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  1. I read the average age in Michigan was 76. I guess it is smart that Biden is not going out into public, at 78 he would be toast if he got COVID-19. The elderly just have a difficult time recovering from this virus.
  2. As Joe Biden would say "Come on man" There are only about 25-50 regulars in the PSF. think about it..if you are worried what a handful of people on either side gets upset up everyone needs to take a deep breath because it really does not matter what is posted her in the big picture. I see all these posts where everyone is really upset and I bet they can`t wait until they get up in the morning to battle again. We have some posters here who average 60-70 posts a day in the PSF..really? Yes really. Whatever any of us think is right or wrong is all out of our control and has been for a long time. Memorial Day weekend coming up..hope everyone can enjoy soime time with you families as it allowed and try to enjoy life. As we see now it is sacred.
  3. Looks like Amy Klobuchar is the PSF nominee for VP.
  4. If you are going there Then scratch Abrams off the VP list. VP will stand for #vice-plumper.
  5. The draft choice incentive is dead in the water and will not happen. That was never going to happen. Like anything ask for more than what you want then settle for what you wanted in the first place. Team owners did agree to expand the interview process to more candidates. That is a good thing.
  6. Off topic but I have over 200 CDs that I have not listened to in years, Are they worth anything?
  7. Still want to try one. Both Popeyes that I drive by have been closed down by the health department multiple times for sanitary violations so I think I will wait awhile.
  8. Many Sheriffs in Michigan have disregarded Whitmer's orders to ticket people $1000.00 for violating her stay at home orders. One sheriff said it is crazy that you can go into a crowded grocery store yet we are supposed to ticket people who are gathering in small groups, social distancing and being careful. Whitmer shut down a Michigan barber who was cutting hair while he and his client both wore masks, and took away his barber license. The Barber said on TV to a reporter that he will continue until if and when he is arrested and said right in the camera. "I am open for safe business"
  9. As Joe Biden would say "Come on man" no fried chicken sandwich is worth a 45 minute wait.
  10. I agree. Both parties have no room to talk. I can`t even keep up with Russia-Gate, Obama-Gate, unmasking, Trump-Ukraine, Flynn, Biden-Reade, it is exhausting. I have pretty much zero faith in both parties.
  11. I know, but this is the Joe Biden sex assault thread. There are a couple thousand pages on Trump
  12. Squis please, it would not matter to you if Joe was caught in the act with his pants down.
  13. We can bash Trump in his own thread. This is "The Joe Biden sexual assault thread" I think Biden did something but at this point it really does not matter, no Dems are going to go after Biden, #METOO has been dismantled, I will vote for Biden but please lets not have any party act like they have character or are morally superior. That does not exist and quite frankly never did, it is an illusion. Also keep Joe in his basement, I think he is much better off there instead of hitting the road and giving the other side ammo.
  14. Can the editing get any more predictable? When they showed Tony stumbling and bumbling trying to make fire my wife said. "Well we know now that Tony will win the fire challenge"