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  1. Matt Waldman thinks that he is the most talented RB in this draft.... I think he is clearly at the top in the "most talented" category, but now that he's signed with the Browns there seems to be plenty of competition that he could be irrelevant for 2-3 years. Unless he pulls a Da'Rick Rogers and gets cut and signed a couple more times to a team with less competition, he's going to be hard pressed for playing time. Not going to be a high rookie pick I'm betting, even though the talent is there.
  2. Too unknown what team he may sign with as a UDFA so I just left him off. I do like him though. Jennings? He is a 29 year old journey man who showed to be serviceable... Williams has everything he needs to be the RB1
  3. During the NFL draft I was getting bored so as each one came off the board I filled in their position and the team they went to and came up with initial rankings with tiers for both WR and RB. This will probably change a lot by the time I'm ready to begin drafting people in my leagues but here they are. Based on landing spot and appeal (in my mind obviously). Top 15 WR's T1: Watkins Evans T2: Matthews Beckham Lee T3: Robinson Cooks Benjamin T4: Moncrief Bryant Latimer Landry T5: Adams Abbrederis Janis top 15 RB's T1: Sankey Hyde Mason T2: West Seastrunk Carey Johnson T3: Sims Hill A. Williams McKinnon Freeman T4: Archer Grice White There's 1 guy who will probably rise a lot by the time I finish but I just put him with someone who is similar and that is Andre Williams. I can see him sneaking into my top 5-7 there. He arguably has the best landing spot of any RB taken so he could be a late riser in rookie drafts.
  4. Good call with the Storm Johnson pick ha. As for Seastrunk, Not sure how appealing he is in Washington but thats like most RB's this year with their situations, just an blah feeling with most of them. Re-united with RGIII though so I'm sure he knows how to use him.
  5. Only 1 QB in that draft, that is a shocker to me. You would think Bridgewater or Bortles would have gone by now as well. I would love it if that's how my draft goes down for where I'm positioned.
  6. *Repost. This one got lost in the thread (no replies), thought I'd bring it back up because of Forte discussions. 10 team 2QB 3WR 3RB 2TE 1RB/WR Team A trades: Forte/4.02 Team B trades: Blackmon/2.01/2015 1st (likely late) A is rebuilding with 10 picks this year and 3 1sts next year so far
  7. Check our eyes? Our eyes watching him play is exactly what made people believe he was the real deal. It wasn't until the slow 40 (the numbers) where the masses started doubting him. Before I started really diving into the RB's I had assumed I would have Carey at the top, but he is easily top10 in my mind (I have him at 6). I can see him being anywhere between #4-#9 on boards but outside the top10 tells me that you're relying too much on the bad showing at the combine/pro day and not on what he proved on the field. The guy can play. Great mid round RB for teams.
  8. Personal preference in my mind. Hunter or Austin. I agree that Givens is probably worthless. Hunter has the body type and Austin has the quicks, depends on which you like.
  9. I am not a huge Ellington supporter but he showed really well last year and there is an argument to be made that his value > Lynch due to a couple of reasons. Sure Lynch is the very "proven" commodity, but its widely considered he may be cut next year for his age 29 season. I don't expect him to be back in Seattle and Ellington, although may only be a change of pace back, he will still command 200+ touches a year. I would rather have the younger RB in this case. I don't like Wilson as well
  10. Agreed. Throwing the 1st on top of Pitta is too high a price especially for a guy that disappoints year after year (Maclin). I like Pitta this year and I'm a big proponent of gaining future picks so I wouldn't give that up either.
  11. Rookie TE's generally don't do much, so in all likelihood you will still be searching for TE through 2014 season. I would probably take the deal and look elsewhere to fill my roster holes.
  12. Every team that I have tried dealing him to is not on board with Mathews being "legit" or they just have too many concerns that they don't want to take on. Mathews is that guy that has a very small market for. Some people just don't want him as a piece to their team. I have a feeling that he is that player that I will have to hold for his entire career because other owners just want nothing to do with him. I'll gladly take that production as my RB2.
  13. Having a target in mind this early makes very little sense to me. You're in a position right now with those 1sts to dictate how you want to play it. Figure out your draft board then when your draft comes along, draft whoever is there at those spots. If you have someone ranked higher than the current pick trade in for that player if you can. It's not good to go into the draft knowing what you may do because you tend to miss out on a lot of opportunities that way. If you are in a true rebuild then keep the picks and build from there with that as your foundation and keep being active to gain more picks in the future. If it's a semi-rebuild and you have some nice pieces I may try to pawn a couple of those off for some veterans.
  14. I prefer Cruz side, but I could see the other side if you are high on Gerhart
  15. 10 team 2QB 3WR 3RB 2TE 1RB/WR Team A trades: Forte/4.02 Team B trades: Blackmon/2.01/2015 1st (likely late) I am team A and my window will open in the next year or two to contend. I have racked up 10 picks in the top 30 this year and 3 2015 1st's which is my last phase of my rebuild.