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  1. Good call with the Storm Johnson pick ha. As for Seastrunk, Not sure how appealing he is in Washington but thats like most RB's this year with their situations, just an blah feeling with most of them. Re-united with RGIII though so I'm sure he knows how to use him.
  2. *Repost. This one got lost in the thread (no replies), thought I'd bring it back up because of Forte discussions. 10 team 2QB 3WR 3RB 2TE 1RB/WR Team A trades: Forte/4.02 Team B trades: Blackmon/2.01/2015 1st (likely late) A is rebuilding with 10 picks this year and 3 1sts next year so far
  3. Check our eyes? Our eyes watching him play is exactly what made people believe he was the real deal. It wasn't until the slow 40 (the numbers) where the masses started doubting him. Before I started really diving into the RB's I had assumed I would have Carey at the top, but he is easily top10 in my mind (I have him at 6). I can see him being anywhere between #4-#9 on boards but outside the top10 tells me that you're relying too much on the bad showing at the combine/pro day and not on what he proved on the field. The guy can play. Great mid round RB for teams.
  4. Every team that I have tried dealing him to is not on board with Mathews being "legit" or they just have too many concerns that they don't want to take on. Mathews is that guy that has a very small market for. Some people just don't want him as a piece to their team. I have a feeling that he is that player that I will have to hold for his entire career because other owners just want nothing to do with him. I'll gladly take that production as my RB2.
  5. 10 team 2QB 3WR 3RB 2TE 1RB/WR Team A trades: Forte/4.02 Team B trades: Blackmon/2.01/2015 1st (likely late) I am team A and my window will open in the next year or two to contend. I have racked up 10 picks in the top 30 this year and 3 2015 1st's which is my last phase of my rebuild.
  6. As much as I like Beckham, I am also a Steelers fan and I would not be happy if they went that route. I think Beckham could do well in Pittsburgh as a player but we need secondary help bad and a tall target not another sub 6foot guy with electric play-making.
  7. I have him rated as my WR4 in my rankings and I don't see that changing regardless of draft spot. This guy is a great athlete with a great skill set that will translate to the NFL pretty well. I can see his career as something similar to Stevie Johnson, by repeating 1000 yd seasons with 6-8 TD's per year. He is very fluid and knows how to get open, intelligent guy with an incredible work ethic, I can't see him as a "failure." His ceiling however is not as high as others. If he can bulk up a little and improve quickness a little he can be an elite asset for a NFL squad but without doing that, his ceiling may be capped at around 1200/10.
  8. I'm not sure he's going to make my cuts after my rookie draft (we swell our rosters by 4 until early September). He hasn't progressed the way I would have expected. 1 league I have him as WR9 with only 1 draft pick so I have the space. The other I have him as WR6 but I'm in rebuild and have lots of "no talent" to drop for my picks. I basically have the room to wait, hope, and see.
  9. This is the last year I'll be holding (if I even hold for the entire year) for him to prove he's worth it. Make or break year in my mind.
  10. 10 team 2QB/3WR/3RB/2TE/1Flex .5PPR Team A traded: 2.06 Team B traded: 2.10 & 3.10
  11. Definitely has the attitude and work ethic to do it. I find it a rarity where small school prospects become long term starters so my expectations are tempered because of that, but I do like almost everything about him.
  12. Beckham is Sammy but an inch and a half shorter and has quicker feet/cutting ability.
  13. WOOHOO!!! Everyone get hyped now, so we can be disappointed later.
  14. The problem with him is the small school and level of competition he played. I think the hype is already getting a little out of control for him though. Could he be that next Zac Stacy type of player? Sure but there's also 10 other guys you could name that might be the same. 3rd-4th round rookie pick for me unless his situation is that enticing.
  15. I just rewatched some of his tape and I got the feeling I was watching Johnny Manziel run around. He looks like he flails around a lot, similar to Johnny and it has gotten me a little concerned. Anyway just curious if others got that impression as well.