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  1. Jags are a mess. Still. They should have have used their money to get some O-line help instead of Ivory. Then Yeldon would be doing well, Bortles wouldn't be under constant duress and they'd likely be 2-1. It isn't sexy, but the game is won and lost in the trenches.
  2. Jenkins and Misi got hurt during the game. Hewitt should have a role this week if you need a guy as bye weeks begin.
  3. Dowell Logains needs to go. I said it way earlier in this thread. He is not a good coordinator and he is stunting the growth of the offense since White and company will have to learn a whole new system next year. Even if they were to change it now, it is still a lost year for White and company. The only hope is that White gains some of his physicallity and speed back this year by being healthy all year, and Howard continues to show what a good RB he is (solid, has good size and bursts through the hole). The bottom line here is the Bears have no vision or passion. I have come to expect that since an accountant, in Mr. Phillips, is running this team. I have ranted on hm before, and any Bears fan knows he is a HUGE problem. How an accountant decides who is going to be the GM and/or coach on a sports team is beyond me. The Bears will regret the day they didn't pull a Tampa Bay Bucs move and fire Foxxy for Gase (similar to Lovie for Koetter). Foxy is fine, but they had the future in the building, and similar to Arians, they let him get away. In sports, and any competitive environment, you must be bold if you want to win. The Bears don't have that in their blood, or at least Phillips doesn't. I like Pace too, but I fear he/we are going to be running in circles here for the next 2-3 years.
  4. Honestly, I don't see why this guy isn't playing in the mold of the LB/S used on many NFL teams. SDC needs a bit more toughness on their defense and he is the answer. I hope he gets a shot with the injuries they now have at the position. If he does, I think he'll be there to stay.
  5. Lol Right on que, strip sack.
  6. He hasn't really done anything. I know it's early, but maybe these injuries have taken their toll.
  7. Yesterday was an improvement, but there is a long way to go. I am sad to see some of my thoughts on the problems we would have this year showed up so quickly. Problem 1: Dowell Loggains. Honestly, we are not going to significantly improve until this guy is gone. I am not sure how we believe that a guy who could't hack it in Tennessee and Cleveland is the answer. And, if we know he isn't the answer, why we are wasting our time here before Jay/White/ect learn a whole new playbook. It was clear that Houston figured us out within one half of football (which is an issue), and that we had no counter punch (which is an issue). Some guys are just position coaches, not coordinators. Problem 2: Houston figured us out n a half, and White still hasn't figured out the playbook or his position. I understand he is not going to be a perfect player here after last season, but he is still running the wrong routes and could't even line up properly during the 2 minute drill (which is generally a substantially shorter amount of plays and responsibilities). I really am beginning to question his acumen for the position and the game. Fingers crossed on this one. Hope this improves. I have a lot more hope in item #2, than #1. I feel like we are just wasting our time with this coordinator.
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    This should be helpful for the IDP users and getting your teams to highlight for IDP. I generally use Safari on my Mac. If you are using that is has limited capabilities for some reason. Move over to Google Chrome and you should have your MyFBG read like it used to. Best of luck to all involved with this roll out. Staff and users alike. We're in this together. Hopefully it proves to be worth it.
  9. Love the moves. This is a real win for us. Still really worried about our offensive coordinator though. Fingers crossed on his ability to call a game and game plan. The pre-season left a lot to be desired.
  10. Papa John's

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    Yup. Having difficulty with my IDP too. The worst.
  11. Vigil has been on PUP the entire off season. With a new coaching staff, he still has a lot to prove.
  12. Length and speed in the mold of the SEA DB's. Played in CFL for a while and won defensive awards there. He is more talented than any S on their roster, and brings the lumber.
  13. Matt Judon, BAL DE (rookie) - He may be redesigned to a LB, but the kid has been a monster all pre-season. Get him now while he is cheap.