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  1. Anyone up for an early Holdem game? Say 5:00 Eastern? $30-$50 we can decide let me know I will Bank. dback66
  2. Let’s get a big game I will bank put you PS name in the message and select friend.
  3. Well than VWstone send $73 to Fat Drunk. Need to put your PS handle in the post. Thanks. FDAS is short for that, I see now. Joe please send $73 to FDAS thanks.
  4. Paid gents. Congrats. Fat Drunk, you’re VWstone right?
  5. Thanks Nipsey. Also everyone be sure and check the friend or family option. Otherwise there is a fee. If you win and there are fees for paying you out, say from a different country, the fee will be subtracted. Only has happened once
  6. I paid you through PP. I am dback66 and my email is I bank often. I use the app. In the app you can click on anyone’s “contact” button and see the email. CBro is mine.
  7. Let’s get a couple of good games going tonight! NLHE to start. Then OMAHA HI/LO PLO. See if we can get a 15+ player game.