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  1. Firing Nolan is the first step, and it certainly won't make the team worse.
  2. He did have a drop or two but the majority of it was Minshew missing him. Minshew looked bad.
  3. We have only a small sample size for this year but here are Ben's attempts per game this year and in JuJu's two good years 2017: 37.4 2018: 42.18 (Career High for Ben by a lot) 2020: 33 Ben's yards per game are also down. They just aren't throwing the ball as much as peak JuJu years and he's the one suffering. He still leads the team in targets but that is largely due to Johnson missing time. I think the biggest glaring number is his yards/reception. 2017: 15.8 2018: 12.8 2020: 8.4 (!!) That is a huge drop-off. His ADOT so far in 2020 is down to 4.7 from 8.8 in 2018 and 9.7 in 2019. I haven't watched a ton of Steelers games this year but why are they not targeting him deep? Is he not getting YAC? Either way, I would be looking to sell on the name. If the Steelers are ok with him being the underneath move the chains guy while Johnson and Claypool get the more valuable targets, he's not going to return draft value this year.
  4. Why would they trade him. They want to win this year. I don't see them making moves to make their team worse. If they let him walk the probably get whatever in comp picks they would get if he was traded. Obviously if someone wants to give a high pick for him, they take that. Seems unlikely though.
  5. They have only played one game against their terrible division. They also have winnable games against min and cin. Cowboys will probably win more than 4 games
  6. Just need this guy to get healthy. I'm worried he is going to keep coming back not 100% and reinjuring himself. Not looking forward to that repeating all season.
  7. I got him for Mckinnon and Gaskin from a guy in my league that needed wins and RBs desperately. I think he sees a strong second half and he has some great matchups remaining this year.
  8. All Dallas pass catching options are overvalued right now because how bad the D has been and Dak's production due to gamescripts. Even if Dak is healthy and resigns, both not certain, this team will likely get better on defense and pass less.
  9. The play calling has been baffling. Ignoring Chark is a big part of that.
  10. He had 3 targets on the first drive and then something like 2 more the rest of the game. Matt Ryan looked terrible and basically gave up trying to get him the ball.
  11. I don't watch a ton of falcons games but I didn't think Ridley was just a deep ball guy. Is his usage tonight typical?
  12. This team wants a timeshare. It was true with Mack and it is true after Mack got hurt.