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  1. So no Trump is not a credible source
  2. 306 (Trump in 2016) -36 ( Pennsylvania 20, Michigan 16)= 270 The Democrats need to win Florida or Arizona if Trump wins Wisconsin. That could be tough. I’ve heard how people adore Trump in the Florida panhandle and they elected a guy like Sen Scott.
  3. And like me, much of it is for retirement and doesn’t do anything for me today.
  4. Polls in battleground states are what matters. Some recent polls show Trump ahead big time in Wisconsin. Likely all he needs.
  5. I had a dream last night. All the moderates dropped out of the race except Biden( behind Sanders he is the most electable). Biden announces Mayor Pete will run him as his VP, says he will nominate Klobuchar as his Attorney General and makes Bloomberg his campaign manager promising him a job in his administration.
  6. I am sorry but the thought that there are any candidates more evil than Trump was that funny to me.
  7. I think Sanders has a better shot at beating Trump than Mayor Pete because he can get the vast majority of Latinos and African Americans over Trump and Mayor just can’t get them energized. In addition as I have said before folks in the battleground states are not ready to put a gay man in the White House.
  8. Obviously not the Democrat I want to vote for but if it’s gotta be Sanders I’ll check the box for him. 4 more years of Trump garbage is highly likely, but it won’t be because of me.
  9. The Democrats should have passed a bill that would address lowering prescription drug prices and sent it over to the Senate to deal with instead of this impeachment process. Oh wait I guess they did...never mind.
  10. Bingo I don’t disagree with a single word of this.
  11. We misunderstood Donald Trump during his campaign. He wasn’t planning on “draining”the swamp. He planned on “pardoning”the swamp.
  12. I would be happy too...if I didn’t have a Donald Trump like President.
  13. One bit of truth is that farms are staying in the family. 88% of farms in Minnesota are family operations. Many small family farm operations like mine have incorporated for tax and liability reasons. My incorporated farm operation has only one full time