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  1. What do we think of his dynasty value?
  2. I over paid to get him, at best a 2.05 this year and next year my 1st and 2nd. which unless I have injuries will be a 1.08 and 2.08 at best. 10 team. this year will be the first time didnt make the championship game in 5 years.
  3. What are future expectations for JJ. Is there hope for 100% recovery? Im looking to target him in a trade and wondered how others viewed him going forward.
  4. i cant find the last two weeks, am i missing something?
  5. The Texans left tackle is a stud. Jones couldn't get around him all game.
  6. who takes over the middle if the suspension stands? Bruce Carter? Lansanah?
  7. What can we expect out of him the rest of the season?
  8. Not smart on my part but I traded for him the week Kendricks took over the starting job. Needless to say he hasnt been productive since. Is Kendricks that much better?
  9. I love what I've seen from Tuitt, but I can't see dropping Everson Griffen (I assume that's who you're referring to). Don't you have someone else you can drop if you really want to see where this Tuitt story goes? Griffen is a proven stud. Tuitt has shown well for a quarter of a season (3 weeks, really, as his week 1 was underwhelming).Curious to know his week 1 snap count54 out of 60 89% of the snaps
  10. Is this a sell high situation? What kind of LB could Tuitt fetch?
  11. Who is the better dynasty hold? Nathan Stupar or Allen Bradford?
  12. What are your thoughts on Sio Moore long-term? Is he worth storing away for dynasty leagues? Will he have any use this year?
  13. Depends on league settings and scoring. I'm in about 5-6 IDPs, but most are fairly balanced/big scoring. I'd insta-accept Watt for Charles in every league except for one that really devalues DEF players. In several of my leagues, he would be the consensus 1.01 player taken if a redraft happened. std scoring on offense besides 4 pts for tds. Defense .5 half tackle 1 solo. forced fumble 2 recovery 2 int 2 sack 3
  14. I am seriously contemplating trading Jamaal Charles for Mr Watt. Am I crazy? At RB I have Ellington ARI Peterston MIN Crowell CLE Michael SEA Murray OAK Davis KC Jennings NYG. I am fairly deep at DL Quinn STL Jones NE and Hardy ???. Watt is such a difference maker at the DL slot.
  15. Same story on Demontre Moore, he isnt getting the snaps. Not sure if Pierre Paul leaving after this year opens a spot for him or not.