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  1. @Jaysus is this the weekend you are in San Fran? And Giroud
  2. Drank pliny the younger today at Russian river brewery, well worth it!
  3. He discovered that if the batteries in the remote stop working, then you take them out and switch their positions and bham... the remote works again. man was a genius
  4. I haven't had a drink since early January but tomorrow may be rolling up to Russian river brewery and drinking some pliny the younger. I also have my sister's 40th bday party Saturday but then I'll probably stop drinking again until the next big event. I love waking up so refreshed and only being bloated from too many tacos.
  5. Yeah I was able to get some, at first only nose bleeds were available but lower ones would pop up then be sold before I could grab them. Ended up with section 212 row 6 so should be looking right at the stage and not too high.
  6. well I showed up 15 minutes before for rage tickets to Oakland and now that I'm in the room there are 2000+ people ahead of me. Not holding my breath that I get tickets for this.
  7. zippy is still here, he goes by @ydoc
  8. thanks gb, I've been reading quite a bit on it lately and am debating buying half a coin at the current price but I'm still a bit hesitant.
  9. Bump, Bitcoin has been climbing lately and my son said in March there is something called halving happening and it should make it go higher. I prefer FFA advice first
  10. Rogan flat out calling out the judges and their ####ty scoring/lack of even watching the fight