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  1. I have found plenty to complain about regarding this incompetent President but going golfing this weekend is not one of them.
  2. They don't all lie continuously, the current system of Obamacare that needs reform is better than no healthcare. Even when I was a Republican I said we have been whining about Obamacare for years I said come up with a better plan or shut your piehole.
  3. I am not thrilled about Biden but realize we need to remove one the most corrupt, incompetent Presidents in our nation’s history. I shall vote against Trump and for the person with a (D) behind their name because unfortunately that is the only shot to remove Trump. No one is more harmful to our country than a President who tries to take healthcare away from millions, lies to Americans every day or puts children in cages. The end.
  4. Back in the days of Reagan I was convinced trickle down economics worked giving tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations. Now what we see much of the tax break money is used for is to give massive salary increases to CEOs and stock buy back. I see both parties doing a poor job in regards to spending but because of the tax cuts that don’t do enough to stimulate the economy and too large of increases in defense spending Democrats have done better than Republicans in the last few decades. I don’t have a problem paying a little more tax if means a balanced budget and some day paying down our massive debt.
  5. I agree it's hard to address the issue about Trump's juvenile,nasty, rude behavior without calling a spade a spade. I have started some posts here and thought I better not knowing I might be absent for a couple weeks.
  6. I went with Klobachar as well even though she won't help win a state. I think Minnesota will go Bidens way no matter who his VP is. I just think she has the most experience on many issues.
  7. Getting called a loser by President Trump would be like a badge of honor for me.
  8. Biden not as good as Obama but from the teleprompter he is better than at least 4 of these than our current Commander in Chief
  9. Yes I agree with this very “strongly”
  11. No matter what your politics that was a inspirational, thoughtful, humble, commencement speech. You know the kind speech Trump never could make.
  12. Trump widens the divide and grooms it daily, under him it has become a massive gap.Tell us the last time he encouraged us to set aside our differences, work together and to find common ground. When he does say let’s get this done it’s my way or the highway
  13. And it possibly kept him from continuing the humanitarian work of kidnapping a Turkish dissident cleric as well. We all should feel awful what they did to this wonderful guy.
  14. I have to give you credit for being able to go on after the words from “ the great Dr Gorka” I just couldn’t read any further after that ridiculous adjective of Dr Gorka.
  15. Rick Wilson on Obamagate ”a slogan in search of a scandal” The New Yorker on Obamagate “If you don’t get it that doesn’t matter; you’re not supposed to. It’s a slogan, a rallying cry. Details are all but irrelevant “