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  1. I met Marshawn Lynch in London last year at the Raiders/Seahawks game. Got some pictures, talked for a few minutes. He's a really nice guy. Also talked with his cousin Josh Johnson (NFL QB) for a while. All of the other famous people I've met have been athletes - Pete Rose at Mandalay Bay when I got his autograph. I spent about 10 minutes talking with him since there was nobody else waiting and I got the impression I could have stayed all day and he wouldn't have cared. I met Paul O'Neill in 1999 after David Cone's perfect game at Yankee Stadium (my uncle lived next to Paul's brother and got us tickets to the game).
  2. At this point I'm likely to vote for Klobuchar on Super Tuesday. The nice thing about being a Democrat in Texas is the voting line in the primary tends to be a lot shorter than the Republican line. I'm voting for not-Trump in the general election.
  3. My wife and I will be bringing our Democratic votes to Pinellas County in June, and since I won’t be working I’ve got nothing better to do than find some candidates I like and do some volunteer work for them. When I’m not golfing or playing poker, of course.
  4. We’re in the old NE not too far from the bay. Planning on lots of golf and with the Hard Rock not too far away there will be poker as well. I’ll also have to check out Derby Lane but I think the Hard Rock will have more poker action.
  5. See above - St. Pete. We’ll be coming from Texas and we are definitely looking forward to it.
  6. St. Pete. It’s our early retirement spot.
  7. This is me as well. We go to Vegas 3-4x/year and I have a min of 7 drinks each day - except the day before we fly home. I’m getting too old to fly after drinking the day before. Other than that, I’ll have a beer or two sometimes when we’re out for dinner. Most of the time it’s water or iced tea.
  8. I’m interested in this topic since my wife and I will be moving to FL in June. As zftcg noted above, it’ll be interesting to be in a place where my presidential vote will actually matter.
  9. This is awesome. 😂
  10. My wife are doing something like that this year. She told her company late last year she was going to retire in May. As expected, they countered with an offer to work remotely part-time (we’re moving to another state). They haven’t worked out the details yet but she’ll stay on as an employee through at least the end of year and will get full benefits. She’s said she doesn’t want to work more than 20 hours/week. As for me, my job doesn’t allow for remote work so I’ll just be quitting. We’re both in our mid to late 40s and I’ll likely take some time to enjoy doing nothing except for golf, poker, exercise, and enjoying life. We’ve budgeted as if we’ll never work again but it’s far more likely that we’ll find something interesting to do at least part-time. We want to do it while we can enjoy it, also knowing any work we do will be because we want to and not because we have to.
  11. Is the plan to let them score quickly so OSU can win with a last-minute TD? WTF.
  12. Wish that punt had bounced a lot farther away after hitting the Clemson player.