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  1. Hopefully it lowers his price. I think Mack beats out Ajayi even if Ajayi stays healthy.
  2. I agree, just hope he can stay healhy
  3. This is a pretty good list. I'm not sure I agree with all the players but the one thing does tell me is that Amari Cooper is probably going to be way overvalued next year
  4. By what standard has Reid not been good recently. Win their division three years in a row with double digit wins and he just lost in the AFCC. What is good recently?
  5. Ravens should swap him for Flacco. Both teams dump assets everyone knows they want to get rid of.
  6. This is the right take. Veterans got screwed because they immediately became too expensive. I always wondered what would happen if players who had more years in the league, a certain percentage didn't count toward their cap. For example, If you have been in the league for 8 years, only 80% of your guaranteed money counts toward the cap. So teams could exceed the cap by signing vets. Seems like a win for players as older players can earn more without being too expensive.
  7. This was a great call. On a related note, this was a pretty amazing draft class. That first round was stacked with the exception of the two players the Browns picked that are both out of the league.
  8. Predictable play calling leads to running back struggling in game against good rush defense. Your conclusion: Carson is bad.
  9. Smart Raven's fans knew he was a project QB and had low expectations for him this year. I wouldn't have been surprised if he sat this whole season and I'm pleasantly surprised with some of what he achieved. People are really quick to write off the youngest ever QB to start a playoff game. People compare him to Kaep which I think is a really bad comparison. Kaep couldn't read defenses. He often was a one read or run qb. Jackson by all accounts is great at reading defenses but struggles fitting the ball into small windows or even hitting open players. As a passer he's more like Teddy Bridgewater, where you aren't sure he can make all the throws so you have to simplify the passing offense, not because he doesn't understand it but because he can't make the throws Rodgers/Mahonnes can make. He's kinda a unique player. What if Christen Ponder was the fastest player on the field? Smart decisions but bad mechanics and accuracy. I guess we will see if they can fix his throwing motions in the offseason.
  10. It would be hard for me to be excited about NYJ. I know Darnold looks like the real deal but am I wrong in thinking that the Jets are bottom 5 in roster talent in the league? And the GM who created that team is still around, so improvement is unlikely.
  11. I think there is no way Foles gets that much. Cousins was overpaid to save a franchise, they let 3 qbs walk to sign Cousins. Foles will get signed as a stopgap while a team reaches on a project.
  12. I'm not a big Cousin's fan. I think he's certainly overrated (at least before this year) and overpaid. That said, I believe he can be a productive QB in an offense that caters to his strengths. This offense maybe did the opposite. Also, I know this season will be rightfully considered a failure, but if you look at their losses, they had a rough schedule. Here are their 7 losses: Bears x2, Pats, Seahawks, Saints, Rams and Bills. Other than the Bills game, every other loss is to a 10+ win playoff team.
  13. The problem with the vikings is that Zimmer has decided they are going to be a defense first, run game focused offense and their line just cant do it. He's going to hammer that square peg into a round hole until they either get a top 5 oline or he's fired. Most likely the defense falls apart before they fix the offense and he's fired.
  14. Is there a team that seems more at war with its own players? This Fournette drama, Ramsey making statements about how he won't be here in a few years, them benching Bortles when Kessler is clearly worse. Ironically it feels like the Mcadoo giants, where the talented roster was destroyed by toxic, inept coaching.