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  1. Why do these nerds even bother going? I swear, you wrestling fans are weird dudes. Nobody is forcing you to watch.
  2. Gotta take the field. Bots I like: -Bite Force. Winner of two of the past three Giant Nuts, Bite Force is just a damn solid bot. -Bronco. No explanation necessary. -Duck. Hal Rucker built the robot version of Rocky Balboa. It's not how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Nearly beat Tombstone last year. -Sawblaze. Jamison Go is the best driver. Better than Daniel Freitas, the Minotaur dude. His bot isn't the toughest, but he could drive to victory. He was completely on to Tombstones spin-to-hit-the-tire trick. -Hydra. Purely based on the genius of my Wisconsin brethren, the Ewerts. These guys know how to design and build winning robots. Dark horse: Whiplash - had an amazing run last season, only losing to Tombstone and Bite Force, beating Bronco. Also handily beat Minotaur this season. At 50-1 it's a bet I can't lay off.
  3. I'm not sure, but I'll test it out and let you know. Update - I put a little rub in my rib spray and it worked, but it was a little funky. I won't try that anymore.
  4. I picked up this sprayer the other day and really like it. The normal cheap spray bottles keep breaking on me, or sometimes don't work right given the type of mixture I've got going on. As dorky as it may seem, this thing is kinda fun to use and does a great job just misting the meat evenly and lightly enough not to take out any rub. Definitely not a must have by any stretch, but a cool little bbq gadget I've been enjoying.
  5. That's one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a while. Seriously great stuff Joe.
  6. Traeger is running a BBQ class about a mile from my house next week. The instructor is Danielle Bennett from Diva Q. There are two days; first day is pork and chicken, second is brisket and salmon. Each day is $100 for 4hrs. Anyone ever attend something like this? Is it worth it?
  7. Or read the dozens of articles that came out before DJ's bazillion posts.
  8. I normally do prime rib on Memorial Day, but I found a great deal on a brisket packer. Maybe my best brisket effort so far. On smoker Sliced with burnt ends (that I pulled a little early because the tasted like butter)
  9. I agree. She was clearly the best worker in the main event at WM IMO. Also, KO is so great. It doesn't matter that everyone knew he'd turn; in fact, that's what makes the angle so enjoyable.
  10. Obviously they can do whatever they want, but the SW in me would say that only Jedi can come back as a force ghost. Something about giving up your life is the most selfless thing one can do, and that has something to do with becoming a force ghost, so sith can never come back as a ghost. It was a George Lucas rule, and one he talked about when discussing Anakin's 180 before dying in ep6. I read an interview with a writer from Rebels and he said they all had to adhere to that rule. But, whatever... they change things and do whatever they want a lot. I think it may be more likely to be a Darth Maul type twist. We never actually saw him die, and we never saw Palpatine die. Maybe he's been hanging out inside that Death Star piece all these years. I just hope he's actually in it and this isn't a troll using some flashback scene or something stupid like that.
  11. Yes. I think they had enough actual footage to make it work without going with anything CGI.
  12. The back flip was awesome... Luke's talking... Lando!... broken Death Star... Leia... Palpatine!!!!... Rise of Skywalker! Great trailer. Who is the Skywalker that rises? Kylo, right? Rey? Luke?!
  13. That might end up the best match of the night. So much great action. Ricochet rules.
  14. Such a great Mania so far. The Hogan pop at the start was amazing, and this DJackson10 character's dislike of it just proves that it was awesome. Loved the way Seth took Brock down. Great match. AJ and was well paced and fun. Ricochet is awesome. God I love Mania.
  15. I'm no electrician, but if a GFI gets tripped, all of the outlets further along the chain are also tripped. I just had to replace a GFI in my kitchen because even though I'd click the reset button, all of the subsequent outlets remained out. Once I replaced the outlet they all worked fine. Could be what is going on in your garage.