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  1. This thread has been amazing all year. If the Seahawks win it all I hope he's MVP lol
  2. Is miller out of the game or the Dolphins don't want to win this game?
  3. I would not go with Atlanta. That fraud team can obviously not be trusted. I'm debating on colts, jags, and Browns. I really don't trust brown's at all, I somewhat think the colt will do enough to beat Tampa, and I think the jags have enough of an offense to beat an injured chargers team that is traveling to the east coast and playing a 1pm est game. For me it's a coin toss between colts and jags
  4. He put up really good numbers overall last night. Don't feel bad at all
  5. Did everyone get knocked out last weekend? Lol
  6. I doubt anything changes. Amendola is an Edelman clone. And with Lafell stretching the field, more of what we've seen for the first 9 games. Both are small, quick, good route runners and have great hands. I think the pats system tends to churn out a lot of players who seem better than they really are. Not saying Edelman isn't a true talent, but he wouldn't be a world buster on a lot of other teams. All you have to see is how Brady used Amendola on the game winning drive last Sunday. Three quick hitters. Just like he always does with Edelman. They'll be fine. Just wait.Like woodhead......
  7. I honestly think most people are overlooking amendola and are expecting way too much if they think he's taking Edelman's role. I've never seen tge pats just replace an injured player's role with "the next man up." Amendola already has his own role in the offense, if we want to believe it or not. I think the most drastic stat bump will be keahawn Martin.....going from nothing, to something when healthy
  8. Crowder without hesitation Why not shorts over crowder?
  9. How would you rank these qbs the rest of the season (6pt passing tds) Brian Hoyer Derrick Carr Tyron Taylor Tony Romo Thanks
  10. They were using gray too much in the game the first half. That one series from Miller where he scored is where most of his production/points came from. I'm still optimistic on him tho
  11. How would you rank these 3 rbs for the rest of the season (PPR): David Johnson, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Ronnie Hilman Thanks
  12. Jet homer... I see it as a committe between Ridley and Powell (Powell has same role healthy). Don't know who's going to have more fantasy relevance tho
  13. Might as well take a risk on him and drop players like Sproles or the Broncos running backs (especially PPR). The fact that the colts' running game is doing well and Bradshaw is great at pass protection...he can't produce worse than any of the "scrubs" already on ur team
  14. I was just about to say that. And they didn't reset the clock