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  1. They had credited him with a tackle then took it away 20 mins later... I read he had 5 qb hurries. Goff wasnt holding onto the ball very long.
  2. What should be expected of Kirksey when he returns? LB2 or LB3?
  3. buster05

    JJ Watt

    I over paid to get him, at best a 2.05 this year and next year my 1st and 2nd. which unless I have injuries will be a 1.08 and 2.08 at best. 10 team. this year will be the first time didnt make the championship game in 5 years.
  4. buster05

    JJ Watt

    What are future expectations for JJ. Is there hope for 100% recovery? Im looking to target him in a trade and wondered how others viewed him going forward.