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  1. Dissly only because of late week injury
  2. Gordon taking a larger role hurt Ekeler? Will Lattimore on Chark shut him down? 12 team starting lineup QB- Ryan RBs-Fournette, Chubb WR- Hopkins, Boyd Flex-? TE- Dissly DST- Titans K-Gould Leaning towards Chark as he has been riding my bench for 2 weeks
  3. My understanding is that tariffs are still set to go in place in December and I don’t know how many times the President has said China agrees to buy more agricultural products. On one occasion they denied they agreed on that, another they responded by buying more from S. America. I have no faith in any of the garbage that comes out of this pathological liars mouth. However, I have always suspected one way or another he wasn’t going to let this trade war carry into next years election and would settle for almost no gain for the US at the same time claiming it was the greatest deal ever reached in American history. He is going to need that rural vote.
  4. Kinda covered as (us)farmers are in that self employed group. Trump has been devastating to corn farmers with his hardship waivers resulting in 4 billion less gallons of ethanol produced this year and I don’t need to rehash what the trade war has done to soybean and pork exports. Yes I have some farmer friends that are too stupid to make it about the (farm) economy.
  5. I agree....I wonder how many Trump supporters think the trancript is verbatim( even though it say at the very beginning " it is not") and how many of them think that it did not say "I would like you to do us a favor". I am betting it is over 60%.
  6. When Bush was President the majority of the electorate opposed gay marriage. Even Obama changed during Presidency his views on gay marriage
  7. Many voters are clueless about a lot of the things the President has lied about and many of his other failures as President which is a big part of the problem
  8. I have many friends that voted for Trump but could/can not be good friends with one who is thrilled and enthusiastic about Trump. But Bush while he made mistakes as President I believe is a good wholesome guy.
  10. There was a thread at one time that went something like...."Democrats are going to blow this." These two threads probably should have been merged.
  11. Breaking a record adding a trillion or two to the national debt during good economic times is a problem. One of the reasons Clinton didn’t deal with deficits was because the economy was booming.
  12. Trump claiming he is concerned about fighting corruption. Is that why he was so happy to see the Mueller probe nail Manafort who cheated US. taxpayers out of millions of dollars? Oh wait, maybe what it is really about is loyalty. Rest assured Manafort will be pardoned before all is said and done for not ratting on Trump. Trump claiming he is concerned about corruption is 100% B.S.