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  1. The night before we listed we increased our asking by $10K. Our realtor checked comps one more time and the market had shifted slightly. We priced near the upper end of the range and had an open house that same weekend. Traffic wasn't great the first day due to ugly weather all day but the next day was packed for two solid hours. We didn't want to list too high and plan on lowering because that just ends up netting less than if we'd started lower to begin with.
  2. Signing a contract today to sell our house (suburb north of Dallas). Listed last week, got the first offer three days later (97% of asking) and a full-price offer the following day. Our realtor said she's starting to see lots of price reductions from homes priced above ours.
  3. Found out last night our flight was cancelled and the earliest available wasn’t until tomorrow. Spent all morning watching the Masters. I’m in Vegas and I chose to watch golf, that’s how interested I was in it. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy watching golf so it’s not like this was a huge stretch for me. Very happy to see Tiger win.
  4. It’s normally must-see TV for me but this weekend we’re in Vegas flying back early tomorrow. We should be home in time to watch the end unless it goes into Monday due to weather. The course is absolutely gorgeous, there aren’t a bunch of idiots yelling after every tee shot, and this year is shaping up to be a killer of a finish with the big names at the top of the leaderboard.
  5. I did our taxes last night and was convinced I did something wrong. I triple-checked to make sure I didn't screw anything up. Our effective tax rate per TurboTax dropped from 26.02% in 2017 to 23.4% in 2018. We took the standard deduction since we couldn't itemize enough to get above it. I was worried that the withholding tables would leave us owing money but we got a pretty big refund - just in time for Vegas this weekend!
  6. I always take what I affected and usually will clear up any mess someone else left behind. I do the same thing on the greens, repair my ball mark and then walk around looking for at least one more to fix. Rake is put back where I found it; most courses I play the rakes are outside the trap.
  7. Rural Ohio in the 80s. Hated it. Swing your partner round and round! Ugh.
  8. NBC News reported the FBI called this Operation Varsity Blues. I don't want.........your life!
  9. My wife and I saw him at MSG last year when we were on vacation, had floor section A in the 12th row. We stood the whole time as you surmised most people on the floor would do. No issues with visibility from where we were. Great show, highly recommend.
  10. Whatever you do, don’t search for Maid’s Tail on Amazon.
  11. You scored a 41. You're as smart as Calvin Johnson, he scored a 41.