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  1. Diving for the football?? It was a kneel down without a fumble. Bennett was frustrated and made a dirty play.
  2. 10 years ago my wife inherited 125K from her rich aunt. We had no idea how the money was coming or how much it was going to be. We were told that the aunt had left her niece some funds that would be arriving shortly. We get a check in the mail in a regular envelope from her aunts checking account and a regular check in my wife's name. When we went to deposit it our Comerica Bank who knows us personally they said Whoa....we need to make sure this all above board. The check cleared in a few days but the executor was an idiot. Cant see any bank cashing a 825K check for anyone without doing their research.
  3. One positive is my daughter went out to dinner in Detroit on Tuesday. They decided to go to the Piston game. Ended up buying 2 lower level seats for 10.00 dollars each. Then ended up in the second row behind the basket because LCA was empty. She sais the scalper were chasing them and under cutting each other by the minute.
  4. Right now for the Bandon trip we have 8 confirmed golfers and it might get to 12 before all is said and done.. I have played some really nice course and just go to have a good time but looking the Bandon courses online I am really excited. Played Arcadia Bluffs in Frankfort MI last fall. By the hole. Went when the rates dropped it and was spectacular. Highly recommend for anyone who gets to Michigan. My friend just retired and bought a new RV. Arcadia is about 3 1/2 hours from SE Michigan. The guy had one of his friends drive us so he could get loaded. Teed off at 11am and played 27 holes. Grabbed a bite to eat and drank all the way home in his RV. Arrived home around 11pm exhausted and pretty blasted but it was a great day.
  5. Cornball Griffin still looking for work.
  6. It is how the game has evolved. If you are a strong player you are ousted by the weaker players. In a real life Survivor it would be the exact opposite.
  7. If they don`t oust Chrissy she will win as she has made the most moves and then won a challenge when needed. Ben seems to be despised by everyone so I don`t think he will have a good chance in the final three. Devon seems likes a dumb ###
  8. Good one year deal for the Angels..Kinsler still can play. I loved watching him in Detroit. The guy comes to play everyday and is still a high end defender. Still think he will get back to the 280 range with 20-25 HRs.
  9. Not making it up @Koya..Griffin wants a shot. Was on ESPN yesterday..doing local sports radio bits
  10. Griffin lobbying the Eagles.
  11. Off-season workouts, X-Season, and all year practice. Not like brining in a QB off the street like Robert Griffin who would need to learn all the playbook and terminology.
  12. Giants are terrible against the pass. Will Pederson continue to try and run his high octane offense is the question. I thin he has to..Foles is not a rookie and has been in the system.
  13. I missed all the news yesterday. So now there is going to be an investigation of the investigation? Lawyers are cleaning up...Zow you are in the wrong town.
  14. We put a rule in only 2 WW moves per week because of moves like this. If you want to block with your 2 moves that is fine.