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  1. My dad just went to his 55th class reunion. I'm not sure how many people attended but no more than 80% because the other 20% are dead.
  2. I use 4%. I’d rather be conservative when it comes to planning for retirement income.
  3. This is copied from Vanguard’s site regarding JTWROS: A form of account registration in which two or more individuals share an undivided interest in an account. In the event of one tenant's death, the surviving tenant (or tenants) automatically inherits the property without the necessity of court proceedings. it must make it easier for the surviving spouse.
  4. My wife and I have a joint account with rights of survivorship. If either of us die, the other still controls the account.
  5. Broken nose and left orbit when I was 16. I have a titanium plate in my face and a plastic plate under my left eye socket.
  6. One of the things about golf that I find fascinating is that two players of different skill levels can shoot the same score and have wildly different reactions. I can shoot 80 and it would be a career low. I’d be ecstatic. Someone else could shoot 80 and throw all of their clubs in a lake. It’s just you against the course - and your own expectations.
  7. After reading this thread, I just have to say that my wife is awesome and I married the right woman.
  8. I’m on a ship on the Seine in France headed to Le Havre.
  9. I haven’t looked into organizations like that but I will. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. My only contribution right now is money. My company offers payroll deduction for a local charity organization and we have a few events during the year for additional support. I work long hours but that’s just an excuse. I don’t make time on the weekends to do anything for others except myself. As I’ve gotten older, I’m coming to the realization that I could be doing a lot more to make things better for those less fortunate than myself. My wife and I have had excellent careers to this point and without children, we are planning for early retirement next year. I’m getting tired of my job and it just feels like I could be doing something that directly impacts people. I’m sure that what I do now helps in some indirect way but I’m just a cog in a big machine and there are times when I really wonder why I’m doing it. Volunteerism is very high on my list of things to do when we retire. I’ve done some tutoring in the past and have enjoyed it. I don’t speak any other languages but would like to learn. One of the charity activities we did at my company was to work with a group of people with limited English-speaking ability. On that particular day we worked on math/life skills like how to estimate tax on buying items at a store and other things like that. It was a little challenging for me due to the language barrier but I’d like to think we made a little progress. I’m guessing I only have about 40 more years until my road comes to an end. I’d like to do something more meaningful with the 2nd half than what I did with the 1st. I’ve mostly enjoyed being an engineer and solving problems but there’s nothing personal about it. I don’t feel like I’m making a difference in the world or for anyone other than myself. I’m not saying I want to solve climate change or end world hunger but if I can make someone’s life better in any way, it’s something I feel like I need to do and I’m fortunate to be able to use my time to do it. Good topic. Thanks for allowing me to ramble on.
  11. For our 10-year anniversary I upgraded my wife's wedding ring to a 3-stone ring in a larger setting. I'm pretty sure she'd be OK with me buying a replacement for my own rather than digging through sewage. It's just a piece of metal.
  12. Here's my list: Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Ireland, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Jamaica
  13. I have the Garmin S20 watch. Front/middle/back from wherever I am. I used to have a handheld GPS but it was annoying to carry around. Battery life on the Garmin is excellent, usually about 25% usage for each round so I can play twice in a day without worrying about it running out of juice. There's a newer version (S60, I think) that one of my friends has but the S20 works great for me. As you said, I just need approximate distances. When I'm good enough to need to know 160 yards vs. 163 yards, then I'll think about a laser.