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  1. I had the Ten def...I died laughing he went to the house...I’ll take the two late picks and TD to help to two championships!!
  2. Anyone hearing how healthy yet? Pride for a championship on the line!! I picked up Robby and Allen is playing Balt...thoughts?
  3. I also have a choice Allen/Robby....I’m going Robby...Allen barely practiced Friday and they want to see what he looks like Saturday before the game.
  4. Real question is who do you roll with, with Daniel in, Howard or Cohen?
  5. I made a dynasty trade three weeks ago, thought I did well, then Bell sits out. It’s a 1RB/3WR/1Flex very competitive PPR 12 team league. Injuries have hurt me after making the semis three years in a row. So I went for some change. Roster before trade: Cousins, Kirk MIN QB Luck, Andrew IND QB Allen, Javorius BAL RB Carson, Chris SEA RB Ekeler, Austin LAC RB (Q) Ingram, Mark NOS RB Johnson, Kerryon DET RB (R) (O) Peterson, Adrian WAS RB Thompson, Chris WAS RB (O) Odell Beckham JR NYG WR Davis, Corey TEN WR Hilton, T.Y. IND WR Hurns, Allen DAL WR Parker, DeVante MIA WR (Q) Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR Brate, Cameron TBB TE Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE Fairbairn, Ka'imi HOU PK Bills, Buffalo BUF Def Jaguars, Jacksonville JAC Def 22 TOTAL PLAYERS INJURED RESERVE Guice, Derrius WAS RB (R) (I) Walker, Delanie TEN TE (I) ————————— I traded Beckham for Bell, Cooper, his #1 for 2019 (prob 11 or 12 pick) and another #1 for he acquired for 2019 (should be the #1 pick overall). In addition I will have my 2019#1 pick (top 4 pick). Thoughts please? Who should I be targeting at #1 next year? Thanks
  6. Question for me still is this legal to play, living in the US?
  7. David There have been some negative reviews about this site. Is this still a good site? Also you say Americans can play, but am I breaking any law if I play? Thanks
  8. Dynasty PPR 1RB/3WR/1Flex Team with Beckham has 1.02 & 2.02 with RB-Ingram, Thompson, CJ Anderson & Javorious Allen. WR-Corey Davis, Beckham, TY Hilton, Parker, Robinson Better off keeping OBJ and drafting best RB at 1.02 or use the 1.05 and 1.06 with the 1.02?
  9. No brainer, Bell side better by a longshot.
  10. 6.5....depth is a huge problem. Flex is weak too. See mine please
  11. I'm 6-1 and rolling as total points leader, but have big bye week issues weeks 10 & 11(Div game). I traded Rivers, Tevin, Crabtree, & Jared Cook for Cousins, CJ Anderson, Amendola, & OJ Howard. I wanted to improve at QB and have a decent backup RB without sacrificing too much depth. I had 4 of top 12 WR after this week, but Adams is a huge downgrade now and Hogan was hit or miss. ppr league QB,2RB,2WR,TE,K,DEF My Roster after the trade Cousins, Stafford Hunt, Hyde, CJA, Breida, Char, Collins Green, Hogan, Adams, Amendola Gronk, OJ Howard K & Jax Def Whatcha Think What % did I improve from to, to win it all? Thank you, I look at yours The Scorpion