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  1. Loving it, discovery channel coverage killing it.
  2. Weird, maybe it’s for sitting at the bar? I wait to place my order at Rickeys and get a beer while I wait. The 5 tacos and 2 margs to go for 20 is amazing.
  3. Actually restaurants can open their bars, bars that don’t serve food can’t open. Of course Marin hasn’t opened #### yet but hopefully June 1 we do.
  4. for all your movie needs, get it while it lasts. Always click cancel if it try’s to redirect you while loading your movie:
  5. The owners want to pay the players a 1/4 of their salaries while playing 1/2 the regular schedule of games. It’s not the players fault the owners won’t get their concession stand money. minor league players not called up with the expanded rosters will also be out of a paycheck, f the owners.
  6. Picked up 2590 shares of cydy at 2.84, hoping for it to run up close to where it started then dump those
  7. Nlhe 4 way chop vwstonejode deadlypillow duckzz jack
  8. Sounds like you’re trying to take over banker duties
  9. @Nipsey made it to seal beach yesterday and watched a good chase in LA today, heard it was the 3rd one this week.