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  1. Stafford did miss a sure TD in the end zone by a wide margin. Was watching the game with friends and we all said ADP is probably still better than half the backs in the league. I wanted them to lose going in but when the game is going I want them to win! I want to watch the Lions win. Sad thing abou the Lions is their best players are usually the K and P.
  2. Since I am not a Cowboy fan I really don`t care if they win or lose. I wil take a 42-37 with 3-400 yard passing and 3-4 TDs loss everyday over a 17-13 win with low numbers. I had Romo is his heyday as well. Would love it when I saw Dallas was losing 21-7 in the first half knowing Romo would have to throw it 40-50 times. Matt Stafford was the same in his best years. Lions were always losing so he compiled lots of stats. These types of qBs are great for your FF team. As far as getting your real NFL to the SuperBowl not so sure.
  3. Dak is the new king of garbage time points. Love it.
  4. TJ is just OK. As a 2-3 rd pick he is good. As 7th overall not a good pick as he nowhere near Kelse, Kittle, Gronk in his prime.
  5. Watched some interviews today and it seems ACB is very well respected and her past is cleaner than a hounds tooth.
  6. Watch the documentary Social Dilemma on Netflix. The people who created the software for Twitter and FB are now sickened at how they operate.
  7. I wil never forget our first summer in the home we still live in. My kids were young and we did not know anyone. There was a young man around 20 who would walk his black Lab pup by our home and my kids would pet the dog and he was the nicest kid. About a month passes and I see 2-3 police cars and an ambulance down the street at his parents home. They are there well over an hour, then a coroners van pulls over and I am thinking this is bad. Find out the young man went upstairs and shot himself in the head, left no note, no nothing. Over the years we became friends with his mom and dad who were 20 years older than us. The mom is the most gentle, kind person. One day we were talking and she brouhgt it up as her son would have been in his 40s now and she wondered if he would have been married and had children and how his life would have turned out. I just listened because I had no idea what even to begin to say. Then she said it has been over 20 years and not one single day goes past without us askling why? Why did he do this? She said every night when she goes to bed that is what she and her husband thinks about. The fact that they stayed in the home makes me wonder if that was the right decision as I would move right away. The tragic thing is for the person who does this act their pain ends, but the lifelong pain for the loved ones they leave behind just begins. So sad for all involved.
  8. You really need to watch the documentary Social Dilemma. Actually thought of you while watching it.
  9. Just watched it..YIKES! Anyone and everyone who uses any social media should watch it. When I posted about the Russian KBG agent who talked about ideological subversion 30 years ago. we are at that point right now..and when he said nobody will know and it is almost irreversable it is frightening the mind control FB, Twitter and Instagram have on society.
  10. I have friends that live on Long Lake there and my uncle lives on Elk Lake so we go there 3-4 times a year. My buddys son used to bartend at the top of the Park place in the piano bar. Stumbled out of that place many a time. 4 finger pours.
  11. Will be in Traverse next Fri-Sat-Sun and Monday.
  12. It was sent to are correct it was 2 weeks ago and it might be closer now as James has been pounding the airwaves with ads the last week. Should go down to the wire.