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  1. With at least 3 of those drops going right between his hands. I think they want to feed the ball as much as they can though. But on the Goaline they're going to crabtree
  2. Who are you realistically trying to trade him for? Doubt we'll be able to get anyone we really want
  3. Would you drop marshawn lynch in ppr for dion Lewis or Corey Davis in ppr? hes untradeable
  4. I'm 100% selling Cooper after this week. Mans definitely dropping lynch lol
  5. Who would u try to trade for?
  6. Now it's time to convince myself that benching Cooper this week was a good choice lol
  7. I'm so happy they gave him the td. Cooper needed that
  8. Cooper looked nervous as hell making that catch lol
  9. If he doesn't go at least 5/50 tonight he's being dropped. This is do or die for the team
  10. If lynch doesn't get at least 20 carries and Cooper doesn't go for at least 5/50 tonight then they're both being dropped.
  11. I hope so man. Right now he has me starting Greg kittle over him in my flex
  12. What I've been noticing this year is that the only really beneficiaries of weaker defenses have been the other backs and cordarrelle Patterson getting the tds from from gadget plays and dump offs.
  13. Will they ever give him the 20+ carries he's supposed to be getting? In ppr he pretty much has to be droppable, right?
  14. I'm pretty sure he's ready to be dropped in redraft. Not seeing any progression in his play and Carr keeps trying feed it to him. It's hard to justify keeping him on ur bench and missing out on potential waiver wire gems. At this point I'll probably rather have Corey Davis than him
  15. I want to go atlanta if they're completely healthy but might just go Denver. Atlanta is one of those teams that love to disappoint (win or lose). If I don't pick them this week I'll probably never pick them later unless I have to