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  1. Rams? You know Andrews had a better rookie year than Howard on a team that threw the ball only when absolutely forced too?
  2. Man, I want to play in the leagues you play in. DJ was in possibly the worst case scenario last year and still had a respectable finish. ARZ had 24 offensive touchdowns last year and DJ still had 10. Outside of injury, I can't see how he doesn't improve. It doesn't matter how bad this new offense is, it really can't be worse than last year.
  3. Curious to know why you're down on Mack. I have the first overall pick and I am strongly considering going triple rb by taking two of Freeman, Fournette, Chubb, Jones, Mack at the turn depending on who falls. All these guys are in the same tier to me While they all have strengths and weaknesses, they are relatively interchangeable.
  4. Is there evidence of this or are you just speculating. Didn't Reid win the power struggle with Dorsey and install one of his guys as GM?
  5. Nobody seriously considers Flacco a HOFer
  6. This is a great post by someone who actually understands the ravens defense more than "they lost a bunch of players". The Ravens defense strength last year was their secondary that might have been best in the league. Now they replaced Weedle (3 pd, 0 int) with Thomas, the best safety on the market. Smith is just another in a long list of Ravens roleplayers that shined in a contract year and got overpaid in FA. I do think it is fitting that the Lamar Jackson thread has turned into a "how good are the Ravens" thread because his ability to improve as a passer is going to determine if this is a playoff team. This team's defense will get it 6 or 7 wins, and they need Jackson to improve to go higher than that. I also think it hasn't been mentioned enough that Air Marty is being replaced with Greg Roman, an OC who has had great success with running QBs in the past. Marty was never a great fit and I think it was a great decision to move on and promote Roman. Here is a recent and relevant tweet from Evan Silva about Roman being the OC for Kaep and Tyrod Taylor's best years. Isn't the groupthink on this board that "Lamar is bad and can't get better?"
  7. @BUF @MIA @CIN CIN NYJ ARZ SF You think they drop 2 of these games where they will be likely favorites and also lose every other game. That's a bold stance.
  8. It's a little crazy that Baltimore is in this discussion. It's not like Flacco has been more than an average QB for his career and with him Harbaugh has had one losing season in 11 years. The defense is probably enough to get them to 7 wins. Vegas has their win line at 8.5 which is in the top half of the league. The Dolphins are the clear answer, which is by design. They are following the Browns blueprint and have no real desire to be competitive this year. The Cards and Raiders will also be terrible.
  9. To be fair the skins didn't really have QBs last year either. They finished the season with a guy who hadn't played since 2013. I don't think Floyd has anything left but no one would have succeeded in that situation. They only had one WR break 500 yards.
  10. Hopefully it lowers his price. I think Mack beats out Ajayi even if Ajayi stays healthy.
  11. I agree, just hope he can stay healhy
  12. This is a pretty good list. I'm not sure I agree with all the players but the one thing does tell me is that Amari Cooper is probably going to be way overvalued next year
  13. By what standard has Reid not been good recently. Win their division three years in a row with double digit wins and he just lost in the AFCC. What is good recently?
  14. Ravens should swap him for Flacco. Both teams dump assets everyone knows they want to get rid of.