!
  14. Ebron deleted a bunch of stuff..just immature things like arguing with fans when he had a bad game.