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  1. Is it windy or something there?
  2. True but he really hasn't looked good for a few weeks. Last week it was disguised by his 2 tds. Being td dependent scares me. Barely seeing screen passes to him too
  3. I don't know if it injuries to the line or Spencer ware himself, but he really looking hard to trust for those who make it to week 15
  4. 1pt ppr. Which TE would you play: ladarius geeen, pitta, or ebron thanks
  5. I can live with flacco going off on my bench than tom brady
  6. No way I would bench him this week. I'm looking ahead to week 15 against broncos in Denver
  7. This was exactly my thinking but I still think I'm gonna roll with brady instead of overthinking this. I remember being in this same scenario years ago with brady, benched him against #1 defense (Steelers at the time), and he went OFF
  8. For anyone looking at week 15, are you playing brady @ broncos? Could be tough decision
  9. Wack
  10. Sucks. Messed up but that madden curse is real man
  11. watch this play be a handoff to hightower
  12. It truly doesn't make sense how much they love Hightower. Payton seems like the type that if you say something he doesn't like he'll hold it against u for life
  13. Hey bloom. PPR league: would you trade gio Bernard for booker? I can start 3 rbs (I already have david Johnson, Spencer ware, and mark Ingram) thanks
  14. Yeah I'm almost in the same boat as u (8th pick) and I'm not taking the chance of him not clearing waivers. Unless you're stacked at rb there's no one else you'll be able to pick up to replace ware's production if he goes down. If I didn't own Ware then I wouldn't use a waiver pick on him
  15. I really wish the saints lost Sunday. I was checking the plays for their last 2 games, when did Hightower fumble on Sunday? And didn't Ingram have a fumble week 7 that cost them the game against chiefs?