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  1. Is he still looking at a suspension even if someone picks him up or is that over?
  2. It's interesting to think Steelers down year was ONLY because of injuries. I expected JuJu and Connor to be disappointments even before Ben went down. People really expect JuJu and Connor to just put up Brown/Bell stats when I think this whole offense struggles even with Ben.
  3. Its unreal how much he was set up to fail. Not only was he a first time HC but he didn't even have a full year as a OC. He only called plays for the second half of the season when Haley got fired. He was basically learning how to run an offense while being HC with a young QB. Management doomed him.
  4. I think they need both teams to lose to clinch #1 seed but 1 team to lose to clinch first round bye.
  5. Still having a better year than beckham
  6. GMs and Coaches are suckers for QBs that have the physical tools but can't read defenses. Examples, Winston, Bortles, Jake Locker, every QB Elway has ever drafted, etc.
  7. That's the question, is Arians going away? I feel like hes going to have a long leash, especially if they go with a young qb next year to replace Winston.
  8. This team has two problems. The Oline is bad and the play calling refuses to accept that the Oline is bad.
  9. This thread is telling me Mecole Hardman is undervalued. He's played limited snaps and was considered a raw rookie and produced 450/5. I think its unlikely Watkins is back next year with his 21 mil cap number and Demarcus is a FA. He's got a good chance of being the WR2 for Mahomes very soon.
  10. Sony is what we know he is. Hes TD and matchup dependent. Everyone should have expected a bad day here
  11. What's the standard for putting someone on IR? I don't really understand how a team can IR a player that is fit to play 2 weeks later. Is there no standard due to the understanding that the team loses that player for a year?
  12. He's locked into my lineup while Theilen is out, maybe longer.
  13. Had a bad drop or two but he looks great after the catch
  14. It's a combination of the bad play calling and Baker being terrible. People keep saying Eli was terrible but look at Barkley struggling with his new QB.