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  1. They had credited him with a tackle then took it away 20 mins later... I read he had 5 qb hurries. Goff wasnt holding onto the ball very long.
  2. What should be expected of Kirksey when he returns? LB2 or LB3?
  3. What do we think of his dynasty value?
  4. buster05

    JJ Watt

    I over paid to get him, at best a 2.05 this year and next year my 1st and 2nd. which unless I have injuries will be a 1.08 and 2.08 at best. 10 team. this year will be the first time didnt make the championship game in 5 years.
  5. buster05

    JJ Watt

    What are future expectations for JJ. Is there hope for 100% recovery? Im looking to target him in a trade and wondered how others viewed him going forward.
  6. i cant find the last two weeks, am i missing something?
  7. who takes over the middle if the suspension stands? Bruce Carter? Lansanah?