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  1. I think states do it differently. In Minnesota absentee ballots can be counted but not reported until after polls close on election night.
  2. I am nervous about Minnesota despite this poll. Trump campaign signs are everywhere in rural Mn and enthusiasm is at a fever r pitch with Trump boat parades on lakes all over the state. This is encouraging though
  3. Like anyone actually believes anything unexpected is going to happen. A great deal of time will be spent exaggerating what is going to this country if Biden is elected. The only question that remains is how absurd and ridiculous they will be.
  4. Letters would be sent to the following asking what positions ( if any)they would be interested in serving in his administration - Lt Col Vindman - Fiona Hill -Inspector Generals and prosecuting attorneys who were fired (unless there were actually any improprieties which I highly doubt) -
  5. I am sure there will be an effort by his family members to tell us what a kind , generous , humble man President Trump is.
  6. Hate to jump into this and jinx Biden’s chances but here are some very capable people I would want on my staff - former Senator Clair McCaskill-Senior Advisor - Sen. Amy Klobuchar- Attorney General - Rep Val Demings - Chief of Staff Maggie Haberman or Rachael Maddox - Press Secretary General Mattis- Sec of Defense Dan Coats - Director of National Intelligence
  7. I still wonder if when they go in the voting booth knowing no one will ever know, will not vote for Trump. They are scared of his attacks via tweets and the GOP voters. I think they want this nightmare over as bad as most of the rest of us. Why didn’t/don’t voters feel the same way?
  8. There are some people that like to see their kids and grand kids who are carrying the coronavirus. Not much for calling it the golden years if you have to stay home without any visitors.
  9. Are you going to reject the election results if your chosen one does in regards to individual states if rules say it does not require a recount?
  10. I have have spoken in front of small audiences 100-300 people many times (primarily at church) with written words to follow, its not as easy of you think, especially when some think he is not there mentally. I still worry about what happens when Trump lies and bullies him during the debates but I have no concerns about Biden mentally.
  11. Biden really solid tonight. Very few mistakes or gaffes if any
  12. Ben Sasse too.
  13. If Obama had been able to run a 3rd term he would have beaten Trump in a landslide. Hillary was just a poor candidate that failed to inspire liberals to vote. There is a possibility that happens again with Biden although I believe there is more enthusiasm with Harris , a woman of color on the ticket. That and the experience of 4 years of hate , division and incompetence beyond our craziest nightmares will potentially make a difference. It just might be that Trump opened the door for virtually anyone that ran.
  14. I had my share of criticism for President Obama. I remember the accidental open mike where he told the representative from Russia “ that I will have more flexibility once I am elected”. And yet I never felt our democracy was threatened as it is today. Lawrence O’Donnel said of how everybody knows President Trump will cheat to win and that is ok with his supporters. He also said that Trump never speaks to voters he doesn’t already have. Obama rightly warned us our democracy is on the line. While I never served this country militarily I feel it is my patriotic duty to vote to remove the cancer that is in the Oval Office. It’s simple for me, I won’t have long lines at the polls in my remote part of this country. I just hope and pray that those that will have to wait hours to vote in urban areas will feel the same.