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  1. Guess it's time to panic over jordy. Rodgers is varelt even looking at him
  2. Who would u rather have as a back up TE to Martellus Bennett in 1 point pot league, Hunter Henry or Tyler Eifert? Thanks
  3. buffalo will lose
  4. I was looking to use the Jets week 8 against the browns.....doesn't look like a safe bet anymore
  5. If Kessler is playing I'm staying away from Tennessee. Browns are playing better than their record shows for the majority of games. Playing against a mediocre team....anything goes
  6. Every single one of ur picks almost seem like coin flips. I'll be too much of a nervous reck picking them
  7. Wow I remember this with the bengals being historically terrible prime time. Since the Dolphins are involved I'm avoiding at all costs. Pretty sure I'm rolling with Washington this week
  8. Never picking Miami in a survivor again. They're officially on the Jets, Falcons level on teams u can never trust no matter which way u take them. Many of us got lucky today and week 1
  9. I have Miami picked but to be honest I don't know if I'm sticking with it. I remember last year (around this time) when Miami was a sure bet to win and they lost. Might change my pick to Dallas.
  10. Hi Which injured running back do you think is a better stash (specifically ppr league): kenneth Dixon or dion Lewis thanks
  11. Does the Vikings consider McKinnon as their future rb? If so this is the perfect time to fully unleash him, right?
  12. For owners that have people like Jamaal Charles and Freeman, do u try to trade for Ingram? could be a decent buy low depending on ur situation
  13. The weekend I drop McKinnon too ?
  14. This thread has been amazing all year. If the Seahawks win it all I hope he's MVP lol
  15. Is miller out of the game or the Dolphins don't want to win this game?