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  1. Close to deists than to what? In this author's opinion, he's closer to group A than group B (which is unnamed in your quote). Notice she didn't say he part of group A, just closer to it. That doesn't mean that any characteristics of group A can be attributed ipso facto to Newton as you appear to suggest. If I say that you are closer to a billy goat than to an ant, and that goats have horns and pee on their beard, have I really attributed those traits to you? "Closer" is not a criteria I'd use when trying to apply the transitive property. Since we're sharing quotes: “Well before 1675, Newton had become an Arian in the original sense of the term. He recognized Christ as a divine mediator between God and man, who was subordinate to the Father who created him.” Richard Westfall, Never at Rest: A Biography of Isaac Newton (Cambridge,1980), 315.
  2. And you're the one that doesn't understand that Newton rejected the trinity but not Jesus' divinity.
  3. Replacing "unilaterally equal trinity" with "divinity" is a mistake as they are not synonymous.
  4. This again? - The article quasi-clickbait. - No actual citations are provided, but if you buy the book for 22.99... - Most of what is mentioned does not appear to be "new" research (but I could be wrong). - I'm not going to dig through and find it, and I could be wrong because I've slept a few times since then, but I believe that I already acknowledged that Newton didn't believe in the view of the Trinity as it was defined at the Council of Nicea. In essence, that's what the article you've provided states - a point I'd already acknowledged. - I think the bigger point of contention (again, without digging through) was trying to define what being a "christian" actually means. To say that Newton wasn't a christian would mean that a belief in an unilaterally equal trinity is required to be christian. If that's your position then so be it, but you're then excluding scores of Jesus' 1st - 3rd century followers as well as number of modern-day protestants.
  5. A couple questions: How many games do the Colts lose this season before Ballard makes a move at head coach? I can realistically see 2 scenarios: They lose to the Cards and it's chalked up as losing to the better team, missing start QB, etc. Week 3, they lose to the Browns, the historically worst-run franchise for decades. At 0-3 with a trip to Seattle, a move is finally made. Under pressure, the necessary changes and focus happens this week and they have a bounce back game against the Cards and all is right in world again. Once again, the coaching staff loses focus, and there is questionable game planning and bad decision making. Colts lose to the Browns. They are given a chance for a bounce back game week 4 at Seattle, which doesn't happen. They're now 1-3. Luck is probably back by now, but rusty. The hopes of all being well with a Luck return are crushed with a week 5 home loss to the 49ers. Who replaces Pagano as interim head coach? Rob Chudzinski (probably the most likely candidate due to time with the team and relationship with Irsay) Joe Philbin (please, please no) Brian Schottenheimer I want to say one of Chris Ballard's guys, but the only new coach on staff this season is Sanjay Lal, and I don't know if they have any ties. There are quite a few 2nd year coaches on the team (besides Philbin and Schottenheimer), so maybe one of them gets a shot.
  6. 12 team ppr, qb, 2 rb, 3wr, te, flex Evans, Hunt, 4th for Howard, Crowder, Martin, 1st ( this was about three hours before the Ware injury)
  7. 12 team ppr, qb, 2rb, 3 wr Howard, Crowder for Cooper, Hunt
  8. 12 team PPR, dynasty Gurley, Cobb, 2.12 rookie/FA pick or Evans, Kelce, 4.12 rookie/FA pick
  9. 12 Team PPR Landry, Tevin Coleman For 1.03, Henry, Lacy
  10. 12 Team PPR Evans, Howard, Eifert, Parker, Treadwell For Landry, Miller, Ebron, 1.02, 1.10
  11. I'm trying, but he keeps playing his Pikachu card and yelling "I sank your battleship!"