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  1. Obviously they can do whatever they want, but the SW in me would say that only Jedi can come back as a force ghost. Something about giving up your life is the most selfless thing one can do, and that has something to do with becoming a force ghost, so sith can never come back as a ghost. It was a George Lucas rule, and one he talked about when discussing Anakin's 180 before dying in ep6. I read an interview with a writer from Rebels and he said they all had to adhere to that rule. But, whatever... they change things and do whatever they want a lot. I think it may be more likely to be a Darth Maul type twist. We never actually saw him die, and we never saw Palpatine die. Maybe he's been hanging out inside that Death Star piece all these years. I just hope he's actually in it and this isn't a troll using some flashback scene or something stupid like that.
  2. Yes. I think they had enough actual footage to make it work without going with anything CGI.
  3. The back flip was awesome... Luke's talking... Lando!... broken Death Star... Leia... Palpatine!!!!... Rise of Skywalker! Great trailer. Who is the Skywalker that rises? Kylo, right? Rey? Luke?!
  4. That might end up the best match of the night. So much great action. Ricochet rules.
  5. Such a great Mania so far. The Hogan pop at the start was amazing, and this DJackson10 character's dislike of it just proves that it was awesome. Loved the way Seth took Brock down. Great match. AJ and was well paced and fun. Ricochet is awesome. God I love Mania.
  6. I'm no electrician, but if a GFI gets tripped, all of the outlets further along the chain are also tripped. I just had to replace a GFI in my kitchen because even though I'd click the reset button, all of the subsequent outlets remained out. Once I replaced the outlet they all worked fine. Could be what is going on in your garage.
  7. I use the A-maze-n tube to supplement smoke when I cook on my Traeger. Fantastic grill, but it doesn't get enough smoke for most meats. It's been a long time since I've used the wood chips in foil method, but I'd say it's pretty comparable. My only complaint with the tube is that you have to torch it for a good 3-5 minutes to get it smoking good. Not a terrible inconvenience, but a slight annoyance.
  8. Meltzer and "someone on twitter" obviously don't understand HIPAA laws. HHS is pretty clear about this type of thing.
  9. You can play K6s in this spot pre and have it be +EV, mainly because you're closing the action, but not the way this particular hand ran out. That all changes with AhXh, but when you may not even be drawing to the winning hand, and your're pretty much always on a draw only, I think it's a fold.
  10. Lol. None of the opponents should have KK in their range (even though AA apparently found its way in...which also speaks to the level of play). 99 is really the strongest hand that should be possible in this situation given the pf action and 99 being the open. This specific hand for IC FBGCav doesn't really apply, but this is exactly why the key to winning these low stakes live games is to isolate pre. You should almost never be limping; raise first in or fold, 3 bet at a higher frequency, tighten your range but increase your bet sizes. It's so much harder winning multi-way pots than it is heads-up with the way hands realize their equity. But as far as the original question, I think I can find a fold on the flop here if I'm our hero. There are just too many ways you can be way behind or drawing dead.
  11. This is what I did. Got a great deal from BN, took it to a local jewelry store to compare. There was no comparison - the BN diamond looked absolutely awful compared to the diamond in the store. But the return process was painless.
  12. I've got three arcades in my basement: an original Ms. Pacman that was modded out with the 64 game jamma board (before I bought it), a former Golden Tee/Silver Strike machine that I fixed up with all custom graphics running a MAME pc, and a completely custom made Milwaukee Brewers arcade with a raspberry pi and a gazillion games (we bring it to Opening Day every year... RBI Baseball tournaments on a Brewers arcade machine while tailgating at Opening Day is as great as it sounds). If you're interested in an arcade I would recommend I've had really great luck with their customer service, and my brother built a machine from their cabinet kits that puts mine to shame. You can easily run a pre-loaded raspberry pi in it without knowing much about arcades or computers. To Spock's point above, there is an allure to having the real arcade. I almost pulled the trigger on a sit down Pole Position a few months back, and if I ever find a working Tapper I'm all over it. But I will say that I'm glad I have more games on my Ms Pacman. And the interface of both the MAME and Pi make finding games pretty quick and easy. I'll also agree that many of the games are not as good as you remember them, and playing non-arcade games on a joystick isn't the best. But for me I just love that I have them, and there's something about turning them on with their bright marquees and the sound of the intro music/"insert coin" screen... it never gets old for me.
  13. Exactly. And remember, this isn't the 1/2 at Flamingo. With that lineup left to act, you've got to tread lightly. There's also stack size implications. And not to get too but you need to protect your ranges. 99 is a good hand to protect your call range here, which you need when facing a RFI. Believe me, when I play live or online I'm taking people to 3 bet city over and over. But in a tournament like this, in this position... I don't hate a 3 bet, but I like call mostly and fold sometimes. ETA: In looking at the stack sizes again, there's really only one short stack - I thought Smith was also short stacked in the sb. So I'm less inclined to fold now. While I think you need a small fold frequency in this spot, it's going to be pretty small and table dependent. With a few small stacks I think there's a higher better chance you face an all-in squeeze, but against one at a 2:3 SPR I'm not worried.
  14. That's pretty good analysis. Although I think 99 is check or fold in this position. You want to protect your calls and 99 is right near the top of that range. IMO you need to have a polarized range (10s+, AK, AQs+... along with some Axs and some suited connectors to balance that range) and a merged range (pocket pairs and top suited connectors) in this position. Things change with less players to act and a later raise-first-in, but here I like a call or a fold. On the flop I don't mind a bet or a check by DN, but I'd size it bigger on this wet flop. Like the raise and call. I'm ok with how the hand played out after that as well. The overbet on the river makes since and was setup somewhat by the check on the turn. Very polarizing. Couple things... these are some of the best players ever and critiquing them feels weird. I was really pulling for Nick Petrangelo in this tournament. He's a Doug Polk Upswing instructor and his MTT course is getting rave reviews. Also, I can't stand Negreanu. I get how he can be good for the game... unless, of course, you play online. He shamefully shills for Poker Stars (More Rake is Better) and has done some shady things over the years. TV likes to exaggerate his plays like this because to the average viewer he's entertaining. I think this was a good lay down for sure, but not anything that spectacular. If Badziakouski made that play it wouldn't get nearly the love it got because it's DNEGS.