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  1. Easy question really.. non-ppr league, QRRWWWT. Lopsided, even...? The only other factor to take into consideration is that the 1st would be projected as a mid- to late-1st were the trade made.
  2. Thanks for the feedback.. But I don't think you can set it at anything other than whole numbers.. At least, it's not allowing me to set it at 1.5 or 1.9 or anything.. The league I'm interested in is a tiered PPR (.5/1/1.5), 1QB-1RB-1WR-1TE-1SF-4F league where QBs get 5pts/TD and .025pts/yard. It makes sense to put in guys like AJG, Calvin, Graham, etc. at SF if you have the depth.. Naturally, most teams will be using a QB in that spot, but not all. Anywho, thanks for the feedback. Still like to know how to make the feature Superflex friendly, though.
  3. Love this feature! I'm curious as to whether there are any plans to make it Superflex friendly any time soon.. Or if there's a way to do it now, I'd be very interested in learning how.. Thanks a ton!
  4. Any idea if the Sunday Ticket would work on a laptop outside of the US?