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  1. Man.. Sjax will put up 100 total yards and a TD now
  2. Pull the trigger. Givens is good, he just needs more targets and/or a better QB
  3. Brown is the surefire bench. I Like SJax against Seattle... Their run D is not as good as people think, plus Red Bryant is out for this game. Ellington is low floor high ceiling. James will be 80+ yards with a TD this week is my feeling. Bah Bench of the buffalo guys as well. The steelers will load up the box against the bills..
  4. Stay put. Miller will keep getting 20+ touches
  5. I like the blackmon side by a wide margin
  6. 16 te .5 ppr A gives 2014 1st and 2nd. Will be mid to late B gives J. Witten
  7. 16 team .5 PPR Team A gives T. Richardsson Team B gives M. Lynch B is out of playoff race. A is in it
  8. 20 team ½PPR 46th and 86th overall for Donnie Avery, Lestar Jean, Cole Beasley and Cedric Pearman I was gonna drop the last three anyway and was able to pick up J. Boyce with the 46th. Avery was doomed for my bench as I have Nelson, Dez, Julio and Austin with Rod Streater, Criner and Marvin Jones in the wings. Still im not sure about the value.
  9. 20 team .5 ppr team A gets QB R. Wilson team B gets 1.09