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  1. wtf, no! Not even anywhere remotely close to 30k. Where are you getting that number from? Most times I sell action, FBGs only buys a very small % of it. I don't know how much off top of my head, but maybe $3000 total action sold on FBGs??? And did nobody on FBGs have me in 2012 WSOP ME when I cashed for $35k? If I'm remembering correctly(very possible I'm NOT), I sold action 3 times: 2012 WSOP ME: Cashed for $35k 2013 PokerStars SCOOP: Went 0/8, lost something like $16k 2013 WSOP ME: Did not cash(lost $10k) But like I said, the huge majority of that was sold outside of FBGs. Am I forgetting about another time I sold action? Yea, its really really strange to me that FUJB said "I can stand losing backing him, most people here can't" seems like hes the one person here who doesn't understand variance and can't handle losing. You should pretty much NEVER judge a live tournament player based upon his results, as they will never come close to having enough of a lifetime sample size for it to be meaningful. Judge a tournament player(and whether or not you should back him/her) solely based upon the way they play the hands(assuming you trust them to not lie to you about how the hands went down). You forgot 2008 ME, fully funded by FBG I think. Not sure of others between 2008 and 2012.
  2. I keep hearing about Artichoke for pizza.
  3. Can anyone recommend a bar on the UES (closer to 59th & 2nd the better) that would have a projection TV? I assume the MLS Finals should be easy to get in a bar, right?
  4. RHODIUM up, all other PM's down GOLD -7.50 -0.66% SILVER -0.21 -1.13% PLATINUM -8.00 -0.56% PALLADIUM -5.00 -1.36% RHODIUM +30.00 +1.26%
  5. So do we see this market going down further?I think I am going to hold this for another week.
  6. The 5850 is a solid choice. I have been reading every review coming out for the 5970 and thought I would share this blurb:
  7. Went to Dinosaur BBQ last night, revised my top 10 above. Very good meal, VERY VERY cheap, pitchers of beer were like $15, tab for 12 people include a lot of pitchers, 2 rounds of shots and tip included in bill = $400 (35 each)I had the Ode to Elgen: Brisket (not as good as Hill Country) + 1/4 rack of Ribs (not as big as Hill Country but done very well) + a tasty Elgen sausage + 2 sides (mac n' cheese - very cheesey, very good + creole potato salad - best potato salad I have ever had) + small piece of cornbread. I hear the wings from this place are incredible and I'm kicking myself for not getting an order of 3 - next time, I will be back.131st St. & 12th Ave.
  8. at what point does the U.S. economy become an emerging market?
  9. (assuming 401k) You can, just be careful of trading out of any new positions within 30 days since they will count that as a round trip, I think you are allowed 3 RT's per year and then your account actions could get frozen.