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  1. Of course. Our planner ran simulations estimating our ages out to 99 for her and 96 for me. I've looked at FireCalc running us both out to 100 and assuming 70% of SS. We're comfortable with the estimated spending rate. I'm also pretty sure there's no way I'm living to 96 since I only had one grandparent make it into their 80s. We opted for conservative planning and assumed we'd stop working altogether even though that's highly unlikely.
  2. We’re quitting our jobs next year. Not necessarily retiring but we’ll find something we want to do vs. what we have to do.
  3. Me (45): $614,662.31 Her (49): $655,899.92 I haven't added it up but combined we also have another $50K+ in our HSAs. In addition, our non-retirement accounts total $903,167.61.
  4. It works great in between the frequent updates and random blue screens of death for “uncorrectable error”.
  5. I was wrong once. I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right. I haven’t made that mistake again.
  6. My dad just went to his 55th class reunion. I'm not sure how many people attended but no more than 80% because the other 20% are dead.
  7. I use 4%. I’d rather be conservative when it comes to planning for retirement income.
  8. This is copied from Vanguard’s site regarding JTWROS: A form of account registration in which two or more individuals share an undivided interest in an account. In the event of one tenant's death, the surviving tenant (or tenants) automatically inherits the property without the necessity of court proceedings. it must make it easier for the surviving spouse.
  9. My wife and I have a joint account with rights of survivorship. If either of us die, the other still controls the account.
  10. Broken nose and left orbit when I was 16. I have a titanium plate in my face and a plastic plate under my left eye socket.
  11. One of the things about golf that I find fascinating is that two players of different skill levels can shoot the same score and have wildly different reactions. I can shoot 80 and it would be a career low. I’d be ecstatic. Someone else could shoot 80 and throw all of their clubs in a lake. It’s just you against the course - and your own expectations.
  12. After reading this thread, I just have to say that my wife is awesome and I married the right woman.