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  1. Now I'm going to take us off topic but I don't know if that's how I view players with top 5 adp. My expectation is less "this guy is a lock for top 3", its more "this guy isn't Joe Mixon, he's not going to kill my team". The old adage, you can't win in the first round but you can lose. If we all knew for certain that Mack and Carson had a floor of top 10, they would have gone back of first round.
  2. To be fair, its what really matters. Zekes gonna be a top 10 guy. Dak and the rest of the offense is going to determine if he's a league winning top 3 guy
  3. How bad is this offense? I didn't get a chance to watch any of it but Goff's stats are shocking. Is this even an offense you want pieces of anymore?
  4. I don't know if you have watched MM recently. Dak isn't worth big money but Mariota was probably the worst starter in the league week 1.
  5. I picked him up for cheap. Hoping he shows something with Gurley out. If not I'll probably cut bait and move on.
  6. Letting the saints take him out of the game was a big contribution in the saint's victory. Sometimes you have to force it to your best players.
  7. The problem is that i think this production is a result of burkhead being out the past two weeks. When he's back, who knows
  8. Brandon Williams was a last minute inactive and apparently they can't stop the run without him.
  9. I love these takes. Designing plays to get one of your best playmakers the ball in space is done to "make him happy".
  10. Hard to do much as a wr when your qb throws for 100 yards and turns the ball over 3 times
  11. Even when he's healthy, the only reliable player in this offense is Mahomes. He's too good at spreading the ball around. I don't even feel good about Hill coming back. Watkins is never going to be a consistent fantasy player here.
  12. In dynasty hes a must add. Clear path to carries in what should be a good offense
  13. Going back and forth between him and Sony Michel. Not a big fan of either option.