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  1. Makes sense. I generally use Footballcalculator ADP in the offseason. I think it more accurately reflects the leagues I play in. I also had it set to non-ppr, which drastically changes Hilton's ADP. I'm still in offseason form.
  2. I'm surprised that Hilton is going higher than many names on that list. I was hoping coming off a injury plagued down year he would be a bargain. I'd take half that list over him and add AJ Brown, Ridley, Woods, Sutton. WR is crazy deep this year. Value is going to be the way to go.
  3. The Ravens had a black gm for about 30 years. Can they retroactively get some draft picks please?
  4. I don't view him as a great redraft play this year but he's certainly a great dynasty asset
  5. Yeah its strange to me that people see Foles as having a better track record than Winston or Dalton. If your criteria is one great postseason, I think Flacco is also looking for a team.
  6. I also think NO was just a bad fit for AP. There are timeshares and there are the rotations the saints do which is a whole other level. Here are the carry break downs for the 4 games AP was with the saints: Game 1: Ingram - 6 / AP - 6 / Kamara - 7 Game 2: Ingram -14/ AP - 4 / Kamara - 5 Game 3: Ingram - 14 / AP - 9 / Kamara - 2 Game 4: Ingram - 8 / AP - 8 / Kamara - 1 There just wasn't room for him and they took away Kamara's production trying to make room for him. It made sense for everyone when they moved him.
  7. Id argue Rivers has never looked good. That ugly throwing motion just always got the job done
  8. As someone who defended Jason Campbell constantly, if Haskins upside is better Campbell, things are looking bleak.
  9. Fournette gets labeled as a malcontent but it really seems like the culture in Jax was pretty toxic. He is hardly the only one that complained about that coaching staff. They also fined him $99,000 for sitting on the bench when he was inactive? A fine he appealed and won. Coughlin was heavy handed in trying to bring his culture there and alienated the locker room. The reports were that Fournette really focused this past offseason in his training and it resulted in probably his best year. I do think Fournette is overrated and when even elite RBs are replaceable, it would be irresponsible for a team to pay big money for him. I just think that says more about the value of a RB than Fournette's attitude.
  10. Honestly, the problem is there should have been more unanimous winners. You have one or two voters being contrarian for no reason. Did Tom Brady really deserve one vote in 2013 when Manning threw for 5,477/55?
  11. As a Chark owner, i'd be worried about Minshew. Charks stats fell off sharply toward the end of the year when defenses started figuring Minshew out. Chark didn't score or break 100 yards in the final 5 games. I know its trendy to hate on Cam, but if he is healthy I think he is a clear upgrade for the Jags and their fantasy assets.
  12. I was just pointing out someone using Baltimore and Philly being an example of close cities when Phily isn't even the closest NFL team to Baltimore. They do feel like very different markets though.
  13. The counter argument to this is that the Browns offense was pretty bad last year mostly due to their offensive line and coaching. This year they brought in Conklin and hopefully will have a better offensive system with Stefanski. Chubb went 1494/8 in his second year and his situation improved. I think his adp makes sense to me.
  14. Teams can't give him a physical right? Due to Covid? I expect him to go unsigned until that all settles down. Am I wrong on that?