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  1. Yes, would have to be. Does not look that tall though. Does not matter as it still would be a tough task.
  2. Hell No, and much has to do with your build as well. Perfect Chins ups are much harder than pushups. We used to have chin contests at the gym I trained. How many chins you could do in 15 minutes. I have always weighed 210-215. First set I could do do around 15, second, 12, third 8, then 5-6 tops. The guys who weigh 150-160 were cranking out 20, then dropping off 1-2 per set. The lighter guys seemed to fare better in the pushups as well.
  3. Saw this older couple going into the supermarket yesterday and they both had full blown gas masks on. Must have bought them at an army surplus store.
  4. No joking. I am friends with a few guys who are police officers in different communities. They said overall crime calls are way down but domestic issues calls are way up. My good friend who has been married and travels for business all the time told me the other night he is not sure he loves his wife anymore. This is the most time they have ever spent alone together since they have been married. Said he can`t stand her nit picking everything.
  5. Egg Roll in a bowl recipe. There are a number of vids on this. I just picked this one as a guide. I used half ground pork, half ground turkey. I sautéed the meat in fresh ginger and garlic and use sesame oil at the end. Used lite soy sauce and added cabbage mix at the end as I wanted it more crunchy.
  6. Made egg roll in a bowl last night. Was not expecting more than a healthy meal that was filler. It turned out one of the best one pot meals I have ever had.
  7. Twitter always has a way to come back and bite you in the ###. "Do not judge lest ye be judged"
  8. It always has been. Not the people but the government. As I have stated from being there the people in China are for the most part uniformed because of censure and have no idea what is going on. A Chinese friend who I work with still thinks much of the Chinese population has no idea about Wuhan or how bad it is there ,or how it started there and has been transmitted around the globe now. In some ways many areas of China are not much different than N Korea in terms of public knowledge of what goes on.
  9. My dad could fix anything, but he passed away when I was young so I never really got to learn how to fix stuff from him. My mom said everything my uncle fixed was half assed so I did not want to learn from him. I was OK at trial and error, but YouTube has made me an above average fixer upper. I am much better at visual instruction than reading instructions.
  10. has good videos that cover most models.
  11. The Bucs skill position players are superior to NEs. The Pats with Brady might have been a 9-7 team. Unless BB is really a true Guru 6-10 might be the ceiling this year. They have nobody on offense.
  12. OK my daughter has a Jeep that she leased. The 24 month deal is up today. The dealer she leased it from and was going to turn it in at is closed until at least the 15th and now probably longer. The last 3 days she has tried to contact Ally Financial by phone. Ally keeps saying the wait will be a long time and then after 15 minutes or so a recording comes on and says due to extremely high call volumes and understaffing we can`t take your call and to try back later. My daughter e-mailed customer service with no response as of yet. What is the play here as my daughter is a little concerned? There is nowhere to take the Jeep as everyone is closed and no response from Ally finance.