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  1. A solid 7 for me. I’m still shuked at how people can watch NFL games on tv these days. There are way too many commercials to keep my attention.
  2. How many people in here have experienced prison? And I’m not talking marriage. I’d take the island, 2 years on a boat with tramped quarters change a person so I can only imagine prison. Even your friends start to annoy after a few weeks and when the bitterness kicks in it becomes miserable.
  3. Drinking at noon on a Thursday and it’s ok because I’m supporting my Country.
  4. It could also be the beers I’ve drunken as I’m getting buracho now that I’m back in Marin.
  5. And a dos santos but I had just said the same thing.
  6. I read he shoved the cop twice, should be a year long ban coming 🤐