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  1. Missed a paycheck last year and not looking forward to it ever happening again. Yeah, it eventually got paid to me but it makes me sick to my stomach that it happened at all.
  2. Terrible? Compared to Brady maybe but compared to Trubisky?
  3. I wasn’t going to bother with Disney + but then I saw they have Willow and well, dih
  4. Iphones run up to a thousand dollars, if someone stole a thousand dollars from your locker would you not get the police involved?
  5. well it sure as hell reads like that. I don't understand, he was protesting bad police officers and the protection they were receiving not all police officers. Our Country still has a problem protecting police officers that abuse their power but change has been slowly happening.
  6. man, did Kaep sleep with your wife or something? I don't get the personal hate some of you posters have for the guy.
  7. Thank you guys for your support. Also, if you notice a shortage on crayons it’s because the marines ate them all between yesterday and today.
  8. qb Almost lost his head and no flag. man Sunday’s are nice when the raiders aren’t playing
  9. I thought soccer var was bad but that was an awful call
  10. Well I pulled it off yesterday, we had 68 golfers out on the course and through silent auction, mulligans, 50/50 and beer sales we were able to make about $3500. We weren’t able to get sponsorship but it still feels like a win. I probably aged 20 years in the last week and doubt I’ll ever do it again but our coast guard group was able to raise more money yesterday then we normally do.
  11. Ah, I think son in law. I thought sister in law until I read it a second time. Yeah, I read it twice but only because I’m drunk
  12. epic flop that VAR has rewarded a penalty for