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  1. Hopefully we see Pulisic on Saturday against liverpoop.
  2. Sabbath children of the grave 🤘🏼
  3. Undone is really good, binged it this weekend and really enjoyed it.
  4. Born in 75, I was 7 when fast times came out and phoebe cates made my pants grow tight. This song will forever make me squirm, rip Ric
  5. Jenner is a train wreck I can’t look away from but he should have said he chopped it off to stop making kardashians
  6. There one but it’s out of the country
  7. tips my beer the camera man, game is tough enough as a raider fan to see that piece
  8. At the line of scrimmage with a slip screen pre catch it’s legal, I have money on the saints but that was a bad call
  9. So a player hits the qb’s arm as he is throwing it but lands on him and gets a roughing the passer but then a player hits a qb late at his legs and no call? Raiders are bad enough and don’t need the refs playing the 12th man
  10. Yep, rams TD should have never been taken away.
  11. Refs screwed the saints or made right what they screwed the rams with in this game. That was a rams TD and the fumble TD shouldn’t have even have happened
  12. The ball landed out of bounds before it bounced back inbounds