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  1. When you’re up by 20 with Melvin Gordon playing, but your opponent has Connor 😔😔
  2. Hey bloom. 1pt ppr....need 1 rb gurley (CJ Anderson if gurley is out) or jamaal williams? thanks
  3. Hey bloom. Min a 6pt td qb league, would you bench Aaron Rodgers for Andrew luck (and if ty hilton is out)?
  4. Even while limping defenders could barely catch him. He got in a limited practice yesterday, Watkins is out again, and he’s brought me this far into the playoffs by doing his job most of the season.....:I’m only benching him if he doesn’t play
  5. If hill doesn’t get a full practice this week but is active are y’all starting him?
  6. Can’t believe they didn’t reverse that fumble
  7. Gotta say titans have to be the most bipolar team I’ve seen in a very long time
  8. Is MVS hurt or Is he a known factor now?
  9. Mike McCarthy please get fired by the 4th qtr
  10. Is he playing or is he out with an injury? Not watching just looking for updates
  11. Keeping my fingers crossed that that first packers touchdown gets corrected into a passing touchdown
  12. Edelman a non factor now after that dropped pass?
  13. 1pt ppr Is Derrick Henry worth dropping in a redraft short bench league
  14. What’s up bloom....which tightens should I start in 1pt ppr: Jared cook, ebron, or ASJ? thanks